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    $494.99 list($948.00)
    1. Bosch 4000-07 10" Worksite Table
    $188.00 list($410.00)
    2. Bosch 1617EVSPK 2-1/4-Horsepower
    $439.99 list($1,040.00)
    3. Bosch 4000-09 10" Worksite Table
    $249.99 list($536.00)
    4. Bosch 3912 12" Compound Miter
    $348.00 list($748.00)
    5. Bosch 3915 10" Slide Compound
    Too low to display list($312.00)
    6. Bosch 1590EVSK Top Handle Jigsaw
    $109.99 list($206.00)
    7. Bosch DWM40L Miter Finder Digital
    $599.99 list($1,120.00)
    8. Bosch CPK60-18 18V Brute Tough
    $495.00 list($970.00)
    9. Bosch 93618HDCRF-J 18V Brute Tough
    $509.00 list($1,022.00)
    10. Bosch 4410 10" Dual Bevel Slide
    $249.99 list()
    11. Bosch TracRac T3B Portable Miter
    $229.99 list($374.00)
    12. Bosch 83038 Deluxe Door and Jamb
    $159.99 list($326.00)
    13. Bosch 1274DVS 3" x 21" Dustless
    $129.00 list($258.00)
    14. Bosch 1594K 3-1/4" Planer Kit
    $182.00 list($360.00)
    15. Bosch 1677M 7-1/4" Wormdrive Construction
    $189.99 list($338.00)
    16. Bosch 1591EVSK 120-Volt Barrel
    $629.99 list($1,242.00)
    17. Bosch 4412 12" Dual-Bevel Slide
    $134.00 list($272.00)
    18. Bosch 1587AVSP Progressor Top-Handle
    $204.95 list($434.74)
    19. Bosch 11224VSR 7/8" Pistol Grip
    $129.00 list($266.00)
    20. Bosch 1584AVSK Barrel Grip Jig

    1. Bosch 4000-07 10" Worksite Table Saw with Folding Steel Stand, Rear Outfeed Support, and Left Side Support
    list price: $948.00
    our price: $494.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B00005JDNM
    Catlog: Home Improvement
    Manufacturer: Bosch
    Sales Rank: 144
    Average Customer Review: 4.35 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan Review

    Bosch's 10-inch Worksite table saw might just be the best of the current bunch. Benchtop table saws--which weigh 60 to 100 pounds and are light enough for one person to carry from the truck to the job site--have increased in popularity in recent years. They set up easily on a workbench or sawhorses and generally feature stable components that make them great for pros and serious hobbyists alike. Although at 60 pounds the Bosch is lighter than any other saw in its class, this saw is no lightweight. It sports a die-cast undercarriage and powerful 4.4-horsepower, 15 amp motor--burly components that make it a serious, albeit slight, contender. Conveniently, the Bosch comes ready to use right out of the box; we were making cuts about 10 minutes after the UPS delivery. Plus, it's the only benchtop table saw with an arbor lock, so mounting the blade is a one-wrench affair (less chance for busted knuckles). The wrench--like all those that come with Bosch tools--is forged, rather than stamped, and so there are no sharp edges that dig into your hand during blade changes. It's a small detail, but one that matters and one that's typical of the attention to detail paid by Bosch engineers.

    A flip of the paddle-style on/off switch initiates the soft-start electronics, which ramp the blade up to speed quickly without any disturbing jolt. The electronic feedback, popular on many saws today, keeps the blade turning at a constant speed, no matter what the load. The fence is the heart of any table saw and we found Bosch's to be a beauty. It's well machined and locks securely and accurately to the table. The cam-lock handle is padded, seats flush, and feels good to use. Like the comparable DeWalt saw, the Bosch features an extendable fence that makes it easy to rip four-by-eight panel material. It feels solid and slides smoothly, and the scales are easy to read. (There's even a built-in magnifying glass to cut down on the squint factor.) As with all the new Bosch tools, wrenches and removable items store nicely onboard the saw. The fence snaps into a holder on the side of the saw and stays put, and the miter gauge slides into a slot on the front of the tool--yet another small detail that we appreciate. The bottom line? The Bosch is a powerful saw that handles big stock without bogging down. --Mark McDonald ... Read more


    • 4.4-horsepower 15 amp motor delivers excellent power
    • Soft-start technology ensures smoother start-ups and quieter performance
    • Precision rip fence with Square-Lock technology delivers precise cuts every time
    • Response system senses torque demand and instantly delivers more power to the blade
    • Large tabletop measures 29 by 21-1/2 inches (width by length)

    Reviews (98)

    5-0 out of 5 stars The Will to Power
    This is truly a magnificent benchtop table saw, well-deserved of the awards it has won. I spent hours browsing on-line reviews to determine which portable table saw to purchase, and the Bosch topped every list. The folding stand is excellent quality, very sturdy, and allows for drop-in mounting of the table saw. Despite the light weight of the saw, there is no need to bolt the unit to the stand for a sturdy, rock-solid fit. The rear outfeed was designed with two grooves on the back end (as shown in the picture) that accept 1 x 2's, allowing you to extend the rear outfeed to virtually any length!

    Of most importance with this saw is its exceptional power. With the stock blade, I was able to rip through Armstrong laminate flooring like butter. This is a task my Dewalt 705S miter has an extreme time with, even with a laminate-specialized blade (though it's a different style of cut).

    Thanks to the soft-start and electronic feedback, the table saw doesn't need to constantly run at full power. This provides a very quiet operation, and is much safer than many other portable saws on the market -- I'm sure this even extends the motor life. Soft-start is a key feature when working on my 15-amp circuits. Unlike my miter, the Bosch doesn't blow my circuit-breaker when I turn it on.

    Tool storage is excellent -- there's even room to store extra blades on the unit. The only storage Bosch neglected to include was a blade-guard storage.

    I can't begin to describe how excellent this unit is.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Precise, workhorse of a table saw
    The Bosch 4000K Table Saw is incredibly engineered to provide for precise saw operation with great portable power. I am a very serious do-it-yourselfer (translated, contractors have rejected bids on some projects I ended up doing solo). I replaced an under powered and grossly inaccurate Delta table saw with the Bosch and am nothing but pleased. It has enough power to rip a 2x4x10 all the way without bogging down. Most of all, the rip fence is perfectly aligned. The built in dust collector port and blade, rip fence, and miter saw storage are a real plus too. The stand is very stable. When equipped with the outfeed and side tables, the Bosch 4000K can handle just about any cutting job you throw to it. And best of all, it is very light weight and built to be moved. Overall, an outstanding product.

    PS -- I am a DeWalt lover at heart, but their saw simply won't run with the Bosch. It is of lesser power and prone to accuracy issues. Check it out and you can see the same problems.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Zip-a-dee do saw
    Nice tool, especially considering the size, weight and price. Strong, quiet motor... Smooth, accurate adjustment... Well thought out in every aspect, and a pleasure to use. Typical Bosch.

    3-0 out of 5 stars 4.4 horsepower? I don't think so.
    If one horsepower is about 750 watts at 100% efficiency, then how can a 15 amp saw produce anything more than about two horsepower?

    4-0 out of 5 stars Great Saw with a few idiosyncrasies
    As others have stated, this saw is arguably the best small/benchtop tablesaw on the market. The motor is strong and quiet. The soft start feature is nice, especially since it keeps the saw from jerking on uneven surfaces (often noted on outdoor jobsites) and helps prepare your ears for the noise when working inside. The cabinet and stand seem sturdy and are well thought out (including hand grips and tool/blade/accessory storage). On the flip side, thought the saw has a textured aluminum table that scratches easily and needs cleaned of saw dust frequently. The dust port is marginally effective (I have a 5.5hp wet/dry hooked to it on the jobsite and still sweep often). Blade changing isn't difficult, but takes a little practice - 10" blades must be worked into place. While the saw runs an 8" stacked dado with ease, the arbor setup could be better (read: longer, truer, etc.) as I cannot seem to get a flat bottom dado (with Frued SD508). The side and rear extensions are very nice to have, although the side extension is not flush in height with the table surface (strange?). Lastly, machine setup is difficult (or at least for me). The table is fixed, so blade to miter slot alignment is done by moving the motor/blade mechanism which is more than touchy. The fence clamps by rear to front tension and is very hard, though not impossible, to lineup with the miter slot (repeatably). Other settings are as expected - basically problem free.

    This is a great tool and will not dissapoint if you are patient enough to get it setup well - as with any tablesaw purchase, consider decent setup tools (e.g. precision square, 45deg block, and TS-Aligner). ... Read more

    2. Bosch 1617EVSPK 2-1/4-Horsepower Router Combination Pack
    list price: $410.00
    our price: $188.00
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B00005RHPD
    Catlog: Home Improvement
    Manufacturer: Bosch
    Sales Rank: 17
    Average Customer Review: 4.35 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan Review

    Bosch's 1617EVSPK is a strong entry in the 2-1/4-horsepowercombination router market. Solid, all-magnesium construction makes theBosch durable and lightweight, while special touches, such as woodenhandles on the fixed base and contoured, soft-grip handles on the plungebase, add to the comfort of users and give the tool a look ofdistinction lacking in some of its competitors. Of course, looks areonly skin deep, and this router has plenty to offer below the surface aswell. At its heart, a powerful 12 amp, 2-1/4-horsepower motor deliversconsistent results at variable speeds of 8,000 to 25,000 rpm. Theexclusive precision centering design ensures bits are perfectly centeredin the router base, a handy feature for maintaining accurate cut lines.A wider-than-average base opening provides superior visibility andallows the Bosch to accept larger bits, while a micro bit-depthadjustment system makes fine-tuning fast and easy. Unlike manycomparable routers, the Bosch 1617EVSPK is designed to move from base tobase without the use of tools. Instead, it clamps solidly into place forquick and easy transfers. What's more, the motor never rotates whileadjusting depths, allowing you to stow the power cord on either sidewhere it's out of the way. --Carl Thress ... Read more


    • Quick clamp system on both bases for tool-free conversion - Move motor from base to base with ease
    • 2.25 HP/ 12 AMP Motor 8000-25000 RPM Variable Speed - Most powerful on its class
    • Variable speed dial, match speed to workpiece and task
    • Soft-start reduces start-up torque
    • Constant-Response Circuitry - - Maintains constant speed under load - Protects against overload

    Reviews (54)

    5-0 out of 5 stars You'll love this combo kit Bosch 1617EVSPK 2HP
    If you were looking at getting a combo kit now is your chance to get a 2 HP unit instead of the 1.5 HP units. The softstart and self center bits work great both as a plunge router as well as a fixed base and the 2 HP soft start and mag body makes it easy to control as well as light weight.

    The 2 HP unit has plenty of power to be used in a router table a nd if you can only afford one router don't skimp for a few dollars more you get more power, variable speed and the bosch 2 HP variable speed router with the micro fine adjustments.

    I have had the 1617EVS fixed based for over 6 months and the extra cost to buy the plunge router attachment added up to more than this whole kit with the storage case costs.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Bosch 1617EVSPK is Superb
    I have several routers, and this Bosch PK serves a unique purpose. I leave the fixed base mounted under the router table, and put the motor into the plunge base for hand held work. It is like having two routers. With the simple twist of the motor, it drops right out of the fixed base mounted under the table, and drops into the plunge base. The big advantage is the micro adjustable knob. You may have experienced the problem of using lesser routers whose setting is lost completely when you release the clamping mechanism. It slides to another spot, then you test the setting again in frustration. With the Bosch, you get your gross setting in order, then tweak the fine adjustment knob to zero it in perfectly. Truly a precision way of working. The power is more than substantial for any task.
    I have a Bench Dog router table extension for my table saw. The clear plexiglas router plate, allows the maple handles of the fixed base to show through. It is definitely impressive.
    The variable speed is a necessity when using larger bits. The soft start feature is wonderful, especially when using it as a handheld, so it doesn't torque it out of your hands.
    All in all it is definitely a 5 star piece of equipment. I just wish they offered the Free Deluxe Edge Guide when I bought mine.

    4-0 out of 5 stars A year of research
    I considered the purchase of a router and router table or shaper for over a year. After much research and reading all of the reviews I could find I decided to buy both a router and a shaper separately rather than a router table.

    I purchased this router and am very impressed with the smooth speed change and overall operation of the tool. It is physically more compact and better balanced than the Porter Cable equivalent tool. You will find that the Makita is most comparable in terms of quality, price, and features. But I have more experience with Bosch products and choose this.

    It took me a minute to figure out that the depth guide is also the release lever to release the motor from the base (to switch from the fixed to plunger base). On my first use I setup the deluxe edge guide as a guard, rigged the router into a right-sized hole in my work bench, and used it as a router table. I'll eventually buy a separate shaper, but this setup was accurate enough to shape window dividers.

    If you are considering purchasing the Bosch router table -- I'd advise buying a stand-alone shaper like the Jet JWS-18HO or the Grizzly G1035. Grizzly also makes a G0510 shaper with stand that is cheaper than the Bosch stand alone -- and you won't have to install and remove the router -- leaving your router free for free-hand work. Note that both the Jet and the Grizzly G1035 have router bit spindles available -- but that the G0510 does not and will only accept shaper bits, not router bits.

    3-0 out of 5 stars Bad switch design
    This is a great router, BUT there is a design flaw with the switch. I have had mine for 13 months (one month out of warranty). I used it to make a cut, turned it off and then went to make another cut and it wouldn't turn on. There are many complaints in Amazon's reviews about this switch. Bosch needs to pay attention to these reviews and should redesign this switch! It ruined my woodworking weekend!

    2-0 out of 5 stars quality control
    I purchased this router after considerable research. Upon receiving the kit I was fairly pleased. I used it for a brief period of time (less than two hours) on my first project and found the weight, feel, noise and control to be very pleasing. Upon trying to use it on my second project, the router would not switch on. I was not happy. I called Bosch, and of course they apologized and referred me to a service center, surprised of course because they had no idea that there was a problem with the switch. Upon setting up repairs with the service center they claimed that it was not a surprise because the switch used is undersized and it is not the first one they have had to replace. Just beware, I like everything about the router so far, but I am afraid that too many corners have been cut on their design and quality control.
    I will replace the switch and will probably have to do so frequently. ... Read more

    3. Bosch 4000-09 10" Worksite Table Saw with Gravity-Rise Wheeled Stand
    list price: $1,040.00
    our price: $439.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B00067IX1A
    Catlog: Home Improvement
    Manufacturer: Bosch
    Sales Rank: 71
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan


    • Large machined aluminum tabletop (29 by 21-1/2 inches) easily handles bigger stock
    • Powerful 15 amp, 4.4-horsepower max tool output has the power to tackle any material
    • Precision rip fence with patented Square-Lock technology provides accuracy with every cut
    • Soft-start for quieter, smoother startups
    • Constant Response circuitry constantly monitors torque demand and instantly delivers additional power, plus protects against overload

    4. Bosch 3912 12" Compound Miter Saw, with Dust Bag and Work Clamp
    list price: $536.00
    our price: $249.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B0000223FA
    Catlog: Home Improvement
    Manufacturer: BOSCH (S-B Powertools)
    Sales Rank: 549
    Average Customer Review: 4.2 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan Review

    What the Bosch 12-inch compound miter saw may lack inpopularity compared to some of its competitors, it makes up for inquality design and construction. The saw has a heavy-duty 26-inch steeltable that extends to 29 inches, and a tall sliding fence for workingwith crown molding and other large stock. While this isn't the lightest12-inch saw available, at only 43 pounds it's still plenty portable,and comes with a cushioned top handle for easy carrying to and from thetruck. Considering how solid and stable this tool is, and the amount ofmetal making up the base and table, we were actually surprised to findthat it weighs as little as it does. The 15 amp motor on this saw, intypical Bosch fashion, runs remarkably smooth and relatively quiet. Theelectric brake stops the blade quickly every time. The miter gauge onthis saw is engraved, so if the paint wears off you won't lose themarkings or need to replace the saw. This is a great feature, and theBosch saw is one of only a couple of saws on the market that includesit. It also features nine miter detents that can be easily overriddenfor micro adjustments, and we had no problem getting the table to lockin tight at a half degree off the detent.

    The saw has a comfortable horizontal D-handle, with a nice wide triggerand a safety switch inset in the handle right where your thumb canreach it. This saw offers all the accuracy and cutting capacity ofother 12 inchers in a design that's easy and comfortable to use. Bestof all, it comes with the Bosch reputation for solid engineering andsmooth performance. The saw comes with a quick-action clamp, adirectional dust chute, a dust bag, a 40-tooth carbide blade, andwrenches for adjusting the fence and changing the blade. --BrianTrinen ... Read more


    • Tall 3-1/2" sliding fence - For easy bevel setups and increased crown molding cutting capacities
    • Powerful 15 Amp motor, 3.3 max. tool HP
    • Crown miting detents - 31.6° Miter and 33.9° Bevel detents for quick, accurate, crown cuts
    • Large 25" aluminum base with 3-1/4" sliding extension for 28-1/4" total length - Provides extra support
    • Speed-track sliding fence system - base and fence slide independently

    Reviews (20)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Excellent compound miter saw
    I have used the Bosch 3912B 12" for several years for woodworking. With a quality 96-tooth blade it is a very precise saw and cuts very smoothly. This saw can cut a 45 degree miter in a 4x4 board or trim
    a miter to a hair.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Professionally Recommended
    I talked to a lot of professional woodworkers and carpenters, before I purchased the Bosch 3912B (they all recommended the Bosch 3912B). They told me to spend a little bit more and get a quality product. I am extremely happy that I did.

    Miter and compound cuts have been accurate right out of the box. Using this tool is such a pleasure, I am still impressed with the performance and the precise cuts. Bosch also offers more accessories than other brands. I really like the lock on the saw. You can release the table with little effort and reset your miter position with ease.

    If you want a quality tool, get this Bosch!! It's smooth, quiet, and well worth the money.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Solid piece of equipment
    Very impressive piece of machinery with positive stops at most common angles. Standard blade is not too bad either. High fence for crown molding and smooth drop action and good dust collection makes it a good buy. (...)

    3-0 out of 5 stars A construction saw, not for cabinetmakers.
    I was hoping the reviews would lead to the best fixed (not sliding) miter saw, I decided to buy the 3912. I no longer buy power tools over the internet, so I bought it at a local contractor tool supplier. This gives me the option of showing the salespeople the issues that I am having if I need to return it. While I was hoping that the saw would be accurate and true right out of the box, it was nearly that. Unfortunately for how good the miter stops were there was too much runout, blade wobble, 1/32". I took it back and we tested two more 3912's all of which had the same problem. They told me to expect that from all saws in this price range. The arbor, the blade, I don't know. Haven't had the time to put a new blade, or do any crown work. So good luck if you expect to pull it out of the box and saw away.

    5-0 out of 5 stars A good, reliable investment
    After putting this saw through its paces for a few weeks, I have found this miter saw has what it takes for accuracy and ease of use. Some concerns in public forums about this saw have not become evident. Set-up was simple and straight-forward - instructions were written in a helpful manner. Calibration was relatively uncomplicated (the bevel was the only adjustment I needed to make); the table of the saw is stable when anchored securely, according to the instructions, to a good strong bench; the blade spins true, and the arbor stays put; no electrical problems that others have experienced seemed to surface. A nice feature that no one has mentioned yet is the graduated fence - marks etched in the fence every half inch from the blade are handy when you need to make fast, "ballpark" cuts. The only semblance of a complaint I have is that the safety switch for the trigger takes significant pressure to activate. Erring on the side of safety, this is a small complaint. Overall, I think this is a fine tool. ... Read more

    5. Bosch 3915 10" Slide Compound Miter Saw includes Dust Bag and Work Clamp
    list price: $748.00
    our price: $348.00
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B0000223EO
    Catlog: Home Improvement
    Manufacturer: BOSCH (S-B Powertools)
    Sales Rank: 447
    Average Customer Review: 4.58 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan Review

    Bosch builds good saws. This 10-inch sliding compound miter saw has the smooth, easy-to-control action we demand in a slider. This saw's built burly, too--here's a slider that looks likely to survive a tumble off the back of a pickup truck (not that we tested it). The blade guard has good action and retracts well, so visibility and motion aren't restricted when cutting and there's no danger of it binding or sticking. The grip is contoured and tapered for the human hand, no matter the size--but there is a safety switch that makes this saw difficult to use left-handed. Bosch has also cleverly mounted the important wrenches and keys on the body of the saw (exactly the sort of attention to detail that makes toolhounds happy). We tip our hardhats to the good people at Bosch; they've made a great saw. --Michael Shilling ... Read more


    • Dual rail design - For superior accuracy
    • Powerful 13.0 Amp motor, 2.8 max. tool HP
    • Crown miter detents - 31.6° miter and 33.9° bevel detents for quick, accurate crown cuts
    • Large 25" aluminum base with 3" extension for 28" total length - Provides extra support
    • Tall 3-1/2" Fence - For easy bevel set-ups and increased crown molding cutting capacities

    Reviews (67)

    4-0 out of 5 stars Great Sliding Miter Saw!
    After much thought and research I decided to purchase the Bosch 10" Sliding Miter Saw. It arrived via Fedex with a couple of minor "dings" in the box, but the packing of the saw was outstanding and no damage to the saw was evident. Set-up was easy and the "factory alignment" was right on except for a slight loose allen screw on the slide bearings. The saw is not light so i would hate to lug it around to job sites with out wheels of some type. My saw will stay in the shop on the bench. The Saw cut 2x4's with ease and all cuts were clean and accurate. I have also used it to cut 5/4"x6" oak and again the saw had no difficulty. The two reasons I didn't give this saw five stars are that blade changes are a pain complicated by having to remove alot of the guard and the operating handle is mounted vertically instead of horizontally which makes it difficult to operate with your left hand. Overall I would still purchase this saw again over everthing else out there. It was/is the best value for the money.

    4-0 out of 5 stars Bosch 10" sliding compound miter saw
    I've had this saw for over six months now and am extremely satisfied. It's very accurate, easy to adjust and is particularly good for cutting crown molding. The blade which comes with the saw is OK for basic stuff, but has excessive tearout. For fine work you'll need a good 80 tooth blade.It's a little awkward for a left-hander at first, but easy to adapt to. The biggest complaint is the dust extraction - the dust bag is almost useless, and hooking a vacuum to the dust port makes no difference: dust shoots straight out the back, hits the frame and disperses in a huge cloud. This makes it impossible to use in a customer's home; if it's a row house, finding a safe, convenient outdoor spot for it can be tricky. Wintertime complicates matters. One reviewer said, so what if it takes an extra hour to clean up - it's a terrific saw. Well, it is a terrific saw, but time is money.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Great saw, as good as or better than competition
    Background - I traded my 10" Delta CMS so needed a new one. I settled on getting a 10" slider based on the capacity of the sliding saws. I did not want a 12" SCMS due to excessive weight and size. Plus, I don't need that capacity. I decided against a 12" regular CMS because a 10" slider can actually cut wider lengths and 10" blades are easier to find and cheaper. Yes, a 12" CMS will cut taller pieces, but I have other saws I can use in this situaton (extremely rare for me).

    + lots of metal and very little plastic which adds weight but hopefully adds to durability
    + easy to read scales
    + tall fences
    + really solid detents; yes, there is a little play if you don't lock them in, but how long does it take to turn the knob two times?
    + wide foot print which translates to sturdier operation.
    + nice stock blade that I may actually keep on the saw.
    + almost dead-on out of the box as I spent more time double checking everything than making one minor adjustment.

    - not as portable as a regular 10" CMS, or even a 12" CMS as this saw is heavy.
    - handle not the most comfortable
    - single bevel (but I have never had a dual bevel and will not pay $200 or even $100 more for this feature)
    - extensions must be purchased seperately; these only cost about $17, but a lot of other saws have them as standard features.

    Other 10" SCMS considered (and why they were not purchased)
    * Bosch 4410 - about $200 more for a few extra features: front bevel controls, dual bevel, adjustable handle and a fraction more power. IMHO these were not worth $200 more.
    * Porter Cable - price seemed competive and reviews were favorable. However, I had a friend who had a Delta and I didn't like it. The PC model is not the Delta, but since they are part of the same company they may be too much alike for me.
    * Hitachi - Looked at this saw first hand and did not like it. There was a lot of plastic on it and it was about $90 more ($140 if I wanted the laser). Also, the foot print seemed small. I just did not have confidence in this saw.
    * Makita - I was really big on this saw but could not find one to look at in person. I read a lot of mixed reviews and $450 is a lot of money to spend on something you can't touch before hand.
    * Milwauke - They make a lot of great products. Their regular CMS's are great and really accurate. However, customer and magazine reviews have been mixed on this one so for the $100 higher price tag I decided to pass.
    * Delta - the Delta was never really in the running due to first hand use of a friends.

    Many folks have complained about dust collection. First off, show me a miter saw that gets 100% of the saw dust anyways. I made 20 cuts on 4x4's and there was a lot of saw dust on the saw, stand and ground. However, I reached back and felt the bag - it was 75% full. If this is the biggest knock on this saw, I am looking forward to all my projects.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Best for the money
    Half the price of a Dewalt 12", did not need that big of saw. Came with a clamp, did not have to pay extra, all dustbags are pretty much useless, I've always got sawdust when I cut a piece of lumber, hmmm. Top value as far as I'm concerned.

    3-0 out of 5 stars Not good enough for a pro
    After using this saw for 3 1/2 years I definetly have mixed feelings. the split fence on the left was not in line with the right side and in one piece with no easy fix, a constant nagging problem. But it had a good motor, and adjustability was acceptable. If you notice all my referances are in the past tense, because as of this afternoon the thing is laying in two pieces in my work van. The casting broke at the turntable. I take great care of my tools, I buy the best and expect them to work very well for a long time as have the many other Bosch tools I own. I will not buy another Bosch chop saw unless they give a pro rated discount on a new one. This saw should not have broken so easily. If you work out of a van or truck,like every other carpenter on this planet does, I can't recomend this saw, it can't stand up to normal handling. If you want absolute accuracy from the fence don't buy this saw it may be hard to fix the split fence. I hope others who have this saw have better luck than me. ... Read more

    6. Bosch 1590EVSK Top Handle Jigsaw
    list price: $312.00
    our price: Too low to display
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B0001X21RG
    Catlog: Home Improvement
    Manufacturer: Bosch
    Sales Rank: 37
    Average Customer Review: 4.14 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan


    • 4-position stroke control for working with a variety of thicknesses
    • Powerful 6.4 amp motor for fast, smooth cutting
    • Variable speed trigger for optimal cutting control
    • Precision control design for laser straight cutting
    • One-Touch Blade Change for less downtime and more productivity

    Reviews (7)

    5-0 out of 5 stars No such issues
    I bought this saw back in March and have used it quite a bit. My purchase was an upgrade from my old B&D and the difference is night and day. I have not noticed any issue with heat buildup and I have used it to cut through 1.5" thick plywood and 2x4s without issue. Highly recommended.

    5-0 out of 5 stars outstanding quality
    I had purchased the metabo top of the line jig saw. It was the most difficult jig saw I ever used. I ended up going back to my 30 year old sears. Finally, I returned it and purchased the 1590. I can not tell you the difference. In quality, in use, the blade changing system is so far superior and the guides are fantastic. The blade is clearly visible and is kept clean by the blower. I did not notice the unit getting hot as was mentioned in one review. If you are serious about your equipment, just buy this jig saw, none can compare.

    1-0 out of 5 stars What a DISAPPOINTMENT!!!!
    I owned the 1587 model from Bosch, but sold it to my brother to "upgrade" to the newer model with the simpler blade ejection and the updated blade clamping system. What a mistake!!! As one other reviewer stated, this saw gets very, very hot to the touch. I ran the 1587 next to this model side by side for 1 minute just to see if that reviewer was correct. The 1587 warmed up then cooled itself down with the design of the vents. The 1590 warmed itself up and just kept on getting hotter. At about the 45 second mark, you could no longer hold onto the front of the jigsaw. I love Bosch tools, but this tool has a major design flaw in the way it cools itself. I am now buying the 1584 barrel grip from Bosch. I can't wait to get back to a quality design from a quality company. Bosch can do much better than this product.

    5-0 out of 5 stars very smooth jigsaw
    I have had this saw for a few weeks now and am very happy with how smooth it cuts everything. I used it to trim off an overhang on a kitchen counter and it made a very smooth cut through both the laminate and particle board underneath. Also, I have used it to make some cut-outs in the plywood for a sub-floor and the cuts are very smooth. The blower works very well so that you can easily follow your cut line.

    This saw is rather heavy for a jigsaw but the weight helps to absorb any vibration. The price and weight are both high but if you want a smooth and powerful jigsaw take a look at this one.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Fast and Accurate
    I make a lot of custom furniture as well as perform trim carpentry that requires me to cut molding around brick and rock. I've found the 1590EVSK easy to handle with plenty of strength to consume maple and oak effortlessly. The oscillating blade is a wonderful feature and you can't beat the blade installation and removal.
    While it could be considered pricy, if you plan on using a jig saw on a consistent basis this is absolutely one to to put at the top of your list to consider. ... Read more

    7. Bosch DWM40L Miter Finder Digital Protractor/Angle Finder
    list price: $206.00
    our price: $109.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B00002255G
    Catlog: Home Improvement
    Manufacturer: Bosch
    Sales Rank: 175
    Average Customer Review: 4.21 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan Review

    Bosch has really broken ahead of the pack with their new miter finder/digital protractor/angle finder. The handiest thing, in our opinion, you can do with this tool is calculate miter and bevel angles for crown molding cuts easily and efficiently--using the molding spring angle and the corner angle as your input. It's also great for remodelers who often need to cut trim at odd angles to achieve a good fit. The tool's digital display is large and easy to read, and there's also a hold function that freezes the measurement. The finder also has an old-school leveler, so you know you're operating in pure horizontal reality. Plus, it fits lightly in your hand. Really, this is a very cool and unique tool, one we think finish carpenters and remodelers will find invaluable in their quest for quick, perfect fits. --Michael Shilling ... Read more


    • Level - Built-in vertical and horizontal spirit levels, accurate to 0 +/- 0.05°
    • Versatile measuring tool, 4 tools in one - Anglefinder, Compound Cut Calculator, Protractor, Level
    • Anglefinder - Determines the exact angles of jobsite or workpiece, eliminating guesswork
    • Compound Cut Calculator - Automatically determines the exact miter and bevel setings necessary to make each crown molding cut fit precisely.
    • Protractor - precisely positions the workpiece or intended cut line at the desired angle

    Reviews (34)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Quickly becoming indespensible
    Initially when I looked at this tool, I thought that it was a bit pricey for a digital protractor. Now I find myself using this tool for framing, trim work, and saw alignment. It has been invaluable in checking miter gauges for accuracy, you could use a protractor or speed square, but this is more accurate than a speed square and much quicker than either, especially if you need to make adjustments. This tool impressed me when I was checking alignment on my sliding compound miter saw. I wanted to verify its accuracy out of the box so I dialed into 90 / 0 degrees, the BOSCH protractor read 90.3, flipped it over and measured the other side of the blade and it read 89.7. Definitley much quicker than the conventional way, and you can easily use this with the table saw. Typically over time ( about 5 months now ) this tool reads between 0.0 and 0.1 accuracy, and like most scales you can check its accuracy and know what your margin of accuracy is. The back spring angle feature is very handy for crown molding, and for checking corners the back edge is rounded so as not to foil your reading in an inside corner measurement. This tool does so much more than I have mentioned, these are just tasks that I have used repeatedly and successfully. A carrying case would be nice, as this unit is nicely machined, it has a level built in which is handy and for quick checks, it saves holding two tools. So far, I am very satisfied with this tool.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Carpenters, Welcome to the 21st Century!
    I purchased the Bosch DWM40L Digital Protractor/Angle Finder to install baseboard, shoemolding, and crownmolding in an older home. Naturally, there wasn't a square corner in the entire project. The Bosch tool made exact measurements for calculating miter angles for each piece of trim. You take its measurements and calculations and then transfer them to your compound miter saw. Nothing could be easier. It took hand fitting and guess work out of the job. This a fabulous invention and it's miles ahead of the older, but timeless tools such as a square, bevel, and protractor. It also doubles as a carpenter's level. This Bosch tool is also extremely well built and cosmetically pleasing--its heft feels good in your hands. My toolbox is now in the 21st Century--what would my Grandfather think? He'd probably say that I have it too easy now that I own the Bosch DWM40L Digital Protractor/Angle Finder. Sorry Grandpa.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Awesome tool ... well built ...
    All of the previous reviews contain real nuggets of information. The ones that refer to the tool's inability to store the spring angle illustrate the only real criticism I have about this tool. However, using my also-newly-purchased Bosch 4410 10" Compound Miter Saw, I created a jig out of 1x material that effectively solves this problem.

    When you open this tool you'll notice that there is a piece of metal that reenforces the strength of the tool where the two legs pivot. I simply cut the 1x material to a length that stops the tool exactly at 38 degrees when the tool is closed onto the wood ... and the wood is resting against that metal reinforcement. I plan to cut more of these pieces, one for each spring angle of common crown moulding manufacturers.

    This was a precise procedure ... I found out shaving the width of a human hair off the length of the jig resulted in a difference of about .2 degrees. It'll take a few tries to get an exact 38 degree jig ... but it'll be worth it. I can now set the spring angle in seconds.

    Hope this helps.

    1-0 out of 5 stars Really it's a good tool -- but consider an alternative
    I looked at this tool in a local store because I'm installing crown in an older house. It is very well made and deserves more than one star, but while I was in the store I found a simple plastic tool for measuring angles called "mite-r-gage". It gives you an accurage measurement which you then compare with a crown table that gives you the angle and bevel for flat cuts on a compound miter saw.

    I just wanted people to consider this $10 alternative if the Bosch is overkill for how often you'll use it.

    5-0 out of 5 stars A great tool and time saver!
    The Bosch DWM40L has saved me a lot of time on even the simple angles. I bought it for setting up angle cuts on my Dewalt sliding miter saw and now using it for all angle cuts. While installing an angled facia board on a roof peak, I slid the Bosch DWM40L into the slope of the roof line, divided by 2 and cut a perfect fitting joint without trial and error!!
    The price is right and the tool is quality built. Just wish I had the case to protect it. Ordered that 2 months ago from Amazon and still don't have it.
    I recommend making several copies of the instruction sheet and keep them near your saw(s). The setups for crown molding require a few steps and if you don't use the tool every day for compound miters on crown molding, you will become a little perplexed if you don't have the instructions.
    With the extension leg, short outside corner angles are easy to locate. At first, I wasn't sure I would need the extension but now I'm glad I have it. I have even used this tool for conduit bending when working with goofy angled runs. Really does eliminate time consuming trial cuts and bends.
    Buy it, you'll like it!! ... Read more

    8. Bosch CPK60-18 18V Brute Tough 6 Tool Combo Kit
    list price: $1,120.00
    our price: $599.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B0007XXU4S
    Catlog: Home Improvement
    Manufacturer: Bosch
    Sales Rank: 1710
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan


    • 2 Batteries
    • Carry bag
    • 18V
    • Brute Tough
    • 6 tools

    9. Bosch 93618HDCRF-J 18V Brute Tough Combo Kit with Bonus Jigsaw and Carrying Bag
    list price: $970.00
    our price: $495.00
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B0000A14SU
    Catlog: Home Improvement
    Manufacturer: Bosch
    Sales Rank: 367
    Average Customer Review: 4.67 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan


    • 18V Jigsaw has one touch blade system and 0-2,000 SPM
    • 18V Brute Tough Hammer/Drill driver with over 475 in/lbs of torque
    • Durashield housing and unibody powertrain construction
    • 6 1/2" 18V Circ Saw 0-3600 RPM and rear depth adjustment
    • 18V Recip Saw w/ Dual Stroke and push button foot adjustment 0-2300 RPM

    Reviews (6)

    5-0 out of 5 stars value
    Bosch made a great offer with this set. Having used every tool in this kit quite frequently here are my thoughts:

    Jigsaw--Nice having no cord to worry about, easy blade changes, plenty powerful for every thing I've needed it for. Excellent, replaced my cordo.(wood,PT,plywood,MDF,aluminium)

    Drill/Driver--Excellent power, balance, and good clutch. like the bit holder in the base, good ergonomics--(chuck is unconventional but seems rugged and easy to use). Hammer drill works well with tile, stone, masonry.

    Circular Saw--Helpful for plywood and "2x's", needed a full charge on battery and insurance of another battery around. Nature of the beast(my experience is cordless circs just drain battery power). Good for occasional use.

    Recip saw--Good enough for me...used it to cut pvc, wood, etc...good blade changes. Again similar battery consumption as Circ. But great for the occasion when you need it.

    Flashlight--c'mon its a freakin light! (Nice to have--even a spare bulb has its own home inside this light)

    The initial price seemed like a lot...but considering an average drill/driver alone is about half of that price. It is a good investment. I am impressed by Bosch's engineering and their commitment to making durable, tough tools. They are joy to use and own. Take advantage of the free jigsaw offer.

    4-0 out of 5 stars Powerful and well built
    I purchased the Bosch tool set in late December. I am a contractor who needs durable and reliable tools. When I started my search, I researched the Porter Cable, Milwaukee and Dewalt cordless sets. I have all three brands in corded/pneumatic tools and have been satisfied with their performance. I limited my search to these brands until I saw the Bosch.

    Hands down, the build of Bosch was superior to the other three. And their attention to little things makes me very glad I made the purchase. For example:
    1. The drill with its hook is invaluable, especially when hanging sheetrock. It is heavier than the others, but sturdier in the hand.
    2. The reciprocating saw has an adjustable foot and varying blade stroke. Both features are used often by me. My job has me cutting pipe, 2 by's, sheetrock, etc. and these features have made the job easier.
    3. The circular saw comes with and exhaust port to attach to my portable vac. I can cut inside now with limited dust. Additionally the depth gage is handy
    4. The jig saw with the blow port helps keep the line open to the eye and the ability to change the orbital action is great when stepping up the cut. (the saw works the best with bosch t-blades)
    5. Ok - the light is the worst - Dewalts is much better.

    The kicker in making the decision to purchase the Bosch was the 3 year warranty. I have had to use it once already. The head on the recip saw broke. I was sent a new one in a few days and was up and running. I get the feeling that the head has been an issue. The new one I received was made different.

    The bag is a bit of a pain, but it does allow me to carry the charger, and three cases containing recip saw blades, jigsaw blades and drill bits.

    For the money, the Bosch Cordless set is a very good choice.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Very good set of tools
    PRO - more bang for your buck
    CON - the darn bag
    I was debating with myself should I go with DEWALT, MILWAUKE or BOSCH and after buying Bosch tools I couldn't be happier. The hammerdrill has great power although I haven't used it in a hammer mode.The feature that I like on it is that you can hold the nose of the chuck to steady the drill and it won't burn your fingers. Jigsaw cuts with great power, and ease, and the circular saw cuts the 2x material as if it's butter. I still haven't tried the reciprocating saw but it seeems strong and tough enough. The only con is the bag. It is great by itself but I would like to see this combo in a hard case. The whole combo is worth more than I paid for. If it helps anyone, HD and JS-made in Switzerland, RS-made in Mexico, CS-assembled in Mexico, Flashlight-made in China, Battery- made in Japan.
    P.S. I'm thinking of buying a planer too.

    5-0 out of 5 stars 5++ Stars The Best!
    This is extremely well-designed and well-built. If I could I would give more than Five stars for Bosch tools. I highly recommend it.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Tough and Versatile
    Another Great Quality product by Bosch-Thanks Bosch -you continually make Great, non -stop Products--Keep up the Good Work ... Read more

    10. Bosch 4410 10" Dual Bevel Slide Miter Saw
    list price: $1,022.00
    our price: $509.00
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B0001408T8
    Catlog: Home Improvement
    Manufacturer: Bosch
    Sales Rank: 386
    Average Customer Review: 4.55 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    This might just be the perfect miter saw, packed with everything you ever wished for and then some. Of course, a saw's nothing if it's not accurate, but the Bosch 4410 is dead-on right from the box. Of all its great features, our favorite by far is the four-position handle. Like a vertical grip? You've got it. Horizontal? That too. In a stroke of engineering genius, Bosch designed the handle to convert easily to the grip that suits you best, a feature so desirable that we bet it will start appearing on other brands. Our usual complaint about miter saws is that the fence is too low, and Bosch has addressed that with nice 4-1/2 inch tall Speed Track sliding fences, making any bevel setup and crown molding cut a cinch. Yet another change we appreciated was the relocation of the bevel lever and adjustment knob right up in front where you need it. Speaking of bevels, you've got a complete range on both left and right, at 47 and 46 degrees respectively. The miter detent system is super accurate, but sometimes the rest of the world isn't perfect and a 45-degree miter might not be what you need. No problem. Override the detent and sneak up on the cut with the superb micro-fine adjustment, even on a long workpiece, thanks to the sliding base extensions and handy tool-free clamping levers. It always irritates us when we can't read the numbers on a tool, and even that complaint is taken care of with the easy-to-see scale for both the bevels and miters. Last but far from least, this saw is powered by a 3 hp max, 15-amp motor that runs the blade through oak like butter. Even the included blade is high quality and leaves a flawless cut line. A beautiful machine.--Kris Jensen-Van Heste ... Read more


    • Upfront bevel lock lever and range selector knob; tall 4-1/2" Speed-track sliding fences
    • 15 amp motor, 4,800 RPM
    • Large 21" aluminum base with cast sliding extensions for 37-1/4" total length
    • Wedge-and-slot miter detent system offers consistent and precise miter angles over the life of the tool
    • Multi-positioned main handle easily locks into any of four positions for optimum comfort and control

    Reviews (11)

    5-0 out of 5 stars The Carpenter's Samurai Sword
    If you are like me, the first thing that runs through your mind when looking at an expensive tool is 'Wow! But is it worth the money.' Since I'm in the middle of remodeling a kitchen and fixing up a house, I decided to take no chances and make the investment on the assumption that I would eventually use most of this saws features. And I have.

    This is the most well thought out miter saw I have ever used. Whether you need to chop, slide, miter, bevel, cut grooves, or make compound cuts, it just simply does the job with a minimum of fuss. If you don't like the angle of the grip, change it. Make gross and fine adjustments. And the carbide blade is incredible as well. And it is built like a rock, a very well oiled rock - if you take care of it it will last forever.

    Based on what you do you may want to pick up a second quick clamp, a crown molding support stop, or the extra long base rod kit. There are a few other nifty widgets as well. As I said, Bosch has spent considerable thought in making this a truly professional piece of equipment.

    5-0 out of 5 stars The saw all others want to be!
    What can I say, this is the saw that all other compound sliders want to be! The saw came just days after I ordered it in prefect condition. Set up was a breeze, seeing that the saw came dead on accurate. As a seasoned woodworker, I have learned that it is not worth saving a couple of dollars here and a couple of dollars there when buying a tool. The extra cost for this saw is more than worth the price! Don't be fooled by other saws on the market, the Bosch 4410 us the way to go!

    5-0 out of 5 stars Worth the wait
    I almost opted for the Hitachi (w/laser guide) because the 4410 was unavailable when I ordered, but I held out and it's worth the wait. No problems with the saw shipped UPS. The bevel was locked down off zero, but the stop was fine - I just set it to the preset, and no problem. The first job I had for the saw was cutting some Ipe decking for a sandbox. If you haven't worked with this stuff - it's brutal - you have to predrill to sink decking screws into it, you can't drill too small (or you'll snap stainless steel screws in half) - and I could only drill about half an inch at a time before the bit would overheat. But this saw cut through it without complaining and left a mirror-like finish (not so hard to do on such a dense wood, I guess). The controls are pretty intuitive. The slide-out extensions and built-in stop are pretty handy, though limited. The table is 3 3/4" high - so you can support long workpieces using 2-2x's and a 1x stacked up (the instruction manual tells you it was designed this way). I like the rotating handle - it's handier than you'd guess - not only do you get your preference of vertical versus horizontal (I like the 45-degree setting), but I find I like different settings with the saw higher or lower (I was cutting with the saw on my garage floor).

    My only complaint is the amount of dust it kicks out, but I don't have experience with other models that weren't hooked up to a dust collection system.

    1-0 out of 5 stars devoted Bosch user, disillusioned by Bosch support
    I am a professional finish carpenter and cabinet maker with a shop full of tools, most of them Bosch. I ordered this saw in April and received it promptly with a severed power cord. The saw looked great but obviously wasn't much use in its delivered condition. I took it right away to a Bosch warranty service center. They called me the next day to say that they wouldn't fix it under warranty. So I contacted Amazon and they offered me a 10% discount for the damage. I contacted the service center to see if the repair could be completed within that dollar amount and they thought it could. That was over a month ago. I call every week to see if it's fixed. Nobody contacts me to provide updates or explanations; I have to call and call and try to track somebody down. It just goes on and on. I imagine that the saw would be great if I could ever get my hands on it, but this experience is seriously compromising my confidence in Bosch; if I can't count on their service and support, the quality of their tools will be irrelevant. I can't afford to have the tools I rely on disappear into the fog like this. And I think they should have just fixed it under warranty in the first place instead of running a loyal customer through this maze and frustration.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Awesome Saw!!!!
    I balked a little on the price, but after working with it, it is worth every penny! Every stop was dead on right out of the box. I swapped the blade with an 80 tooth Freud, and could tell little difference in the cuts from the blade that came with it.

    First time set up was very easy. The saw is mostly assembled right out of the box. It took me less than 1/2 hour to install the few small parts and check all of the miter and bevel stops.

    It is a great convenience to have all the controls up front. My workshop is crowded, and not having to reach behind to set bevels is a bonus. The micro-adjust feature for the stops is a real time saver for "sneaking up" on a cut.

    I have owned and/or used several other brands (D-----, M-----,H-----), but this saw is more accurate and intuitive to use than any of the rest.

    Bosch certainly did this one right! ... Read more

    11. Bosch TracRac T3B Portable Miter Saw Stand

    our price: $249.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B0002WRH48
    Catlog: Home Improvement
    Manufacturer: Bosch
    Sales Rank: 1447
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Product Description

    At only 39-pounds and supporting up to 500-pounds, the new Bosch TracRac® T3B portable miter saw stand is the perfect addition to any miter saw system. The stand boasts 20-ft. of total outfeed coverage and 12-inch wide extensions for extra support. Unlike any other stand, the T3B can fold down without removing the saw and be rolled on its integrated rubber wheels form job to job. Combined with the T3B's universal saw mounting system, anyone can appreciate total convenience. An adjustable telescoping/leveling leg adapts the stand to environments with up to 6-inches ground variance, while cam-lock bases maximize outfeed to each side by allowing the entire saw to slide left or right as needed for maximum coverage. Saw not included. ... Read more


    • Robust aluminum construction withstands 500 pounds of force
    • 20 feet of outfeed coverage
    • Solid rubber wheels for easy transport
    • Adjustable telescoping leg for uneven surfaces
    • Cam-Lock bases forchanging saws easy

    12. Bosch 83038 Deluxe Door and Jamb Hinge Templet Kit
    list price: $374.00
    our price: $229.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B0000224KW
    Catlog: Home Improvement
    Manufacturer: Bosch
    Sales Rank: 3342
    Average Customer Review: 4.18 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan


    • Large tough nails resist breaking
    • Centered connecting rails give good working balance
    • Transfers directly from jamb to door with hinges on either side of door
    • No straight edges, measuring tools or calculations required
    • Disassembles without changing hinge size or door thickness adjustments

    Reviews (11)

    3-0 out of 5 stars I won't buy from Bosch again!
    We have a high end millwork shop and often build large quantites of custom doors and jambs. I recently purchased a Delux Bosch hinge template kit to speed up production of our doors. The template itself is a very good product and works well, however the kit arrived with a router bushing and bit to mortise 1/4" radius hinges. Before opening our millwork shop, I was a commercial/residential contractor for 27 years and have not seen a 1/4" radius hinge for 20 years. The standard hinge for door manufacturers is a 5/8" hinge. I spent 4 hours going through the enclosed instruction manual and calling local tool suppliers trying to find out what I needed to cut a 5/8" radius hinge. There is no mention whatsoever in the instruction manual refrencing what is needed to cut different radiuses. The next day I spent another 3 hours on the internet and Bosch's website trying to determine what I needed to cut a 5/8" radius hinge and while Bosch does reference different parts for the template by part number they do not tell you what the purpose of these parts are. I contacted one of the largest Bosch distributors in the southeast and drove 2 1/2 hrs to their place of business. After working with 2 salemen and the owner for 3 1/2 hours we finally determined what was needed to cut a 5/8" radius hinge with this template. The solution to this problem was for me to purchase a fourth router( Bosch of course), a bushing and bit at an additional cost of $285.00. Including the time and travel expense I lost trying to mortise 47 doors, I could paid for 35% of the cost of a production mortiser. To make this short, I will not purchase another Bosch Tool until they drastically change their, instruction manuals, website and cataloging of their tools. I CAN"T AFFORD THEM!!!!!!!
    Steve Gibson
    Tropical Hardwoods, LLC

    5-0 out of 5 stars Best adjustable template kit
    The Bosch hinge template kit is the best of all the numerous metal adjustable templates available. Bosch bought the tool from Stanley tools decades ago, and Stanley bought it from someone else years before that. It is an old design that is yet to be improved upon by anyone else. Although the initial price seems high compared to lesser capable templates like the Porter cable, you will make that money back very quickly in time saved and problems avoided.

    I use this tool for retrofit and for new construction and no longer carry fixed templates anymore. For new construction, you simply spend a few minutes assembling and configuring the template and then it is good to go for days of door hanging. It takes just moments to switch the hinge size for different door thicknesses, a time saver compared to fetching another full size template that could be lost in a different part of the jobsite. Retrofitting new doors in old jambs is cake as you can easily match the template to the old hinge layout for perfect mortises that fit the first time.

    The rails have holes that engage ball bearings on the template frames. This prevents the hinge layout from changing if you should drop the tool on end. If you have ever used the PC template and bumped it while transferring from the door to the jamb, you know what a problem it is too have the template spacing change on you.

    On room additions, it is easy to match the hinge layout for the new doors and jambs to match the old doors due to the adjustability of the Bosch template (this is important in situations where the new doors are close to old doors and the homeowner would notice the hinges not lining up). The kit comes with 2 top guides of different lengths that accomodate any top hinge spacing you will find in the field. The rails allow infinite adjustment so you can quickly match any hinge layout.

    One thing the PC has over the bosch is that edge stops retract. This is only an issue when remortising the hinge gaines on an old jamb that has casing and caulking too close to the jamb edge. On the Bosch, the fixed edge stops can sometimes hit the caulking or casing and prevent the template sections from laying completely flat. On the PC, the stops can retract to counteract this problem, but overall the Bosch is significantly more accurate in retrofit situations.

    When you first get your new Bosch template kit, you need to fine tune the hinge length stops. From the factory, they are not correct. Two screws loosen and allow an adjustable plate to be moved into the correct position. A quick run on a 2x4 lets you check for perfection before you ever touch an expensive door.

    As mentioned by others, the small metal case is much more user friendly than the extra long PC box, but it doesn't hold the 4 hinge conversion kit or the 3 hinge extended rail kit. What most guys do is buy an additional standard kit, and make custom wooden rails for 8 to 10 foot doors. This way you have 6 template sections instead of four, and you can theoretically have 2 guys hanging 6-8 doors for more production.

    The nails are very strong, I have spares but haven't had a problem with breakage at all. In fact, you can order from Bosch any part you need and can get stuff shipped next day if the parts are in stock.

    The jamb gauges only fit Timely or hollow metal frames, so you need to file them down to fit wood jambs for retrofit jobs. But there are other ways to match existing hinge layouts so I don't recommend the jamb gauges unless you like to order book doors for commercial jobs or do nothing but retrofit.

    Like any metal template, when you hit it with the router bit, it gets nicked and the bit can get damaged. But the template sections completely disassemble so any damaged part can be replaced. More than once I forgot to put the template guide in the router and got some healthy gouges in the template. A call to Bosch and all was fixed. Usually, though, you will nick the sides or length adjustment plate and these are quickly fixed in the field. The sides can be "reversed" and the length stops can be filed flat and readjusted. The hinge size adjustment bar can be rotated to move the nick out of the way. Very reliable even when damaged!

    This is a terrific professional tool for the professional door hanger. And it works with any router that has a 1/2" mortising bit and 5/8" template guide. It even works for 5/8" radius hinges with a 1 1/4" mortising bit and 1 3/8" template guide. A homeowner would not need this tool, and it is not efficient for hanging just 1 door.

    5-0 out of 5 stars This Bosch kit solves all of the problems
    If you have ever hassled with trying to install hinges on a non pre-hung door, you are familiar with the challenge. Figuring out the proper layout of the hinges on the door. Trying to take a single templet and align it perfectly straight up in order to prevent an off angle hinge. Trying to mount that templet at exactly the correct amount of depth to get a uniform edge. Routing without a glitch, or even moreso hand scribing an edge, then chiseling a flat base. Even if all of that goes perfectly, then we have the challenge of transferring those settings to the jamb in order to hang the door. How do we close the door on the hinge and scribe out the edge of the hinge onto the jamb. Opening the jamb and laying the hinges on it kinda works, but then how do you keep the distance correct for the clearance of let's say 1/8 inch at the top of the door. In plain words using the door with the hinges mounted is a rough way of getting the job done.
    What Bosch does with this kit, is give you three adjustable for hinge size templates for routing, that are attached, and once again adjustable. You can preset the distance between the hinges, and be sure that the templates will be perfectly upright. No off angles, which is all too often the case without this kit. Once you attach the entire apparatus, with the built in pins you rout away. Then you remove the kit from the door, attach it to the hinge jamb and rout away.
    This is an all metal kit that should give you years of service.

    So why not just buy pre-hung doors and not bother to deal with it? The problem is that in order to trim the jamb to the thickness of the wall, you have to remove it from the door, disassemble it, then run it through the table saw, then reattach it. Or, in the event of a wall thicker than the pre-hung jamb, having to live with a seam, or a very large molding to cover it. With this kit, you can buy doors that are not pre-hung, and buy jamb boards that are wider than the jamb, trim them to size on your saw, then assemble for installation. Additionally you might want to create your jamb out of something other than the standard pine.
    My hat is off to the Bosch engineers for designing this one. A complicated job made simple. Highly recommended. This tool falls in the category of most favored tools. It solves all of the problems.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Expensive - but quickly pays for itself
    I had 17 doors to hang and purchased this tool for the job. After a quick learning curve, I was able to hang 3 to 4 doors per hour and they fit perfectly every time. It's a well built and solid tool. My only complaint is the less than adequate instructions, but you'll figure it out soon enough.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Better than all the rest
    I have to say that the Bosch hinge template is the best one on the market. I've used them all and this one is by far the one that you want, trust me I've used it for more than 10 years to hang custom doors. It's very easy to use and easy to modify for custom applications. No need to look or shop around, this is the one that you want. And we all know that Bosch makes great tools. ... Read more

    13. Bosch 1274DVS 3" x 21" Dustless Variable Speed Belt Sander
    list price: $326.00
    our price: $159.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B0000223HB
    Catlog: Home Improvement
    Manufacturer: BOSCH (S-B Powertools)
    Sales Rank: 379
    Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan Review

    Well-executed design combined with solid, reliable performance make this Bosch belt sander a tool with noticeable performance advantages. The Bosch features a magnesium-and-plastic housing that's lightweight yet durable. The tool is nicely balanced, comfortable, and easy to operate--important features in a tool that's often used for long periods of time for removing large amounts of stock. The Bosch comes with a cast-aluminum platen--so there's none of the warping that affects stamped-steel platens--and it sands perfectly flat right out of the box. Like many of the sanders in this class, the motor on the 1274 is aligned with the belt edge to allow flush sanding into corners. The tool's only drawback is that visibility is limited when sanding into tight corners, but that's a small minus when weighed against all the pluses. The belt-changing system works well--we didn't suffer any spring pinches--and the tracking adjustment tracks the new belt quickly and keeps it in place. There's a variable-speed dial built right into the trigger switch, which makes adjusting the belt speed fast and convenient. Wood magazine tested 10 3-by-21-inch sanders and liked the 1274DVS best. We agree that it's a great tool. --Mark McDonald ... Read more


    • Compact in-line design - For better balance
    • 6.6 Amps, 550-1,100 SFPM power - For professional applications
    • Variable speed - For fine finishing of fast stock removal
    • Graphite platen pad - For cool running and uniform sanding
    • Removable front handle - For close work

    Reviews (22)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Just a little off the top
    I'll be honest, this is my first belt sander, but I love it. I took the recommendation of some of the other reviewers, and I couldn't agree more. The sander is easy to use out of the box, and is a smooth-running, well-designed tool. The variable speed switch is very nice, and adds considerably to the user's control. I haven't yet done any heavy duty sanding, but for finish work the dust collection seems to work well. Five stars for Bosch on this one.

    4-0 out of 5 stars Solid Inline Belt Sander
    I owned a small inline belt sander and found the shape gave me the opportunity to use the machine in many more ways, especially on its side sanding the edges of large pieces of solid wood. When I had to replace the small sander, I knew I wanted a larger version, and the Bosch fit the bill. Amazon sold it at a lower price than I could find locally, and then there was the tax I saved and free delivery!

    A week later it was on the door step and it came out of the box and went right to work on some local hardwoods. There is lots of power to turn the 3 inch belt. While I have checked the belt for running off ceter- it almost never runs off. And the graphite patten is flat and stays cool. It has only a few hours on it but I am very happy with it. I have not used the fence, but I will, and I wish I had ordered the clamps to tie it down to a table upside down.

    The only problem I have with the sander is the dust control. I have been using the dust bag and it is small, and dust puffs out of a small indentation near the dust nipple when lifting off or moving down on the wood. I have not tried to trouble-check the problem.

    A happy Bosch customer and a happy customer.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Awesome!! Nothings Better
    This is an extremely well-designed and well-built sander. No complaints here only praise, praise, praise!

    Thank you Bosch--you sure make my life a lot better!!

    4-0 out of 5 stars Effective machine
    Works on the deck great with 36 Grit paper. However, the dustless feature seems to have been ommitted in the one I received. Borrowed a Porter Cable with a more effective collection system and in retrospect thought the more expensive Bosch would have been a better investment. Otherwise easy machine, good value.

    2-0 out of 5 stars Maybe I got a lemon?
    I have recently purchased numerous Bosch tools from Amazon/Tool Crib and I have been a life-long Bosch fan. However, I have to say that this is the very first time I have been let down by one of their products. I guess I just got a rare "lemon".
    Immediately on using it, I had problems with the "Lock-On Button". Either it would not keep the machine running, or when it did engage I could then not stop it! It works sporadically, but usually not until I have tried to disengage or engage it several times. Then, after just 15 minutes use sanding some deck timbers, a loud clatter developed. Sounds like a bearing problem? This did not seem to unduly affect performance, and since I purchased the unit for this specific job, I carried on for a while. Then, the rear belt wheel started to slip or disengage, like a slipping clutch. The work I was doing was not unduly difficult and for a period of time, the work was going like a dream, much as I am used to with Bosch tools.
    So finally, I just gave up-extremely disappointed that I could not finish the job at hand.
    I have returned it and I will get the 1276DVS instead. ... Read more

    14. Bosch 1594K 3-1/4" Planer Kit
    list price: $258.00
    our price: $129.00
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B000067S14
    Catlog: Home Improvement
    Manufacturer: Bosch
    Sales Rank: 399
    Average Customer Review: 4.17 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan Review

    This well-designed planer offers fast stock removal and the smoothest finish--exactly what we expected from Bosch. The powerful 6.5 amp motor runs the versatile two-blade Woodrazor system at 16,500 rpm with a protective shield that covers the section of blade that's not in use. The fence itself deserves applause--bevels are accurate and easy to adjust. We love the chip ejection as well. Too many times, we've tried tools with an exhaust system that might as well not be there, but this one actually moves the removed stock and it's multidirectional! Deep cuts are possible in just one pass without bogging or chatter. There's even a spring-loaded park rest stand that protects blade and workpiece. The saw is a special shape that allows easy start-up in the middle of a workpiece. Accidental starts are a thing of the past because of the lock-off release button. Bosch thought of everything; we're impressed. --Kris Jensen-Van Heste ... Read more


    • Depth adjustment of 0 - 3/32? - Makes deep cuts in one pass
    • Powerful 6.5 Amp motor - For fast stock removal and a smooth finish, 16,500 RPM
    • Chip ejection switch - Directs shavings left or right
    • Versatile 2-blade system equipped with Bosch WoodrazorTM micrograin carbide blades
    • Bevel guide fence - Ensures consistent planing from 0° to 45° through entire workpiece with a protective shield that covers the section of blade not in use

    Reviews (12)

    5-0 out of 5 stars One Heckuva Tool
    Bought this planer the other day to do some doors. It was all I expected and more. Very strong motor - never even appeared to bog down. Good balance. Depth control is very easy to use and accurate. I actually own a Dewalt and a Makita. I bought the Bosch for the features (i.e. the fully adjustable fence, the adjustable chip deflector that actually comes with a WORKABLE shop vac adapter - THAT is great!) and the reputation. I have not been disapointed. The Bosch is the best of the three. Until I got the Bosch I was pretty well satisfied with the Makita with the Dewalt pulling up the rear, but the Bosch is the best of the three by far. Strongest motor, Woodrazor carbide blades, shop vac adapter, and that great fence. You will use the fence. It can be set at 90 degrees or any other angle you want - and there is an adjustagble rabbeting stop that basically lets you take it about as deep and wide as you want. By the way, USE a shop vac with this. It will fill up your shop with shavings in a heartbeat - but with a vac hooked up, not a one hit the floor. Overall, this is a super tool at a very reasonable price. Oh yeah, it's also relative quiet. This one's a keeper.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Blowing Chunks
    I have owned this tool for about 1 year and I must say the Bosch 1594K planer is a very fine example of engineering, function, design and quality all meeting at the same place and time. If you are one who uses a planer at your occupation, you will really appreciate the handling characteristics of this tool, kind of like a Rolls Royce to a Chauffeur. But like most tools of this caliber it has many other rival brands that also are real fine gems within themselves. I do believe that the one solid advantage this Bosch has over the rest of the competing brands is its ability to spew wood chips either to the right or the left. In fact, this planer is so proficient at wood ejection, that from a distance it looks like your blowing chunks!

    2-0 out of 5 stars They Need To Re-Think The Fence
    Overall the unit is fine, but the fence is made so cheap that you cannot set it to 90 deg. without doing some filing on the slot. This is a very poorly engineered fence and is not like Bosch to put something so cheap on their tools.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Outstanding Product
    Like a lot of Bosch tools, this is build like a tank. The quality of the construction is first rate. You can't go wrong. Bosch has never let me down.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Great power, great performance
    I purchased this tool to square up some finishes on the deck I'm building (I'm picky). The PT lumber is among the most dense I've used - 16d nails are buckling in this stuff!

    Once the decking dried, I took this powerhouse to the mismatched edges that cropped up. NO PROBLEM! It was like a hot knife slicing butter! The extras included in the kit make this machine a top value! The depth adjustment is easy and very accurate, and the dust chute's ability to change discharge sides is a very nice feature when you can't. ... Read more

    15. Bosch 1677M 7-1/4" Wormdrive Construction Saw with Rear Handle
    list price: $360.00
    our price: $182.00
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B00005RHPB
    Catlog: Home Improvement
    Manufacturer: Bosch
    Sales Rank: 1170
    Average Customer Review: 4.91 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan


    • Soft grip handle
    • Powerful 15 amp all ballbearing motor
    • Worm drive gear train
    • Built -in saw hook
    • Magnesium "waffle design" footplate

    Reviews (22)

    5-0 out of 5 stars The Future Industry Standard
    After using many sidewinders, I finally went to the worm drive and can only ask myself; what took you so long? This saw is used regularly for framing and decking and it is a workhorse. It is light, relatively speaking. It has the magnesium motor housing and sole plate which makes it noticeably lighter then even the mag77. One of the best things about this saw is the sole plate. It is rigid and durable like the Porter Cable sole plate. You can't bend it, and you can't say that about any of the other worm drive saws that I have seen. The saw comes with a rafter hook attached which is a necessity.

    The bottom line on this saw, is that it is truly a joy to use. It is by far the most accurate circular saw I've ever used. You can accurately and squarely shave 1/32nd off the end of a framing member and it almost follows a chalk line by itself. It has a 15 amp motor and I've used it regularly to cut laminated beams (it takes two full depth cuts on opposite sides) and it has plenty of power for the task. For framing and general carpentry, you will be hard pressed to find a better made, better performing saw.

    5-0 out of 5 stars The ante has been upped
    I love competition with the Power tool companies. It means that the tools just keep getting better. I love my mag 77 saws but they are no longer the best you can buy. Dewalt must have cut into the sales of Skils wormdrive market with their innovative framers saw. I like some of the features on it but still prefer the Skilsaw for its torque and durability. Skil and Bosch must have been listening to their customers because this new (Old) saw is much better than the original 77 or the Mag 77. The shoe is stiffer now. The power is a little better, not that it was lacking before. The hook is nice. Thanks Dewalt. The best thing though is the easier to use guard. It really works better. This truly is the best saw money can buy. It will not only outlast everything else on the market, it will make you smile every time you use it.

    4-0 out of 5 stars good but
    well i have had this saw for a few weeks and its great saw but i have two complaints one is that the lower gard lever is plastic and the other is you cant prop the lower gard like you can on a skil 77 wormdrive just wondering cause there made by the same people so whats up with that

    5-0 out of 5 stars essential
    this saw became an essential part of my tool collection the day i got it. i have used it for a bunch of framing as well as cutting in ridge vents, siding, sheathing and all around general construction. easy to cut a straight line, great visibility, 15 amp motor. from the same company that makes skil saws, so i trust its reliability. in my opinion - worth every penny.

    5-0 out of 5 stars All of these reviews are right!
    I own six worm drives, two of which are now Bosch, the other four are Skil Mags. I have to admit that I don't always choose the Bosch first. I try to reserve it for more "Special" projects. It may be silly but I try to protect this very durable tool from itself. After two years and many thousands and thousands of cuts, they still perform as they did right out of the box, with precision, speed and solid, comfortable control.

    In my opinion Bosch makes some of the very best tools available today. If Amazon could vouch for me, they would tell you that I have most of the Bosch tools available though their website. This saw hovers at the very top of tools that I have purchased in my 28 years of construction experience.

    Bosch tools and prices and service has greatly improved my attitude about buying tools. I am always looking for ways to improve the way I perform on my jobs and believe that good tools are a big part of the quality we strive for.

    Buy the saw, you won't regret it. ... Read more

    16. Bosch 1591EVSK 120-Volt Barrel Grip Handle Jig Saw Kit
    list price: $338.00
    our price: $189.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B00067J3WS
    Catlog: Home Improvement
    Manufacturer: Bosch
    Sales Rank: 113
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan


    • Variable speed trigger for optimal cutting control
    • Precision control design for laser straight cutting
    • One-Touch Blade Change for less downtime
    • Powerful 6.4 amp motor for fast, smooth cutting
    • Barrel grip handle design for increased control and maneuverability

    17. Bosch 4412 12" Dual-Bevel Slide Miter Saw
    list price: $1,242.00
    our price: $629.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B0000719WA
    Catlog: Home Improvement
    Manufacturer: Bosch
    Sales Rank: 784
    Average Customer Review: 4.06 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan Review

    This dual-bevel sliding compound miter saw from Bosch offers as much capacity as possible combined with a host of features that make it easy to work with. It miters 52 degrees to the left and 60 to the right, and it bevels from 0 to 47 degrees in either direction. We really like the front-bevel lock lever on this saw, which eliminates the need to reach around to the back to make bevel changes. The base is 25-1/2 inches long and has sliding extensions on each side that bring the total length up to 40 inches. There's a 4-1/2-by-11-3/4-inch-long sliding fence on each side that allows for cutting crown molding up to 6 inches vertically or up to 10-1/4-inch crown molding laid flat. The saw also has the capacity to cut up to 4-by-12-inch stock at 90 degrees, 4-by-8-1/2-inch stock ata 45-degree miter, and 2-3/4-by-8-1/2-inch stock at a 45-degree miter and a 45-degree left bevel. The four-position rotating handle is another great innovation on this saw. Some people prefer a horizontal handle and others like a vertical or diagonal handle, so Bosch designed this saw to work for everyone. They've also made the lock-off and release buttons ambidextrous out of consideration for lefties. The saw performs as smoothly and accurately as you would expect from a top-of-the-line Bosch tool and it's built to stand up to tough job site conditions. --Brian Trinen ... Read more


    • Also includes premium 60-tooth carbide-tipped blade, dust bag, tool-free clamp and wrench set "
    • Upfront bevel lock lever and range selector knob
    • Multi-position main handle easily locks into any of four positions for optimum comfort and control
    • Large 25-1/2-inch base with built-in sliding extensions, 40-inch total length
    • 15-amp, 3 horsepower motor delivers 3800 rpm

    Reviews (18)

    2-0 out of 5 stars Look closely before you buy
    I sold my DeWalt 12" sliding saw for the Bosch. BIG MISTAKE! I have 6 other Bosch tools that I love. Not this one though...

    This saw looks great on the exterior. However, I was beyond dissapointed when I unpacked it. Here is a list of things that were wrong with the saw: Fences not parallel to each other. 2)Fences not square to table. 3)Sliding fences not flush to fixed fences - not even close... 4) Play in the head assembly - as compared to the Makita and Dewalt. 5) Depth of cut not deep enough. 6) Dust collector (bag) does not work at all - not even a little bit... 7) Most importantly, after the saw was calibrated perfectly to 0 degrees, I found both 45 degree detents to be way off. Again, not even close. (I used two expensive machinists squares to check the saw with.)

    All of the above items are problems which can not be fixed or adjusted by the customer. Most are rooted to the design or manufacturing tools.

    On the plus side, the controls are very well thought out. Every thing is located up front. Beveling past 45 degrees is easy to accomplish. Built in handles make the saw easy to move. The control handle is adjustable to fit what feels comfortable to each user. Tall fences are a nice idea. The crown detents are also a good idea. All nice ideas - unfortunately, however, poor execution on many critical items which I beleive are necessary to a good saw.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Works just fine for me
    Every one is always complaining about the blade movement which it does have a tad bit but it dont move while its running and has never cut a bad cut for me yet. Ive only owned the saw for a month or so. Ive done 1 base molding job then a patio job using it to chop 4 x 6's and 6 x 6's works great by the way on large lumber 1/4in. shy of a complete cut on 6x6's but very impressed with the power to cut 5in deep at a reasonable speed then used it on a crown moulding job and still very accurate. I dont know how well or how long it will hold up to both types of wood working and still remain accurate for percission jobs? Those who say its not accurate probally dont do good work anyways. or they are forcing it and any blade will flex and make a bad cut on any saw Just let the saw do the work and it will prove to be fine!

    4-0 out of 5 stars another users experience
    I, like many other reviewers, make my living using miter saws, so I have tried almost every one available. I chose the Bosch because my experience with their products in the past has been flawless. The thing that first attracted me to this miter saw was the 60 degree miter capacity, which is worth the price of the saw by itself when siding on the gable.
    When I recieved the saw, it had some issues. I would suggest every owner check their fence to be sure it is true(I had the same problem with my Makita). The "uni-fence" design is a great idea, but the manufacturers seem to have a difficult time making them straight. This can be fixed with a little trial and error by clamping across the table and pulling the fence back and forth until it is right. (Don't forget to loosen at least one of the fence bolts, the outside ones are almost impossible to loosen) It doesn't take much force, and the magnesium (I think) has almost no rebound. Once this is fixed, the saw is a champ, but the problem is hard to catch at first. Even a 1/32" gap behind the straghtedge will cause the blade to burn when cutting wide pieces. My saw table also had an alarming ammount of wobble in the table, but tightening the pivot bolt on the underside of the saw helped to correct this some. (Again, there is a fine line, tightness here also makes the table difficult to turn.) The bevel/miter controls are where this saw really stands above any other. They are intuitive and positive. The dual compound feature was a quantem leap in miter saw technology, but most other saws make it cumbersome. This saw makes it really easy. The knob to the left of the lock lever allows positive control and locks the blade square(plumb) if you want it to. Here again, my saw may not work correctly, because it looks like there are 3 positions, but mine only engages 2. Still, it is easy to release, and return to square. I am told that there is a miter detent override, but I haven't discovered it yet (I don't like to read the manual).
    My advice to any potental buyer is to ponder whether you really need the 12" size. When cutting large crown moulding, it really shines, but the larger diameter blade deflects signifigantly more than the 10". This makes the 10" more accurate for most cutting. The 12" blades also cost almost twice as much, and cannot be used for crosscutting on the tablesaw. By all means, buy the Bosch in either size (they have just revamped their 10" to include all these same features). The cutting capacity of the 12" is about 5" x 12", and the 10" is 4" x 12". Either will cut a standard 4x4, and neither will cut a 6x6.

    2-0 out of 5 stars Disapointed
    I seen the Bosch 4412 at the home show in Las Vegas Jan. 04 and could not wait to get home to buy one. I found one at a local tool suppler on Feb 3 and am returning it today Feb 4. The wobble in the blade is totaly unacceptable. I own a trim company in north west Florida and we do high end homes on and near the beach. We could really us a saw with the features that are offered on the 4412 but without the wobble.

    3-0 out of 5 stars Apprehensive buyer
    After falling in love with the Bosch 10" single bevel compound miter saw three years ago, I have been anxiously awaiting the release of this saw. I must admit that after reading all the reports of inferior cuts, I am a little nervous about buying this saw. I am a finish carpenter in Aspen CO, who works on the finest homes, where there is no room for error (which is why I have scrapped my Dewalt, and am buying a new saw). I have looked the saw over at the local hardware store and look forward to using it. But, if it fails to provide a perfect cut, then back it will go! I will write back to rate it after a few months of using it.

    I am writing this in hopes that BOSCH will see their saw through the perspective buyers eyes, and know what's important to them.
    I own several BOSCH tools and love them all and expect the same high standard, precision tool I have enjoyed previously. ... Read more

    18. Bosch 1587AVSP Progressor Top-Handle Jig Saw Kit
    list price: $272.00
    our price: $134.00
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B0000223GF
    Catlog: Home Improvement
    Manufacturer: BOSCH (S-B Powertools)
    Sales Rank: 267
    Average Customer Review: 4.76 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan Review

    Bosch invented the jig saw, and, with their Progressor top-handle model, they're getting close to perfecting it. The Progressor has a nicely shaped handle, tapered where other saws are not, and a nice rubber grip that lets users (of all hand sizes) steer the tool firmly in hand. (Some toolmakers ignore ergonomics, but not Bosch--and we appreciate it.) The safety mechanism works well with the trigger, and the cut is super smooth. We like the variable-speed dial, the light weight, and the foot plate's plastic cover, which ensures that surfaces won't get scratched as they can by saws with metal plates. The blade-change system--if a little tricky at first--works great. No question about it, this jig saw keeps up Bosch's reputation as one of the prime movers in the power tool industry. --Michael Shilling ... Read more


    • 4-Stage orbital action adjusts blade motion - To match workpiece and cutting task
    • Powerful 5 Amp motor, 500-3100 SPM
    • Tool-free blade change system - For fast and easy blade changes
    • Exclusive multi-directional blade clamp mechanism - For superior blade hold
    • Low-vibration design - Ensures extremely smooth operation

    Reviews (79)

    5-0 out of 5 stars A bigger difference than expected
    I'll start by saying I'm a semi-novice woodworker that has made some shelves, bookcases, done some carpentry, but certainly not yet making fine furniture. I've always had a cheap jigsaw, from my fathers to the skil I bought a few years ago. The skil had been annoying me more and more with the blade popping out when bogged down a bit, the blades were thin and it was very hard to keep them from bending on a turn. The base snapped into place and felt very cheap.

    In aggrevation I finally decided to get a real jigsaw, and this was one of the top contenders, had a great price, came with 9 blades, and two nice wolfcraft clamps. While waiting for my order (a consequence of using the free shipping), I kept second guessing the purchase.. I mean, how much better could this jigsaw be, and surely I could make do with the one I had. I finally received the jigsaw, tried it out, and am now a believer!

    Bosch makes a very sturdy product, it feels solid in every sense. I did have a little bit of trouble putting in a blade the first time, but that was because when they said to lift the blade changing knob on top, I gave it a little pull and quit as soon as I felt some resistance, afraid to hurt something. Afterward I realized they meant for you to pull it out with a good tug, and things worked fine after that. Now that I understand, I'll enjoy this blad change system as there is little doubt the blade will stay in place.

    The blades (I have the progressor kit, which came with 9 blades) are very solid, nice blades, and if this is what I can expect from Bosch blades, I'm sold. They cut very smooth and stable, feel very solid, and are very sharp, as my thumb can tell you, trying to force the blade in without the blade changing mechanism engaged.

    The jigsaw has a very nice heft to it, and runs _extremely_ smooth. No vibration at all, which is a major difference from my other jigsaw. It really shocked me the first time I pulled the trigger and didn't feel the slightest jump.

    Let me just say I'm very pleased with this jigsaw, and Bosch has risen very high on my list of preferred brands. I own a lot of colored tools (yellow, grey, black, etc) and this is one of the finest made.. though its not too fair to compare a jigsaw to a circular saw or sander.

    I'll end by saying if you're in the market for a jigsaw, skip the "bargain" brands that will do for now, and buy the only one you'll need for the rest of your life. You won't regret it.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Simply the Best
    I have owned a couple of jigsaws over the years. Neither worked well and therefor I never had much opinion of the jigsaw as tool per se. Frequently, I would reach for my old keyhole saw and work by hand rather than deal with what I thought was an inferior tool. The problem was I just did not have the right jigsaw.

    The Bosch 1587AVSP "Progressor" may quite simply be one of the best tools ever to come off a production line. With the wide assortment of blades included in this kit I have cut through a variety of materials (wood, aluminum, and steel) with the greatest of ease. It has wonderful power and the variable speed allows control in any situation. I will now be reaching for it rather than my circular saw or handsaws.

    A few people have commented that the "clic" blade changing system is tricky. It is true that it is not very intuitive. Nevertheless, after the first three times, the old adage "practice makes perfect" was true again and, it is second nature to me now.

    I read somewhere that, after a good cordless drill, a jigsaw should be the homeowner's second power tool purchase. The price of this saw might seem expensive to someone who plans to use it only occasionally. However, it will pay for itself by increasing productivity and lowering the frustration that will be encountered using lesser saws. If you can fit in your budget, you will not be disappointed in your purchase.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Excellent Jigsaw!
    Two months ago, I bought a Dewalt 318. I was really dissapointed at it. My cuts were unacceptably way off. At first I thought it was the blades(Dewalt)that came with, so I bout u shank Bosch blades but there were no changes in the results. I tried my friends Bosch 1587AVS, and I discovered a big difference in the feel and power. I noticed that the blade changing mechanism were a little cumbersome but I got used to it. Eventually I bought the 1587AVSP, I've used it in many projects in the last 5 months and ever since have been very satisfied. Most people tell me about the superior quality of Bosch all the time and after this tool I was convinced.

    My advice would be to carefully choose your blades. The accuracy of cuts depend a lot on the type of blades used for specific applications.

    4-0 out of 5 stars Blade Change Problem Solved
    While I was aware of others who had experienced blade changing problems, I was ready to admit defeat at getting my first blade installed. Opening the blade lock the 3 turns as the manual directed would not allow the blade/shaft to rotate at all.
    The trick was to open the lock 5 turns and then the blade/shaft rotated easily and then Click-locked as expected. After the first blade exchange, blades could be inserted and locked with only 3 turns. Now the quick release works first time-every time. I gave the Bosch 4 stars due to the flimsy locking lever.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Bosch-Known for Quality
    It's a known fact that Bosch is #1 especially when it comes to Jig Saws and this saw is no exception. This is one great product!! Buy it ... Read more

    19. Bosch 11224VSR 7/8" Pistol Grip SDS Rotary Hammer
    list price: $434.74
    our price: $204.95
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B00006AG7E
    Catlog: Home Improvement
    Manufacturer: Bosch
    Average Customer Review: 4.91 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan


    • 6.9-amp motor delivers 0-1,100 rpm and 0-6,150 bmp
    • D-handle design for extra control
    • Vario-lock chuck allows for user positioning of chisel
    • Reversible rotation for fastening applications

    Reviews (11)

    4-0 out of 5 stars Bosch 11224VSRK
    I bought the 11224VSR to replace my old 11212VSR, which I have owned for about ten years. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the new 11224 is made in Germany, especially since these days so many power tool manufactures are shifting operations to Mexico, China and Taiwan. Even the free promotional SDS-Plus bit set that was included with the kit when I bought it is German made.
    The 6.9 Amp motor and stop-rotation feature make the 11224 excellent for light chipping and scaling with 3/4"or 1-1/2"wide chisels respectively. It is reversible, so it is ideal for installing and removing light to medium duty small masonry fasteners. The 7/8" solid bit capacity gives it the ability to make a hole in concrete large enough for pass 1/2" EMT through. With the available, impact rated 1/2" locking geared chuck adapter, you can use the tool for drilling in wood or metal in the rotation only setting or with standard straight shank percussion masonry bits in the hammer/rotation mode. The adapter is not something that I use all the time but was glad to have had it on several occasions because it kept me from having to stop what I was doing and run out to the truck to grab a regular 1/2" drill just to make a couple of holes in a metal enclosure or 2X floor joist.
    I also use it with the 1-1/8" and larger Bosch thin-wall core bits with an 11-7/8" shank for drilling through ceramic, granite and marble tile floors and poured concrete walls to run conduit and pipe. The Bosch thin-wall core bits are sometimes hard to find locally and are also expensive, but are well worth it because they make very clean holes and substantially increase the capacity of this small hammer.
    In addition, my larger Bosch 1-1/2" spline-drive hammer with a standard heavy-wall core bit just hits to hard and will almost always damage ceramic or expensive granite and marble tiled floors.
    The only thing I don't care for is the plastic storage case that comes with the 11224 hammer. It is flimsy and just lets everything inside fly around.
    It doesn't have the sliding tray for smaller bits up to 6" and separate compartment for longer bits and attachments or the secure latches of the superb metal case made by Merriam Manufacturing that came with my older Bosch 11212. Plastic cases have do their merits and are sometimes superior to metal cases for storage of some power tools but in my opinion, they are generally not a good idea for most rotary hammers, which usually require many different sizes and lengths of bits, attachments and boxes of fasteners to be used and stored with them.
    Other than that one complaint, I feel that the 11224 is easily the best and most versatile 7/8" SDS rotary hammer on the market and would have no problem recommending it to anyone.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Great Tool!
    Great tool! I've used mine for drilling in concrete and wood - and it works superbly for that - but this weekend I used it to chip out some old floor tile and thinset. With a 1 1/2 inch chipping bit the old tile didn't stand a chance, and for taking out the thinset, it was particularly awsome. Key words here are 1) Gets the job done, 2) One tough tool, and 3) Very little vibration.

    1) After a short learning curve, (Attack tile from the corners and where two tiles meet. Attack thinset at 90 degrees to the trowel grooves.) the tile and thinset basically flew off of there.

    2) Tough tool. I ran the tool for about two hours straight before lunch and another two hours straight after lunch with only short breaks to clear debris. It never even whimpered, and was going as strong at the end as when I started. I noticed that it got a little warm, (So what did you expect?) and I kept checking it, but it never overheated. The Bulldog lives up to its name for toughness.

    3) Very little vibration. Of course there is some. It is a hammer-chipper after all. However, for the record, the vibration is minimal - far less than my string trimmer, for example. After four hours working this thing, my hands and arms were never "numb." I was impressed. You can chip all day and not get beat up! The Bulldog is also a comfortable dog.

    The ability to adjust the angle of the bit is a very positive feature. You can adjust it to what ever angle that is most effective or comfortable. The Bulldog is fairly light weight too. It won't wear you out just carrying it around, but it still packs a wallop.

    As I mentioned, drilling with or without the hammer feature is awsome. You can set if for drill only, drill and hammer, or hammer only. This is one 5 star tool!

    Furthermore, the Bulldog is very moderately priced. I learned long ago that cheap tools are no bargain - but good tools at a bargain price are! This is a good tool, and it doesn't cost that much either. By the way, I had another brand rotary hammer - about the same size - that comes dressed in yellow - sold it. This Bosch is leagues ahead of that other one.

    Can it do everything - maybe not, but just about everything. I do have one of those big elephant-like rotary hammers for the REALLY BIG jobs, but 9 times out of 10, I reach for the Bosch Bulldog - and it gets the job done.

    By the way - When using this tool or any other rotary hammer, wear safety glasses, a GOOD dust mask, ear muffs, and gloves. Don't skimp on any of those! I know there are some macho types out there that think that stuff is for wimps. Well listen, Bubba - You ain't bullet proof. The "wimps" will be out there making money while you are in the emergency room or getting fitted for hearing aids. Put on the safety gear! It's extremely important!

    Good tool - quality tool. I like it. and I think you will too.

    06/2004 - Quick edit - I like this tool so much that when the opportunity came along to acquire a used one, I bought it and now have two. Why? Just because it is a great tool, and I can have one in the truck and a back-up at home. JM

    5-0 out of 5 stars 5 ++ You wont find anything Better
    Performance is outstanding. I need to rely on a good rotary hammer so I grab for this tool everytime--no question about it. It's lightweight, fast-drilling and durable! what more do you want.

    5-0 out of 5 stars slabb
    this is not a toy hammedrill like the others are selling. I tried the one's for a hundred dollars less, and returned them all. the bits are great, single purpose and look like they'll last years.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Best tool of this type and size? Maybe
    This is the best tool I have used or owned (Hilti and Milwaukee being the others) for drilling small holes for anchor bolts in concrete. Fairly cheap, lightweight, fast-drilling, not too noisy, durable (shop's model still runs like a champ although heavily used and very ugly), and best of all it's very well damped so it doesn't transmit much vibration to the user.
    One caveat: in case there's anyone else on the planet who would consider using this tool and an SDS chisel bit in stop-rotation mode for quickly defrosting a freezer, be warned it will do that and much more. ... Read more

    20. Bosch 1584AVSK Barrel Grip Jig Saw with Case
    list price: $266.00
    our price: $129.00
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B0000223GD
    Catlog: Home Improvement
    Manufacturer: BOSCH (S-B Powertools)
    Sales Rank: 403
    Average Customer Review: 4.81 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan Review

    This is the barrel-grip version of Bosch's bestselling top-handle 1587 model. Many woodworkers prefer the barrel grip on this model, however, arguing that it's easier to cut scrolls and curves when the saw is pushed forward (as opposed to down). Aside from the difference in grip, this saw is much like its top-handle counterpart: the balance is superb, the 5 amp motor packs plenty of power, the foot plate tilts left and right (up to 45 degrees), and the base retracts for flush cutting. The tool-free blade-changing system also works well. Simply put, this a compact, powerful, well-designed saw--a perfect buy for users who prefer barrel grips. --Jon Groebner ... Read more


    • Exclusive multi-directional blade clamp mechanism - For superior blade hold
    • Adjustable die-cast aluminum footplate
    • Variable speed dial - Match speed to workpiece and task
    • Powerful 5 Amp motor, 500-3100 SPM
    • Tool-free blade change system - For fast and easy blade changes

    Reviews (36)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Great tool - Wish I had owned one earlier
    The Bosch Barrel Grip Jigsaw is an awesome tool. I bought one recently for a project requiring many curved and angled cuts. Having used it for awhile now, I don't know how I got along with out it before. The tool is quiet, has minimal vibration and a lot of power. The barrel grip allows a lot of control and makes it easy to cut straight or curved lines free hand. I find myself picking it up a lot for jobs I used my circular saw for in the past. It is one of the best power tool purchases I have made. The splintering inserts work well for where ultra smooth cuts are required, but with the right blades I have found that they are really not necessary for the vast majority of the cuts I make.

    5-0 out of 5 stars An amazing piece of machinery
    This is a nicely designed instrument. The barrel grip is really comfortable. The blade change system is pretty easy once you figure out the subtle motions needed to insert/remove the blade. This jigsaw cuts really nicely. So far, I've only used it to cut straight rip/cross cuts and it does the job nicely. One feature that would have been nice is a trigger on/off button for the times when you might need to switch it on/off frequently. The other Bosch jigsaw (with the handle grip) has the trigger feature. This jigsaw also comes with a nice carrying case. When I bought this I also received a set of 10 or so blades which allows you to cut, metal, wood, and plastic. I read a lot of reviews before deciding on this jigsaw, and I can see why so many people rave about it.

    2-0 out of 5 stars not the best experience
    I used the bosch with the handle grip before this one and it always scared me. This one has just been so so. Feels like quality but I have had numerous problems. Basically you can only rely on this saw for one thing, making ragged cuts in soft wood. Dont get me wrong, sometimes thats exactly what you need. Some times it will cut straight too but you dont really know till you start because you cant tell if the blade is dull by looking at it unless its very dull.

    I was cutting 1.5 inch oak and the blade would follow the grain not the direction I pointed it. Then after cutting this one peice of oak my blade was dull but I hadnt realized it(or even thought that would happen after one peice of wood) untill I started cutting some plywood. The blade goes wherever the dull side of the blade is. Then trying to cut fiberglass with the fiberglass blade the blade broke instantly on contact with the glass. Then I tried to cut a hole for a electrical socket in my wall and the blade hit something in the back of the wall and the whole mechanism shot out the top. Springs and plastic everywhere. Now maybe I am too hard on the saw but really the saw is just only good for a few things. This is a fringe tool for people with expendable income.

    Im not faulting bosch because the thing seems very solid, it just happens that it doesnt do many things. If I had my money back I would by a sawzall, a good vice and a table jigsaw and just borrow someone elses sabersaw if I had to.

    5-0 out of 5 stars One Sweet Jigger!
    I wasn't even in the market for a new jigsaw - my old Craftsman worked fine for me. Sure it vibrated a little, and sure it was a bit slow cutting and hard to control the speed, and sure the cut would waver a little from top to bottom, but it generally got the job done. Then Bosch came out with the rebate and it got me thinking. I had always had been intrigued with the barrel grip design, and I did think I needed more power, so that incentive was enough to push me over the edge and upgrade.

    I haven't been disappointed. What impressed me first was the smoothness of operation. I had always assumed a reciprocating tool like a jigsaw had to be rough because of the nature of the operation. Somehow Bosch has practically eliminated the vibration in this tool. Then of course, there is the power of the motor that just keeps on chugging at the whatever speed you select. I haven't yet tested it on really tricky curves, but so far that blade support system has worked wonderfully, keeping the blade going straight down and where you point it.

    The barrel-grip vs. the handle-grip is a matter of personal preference, of course, but so far I have enjoyed the b-g design. It seems more versatile for tight spaces, plus your hand has more leverage down close to the action. Unlike a trigger switch, where you just let go, you do have to remember to shut it off when you get to the end of your cut, but that should come with experience.

    Overall, I am quite happly with my purchase. I can't speak for durability, of course, since I just got it, but it looks rugged enough. One thing I know for sure is that I will be having more fun cutting holes from now on!

    5-0 out of 5 stars a believer
    I spent some time reading all the reviews from bosch owners
    and wasn't sure if this was on the level but figured I'd give it a try since I was in the market for a new saw. well this saw made a believer out of me and everything I read about it is true. I've used different brands in the past and this one put them all to shame. wish I had it years ago. ... Read more

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