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    $1,499.99 list($1,699.99)
    1. JET 708663MBK 3 HP Left Tilt Tablesaw
    $499.99 list($799.99)
    2. JET JWL-1236 / 708352 12" Variable
    $1,299.99 list()
    3. JET JWS-25CS / 708322 3HP Woodworking
    $599.99 list($679.00)
    4. JET 708457K / JJ-6CSX 6" Woodworking
    $1,099.99 list($1,499.99)
    5. JET 708529 / JWP-15CS 15" Wood
    $349.99 list($500.00)
    6. JET JBOS-5 / 708404 Benchtop Oscillating
    $499.99 list($800.00)
    7. JET 708626RCK DC-1100 1-1/2 HP
    8. JET 710115K 14" Deluxe Woodworking
    $749.99 list($829.00)
    9. JET 708300K / JWTS-10CW2-JF 10"
    $1,799.99 list($2,021.00)
    10. Jet 708752/JWBS-20 20" Woodworking
    $1,099.99 list($1,639.00)
    11. JET JJ-8CS / 708458K 8" Woodworking
    $1,349.99 list($1,521.00)
    12. JET 708778K/JWSS-10SPFX Supersaw
    $89.99 $64.95 list($229.00)
    13. Columbian 33036 36-Piece Carbide
    $1,399.99 list($1,650.00)
    14. JET 708662XK JTAS-10XL-30 Cabinet
    $269.99 list()
    15. Incra MITER5000 Sled
    $1,499.99 list($0.00)
    16. JET 708663PK / JTAS-10XL50-W1
    $1,199.99 list($1,389.00)
    17. JET BD-920N / 321373 Bench Lathe
    $1,499.99 list($0.00)
    18. JET 708715PK / JTAS-10X50-W1 3
    $499.99 list($571.00)
    19. Jet 708634CK/DC-1200CK Dust Collector
    $59.99 list($69.99)
    20. JET 708118/JMB-UMB Heavy-Duty

    1. JET 708663MBK 3 HP Left Tilt Tablesaw with 50" Fence Premier Fence and Mobile Base
    list price: $1,699.99
    our price: $1,499.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B00064NGUG
    Catlog: Home Improvement
    Manufacturer: WMH Tool Group
    Sales Rank: 768
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan


    • Miter Gauge Included
    • 3HP Left Tilt 50" Premier Fence
    • Free Mobile Base
    • 27"x40" Cast Iron Table
    • Hinged Motor Cover

    2. JET JWL-1236 / 708352 12" Variable Speed Wood Lathe with Stand
    list price: $799.99
    our price: $499.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B00006ANS3
    Catlog: Home Improvement
    Manufacturer: JET
    Sales Rank: 812
    Average Customer Review: 4.09 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan Review

    To woodworkers who know the reputation of Jet products, the merit of this 12-inch variable-speed lathe should come as no surprise. Start with the guts of any tool, the motor. Prewired for 115 volts and fully encased in a metal housing for longer life, its 3/4-horses turn material at 500 to 3,000 rpm, depending on which of the six speeds you select. The cast-iron lathe bed, headstock, and tailstock provide superior vibration dampening and durability, while the heavy-gauge steel components and stand give rigid support. Pivoting 90 degrees for outboard turning of up to 16-1/2 inches on larger projects, the MT-2 headstock protects a Reeves drive pulley system with which we made quick and easy speed changes. Down on the other end, the hollow tailstock allows for longer hole bores and houses a live center, a luxury standard on all Jet lathes not found in much of the competition.

    You'll love the versatility that comes with 34-1/2 inches between working centers and a 12-inch swing capability over the bed (8-3/4 inches over the tool-rest base). All adjustments, whether extending the ram its full 2-1/4 inches or sliding the 12-inch tool rest, move fluidly and clamp down tight with little effort. Designed for use over the long haul, this tool has all the qualities professional woodworkers demand. --Justin Paul ... Read more


    • Pivoting headstock for outboard turning
    • 3/4 hp single phase motor
    • Six speed 550 to 3,000 RPM
    • 34-1/2-inch work distance between centers
    • Reeves drive plley system for quick speed changes

    Reviews (11)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Best lathe for the money
    After a great deal of research, and speaking to countless people in the wood turning community, I decided to purchase the Jet 1236. I'm extremely happy with nearly every aspect of the lathe from it's quality, to it's easy of use. It's a pleasure to work with and it's very stable. Admittedly, I built a very solid base to attach the lathe to, but I'd rather be safe than sorry. The instruction manuel, without a doubt, is the weak link in the system but easily gotten around. The switch could be in a better location but, in my opinion, not a big problem.

    The beginners "Pen Turning Kit", with two tools, was an added feature which was very nice to have. Again, for the money, you can't go wrong with this lathe and you also have the well respected JET name.

    4-0 out of 5 stars Another Great tool form Jet
    I purchased my Jet lathe when it went on sale at Woodworkers warehouse before they closed, And as many other have just for the fun of it I had no jobs line up for it at first but boy it was a great buy. As a starter on the lathe I cant not find one complant with this product. Do you have to weigh it down? well that is all on how much you are turning but when you have to place wood across the supports and toss what every you have that has weight on it. no problem. I have to say for the money Jet did Good on this one. (to any one who is thinking about turning, try it you wont be sorry ) As for your Turning Set besure to shop around the best price is not always the best package. I got my lathe with the Turning chisels and face sheild which in the long run ran me cheaper to get as a package. it may be cheaper for you as well. 4 stars being I got what I paid for.

    5-0 out of 5 stars A good value, "some assembly required"!
    The lathe is an execelent value at $399. The manual leaves a lot to be desired. The lathe stand needs to be reinforced. I used four eight foot long 2"x 6" lumber and a bunch of plywood. What to do to make it more stable:
    1 Go to the website and look up the manual for the 1236's replacement, JWL1442. It will give you much more information than whats in the 1236 manual;
    2 Build a shelf on the brackets with two 2x6s;
    3 Bolt the bottom of the stand to two 2x6 stringers on the floor with cross bracing between the stringers ;
    4 Build up the the sides with plywood;
    5 Add weight to the stringers with either sand, cement, or bricks; (There is a photo of the 1236 lathe in R. Raffan's book TURNING WOOD, second edition. It has six bags of concrete on the shelf to stabilize it.)
    6 You will need a bunch of 1/4" or 5/16" bolts or lag bolts the fasten all the reinforcements together;

    Once you have stiffened up the stand you will have a very good lathe. The motor does not draw enough electrical current to compromise your home's wiring. It also includes a pen making kit including two tools, pen kits, wood, glue, finish, and a book on making pens. You can start turning as soon as you put the lathe together.

    4-0 out of 5 stars Best Under $1000 Lathe
    I got this lathe just in time to take advantage of the Thanksgiving Day weekend and had a blast. This is my second lathe, and it is head and shoulders above the earlier one. Solidly built and very heavy. Due to lack of space in my shop, I mounted the lathe to a large bench rather than the included stand, so I had to remove the power switch from the leg of the stand and mount it on the bench leg.

    I am amazed at how smooth and quiet this lathe runs. Due to the type of turning I do, I was concerned that the slowest speed was going to be too fast, but the lathe is rock steady spinning a very unbalanced turning blank at the slow speed.

    Though the instruction manual could have been clearer, setup was quick, easy, and straight forward.

    If I could change anything about this lathe it would be to add a detent to the speed control between the slowest speed and the next faster one. I would also add an electromagnetic power switch for safety and place it in a more convenient location.

    Oh, and I split it into two boxes for shipping. Since it was easier for me to pick it up from the freight company than to arrange a delivery time with somone home, I had them hold it at the loading dock for me to pick up. They used a pallet jack to load it onto my truck, and I had to unpack the box to unload it. I was, however, able to lift it up onto the bench alone.

    3-0 out of 5 stars Misleading Ad
    I ordered my lathe from the current Toolcrib catalog which offers a bonus which states "Includes a wood turning set, a $99.99 value". This implies that a set of chisels are being offered. Do not believe it. When my order arrived I found a pen turning kit,which was of little value to me. Chisels I needed and had to order a set costing $103.89 .Jet apparently does'nt know the diffence between a set and a kit. Now you do. ... Read more

    3. JET JWS-25CS / 708322 3HP Woodworking Shaper

    our price: $1,299.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B00005A3GV
    Catlog: Home Improvement
    Manufacturer: JET
    Sales Rank: 10505
    Average Customer Review: 5 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan


    • 8,000/10,000 rpm
    • Uses 1/2" and 3/4" spindle bits
    • Powerful 3 hp, single-phase motor
    • 25-by-18-inch solid cast-iron table
    • 4" dust port

    Reviews (1)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Great Shaper!!
    I recently purchased the Jet JWS-25Cs and could not be more happy with the product, pleanty of power!! Setup was easy, no surprises. Fence system is solid. Comes with 1/2 and 1/4 router bit collets. Spindle changes are relatevely easy. Unfortunately you need to open the rear access door to make spindle changes, I wish they designed it to be done from the side access panel to avoid, in my case, having to move the machine away from the wall to open the rear door. I have heard some comments about router bits not working well in shapers because router bits are designed to spin faster. I can tell you that I tried several router bit and they work just fine at the 10,000 rpm setting. ... Read more

    4. JET 708457K / JJ-6CSX 6" Woodworking Jointer
    list price: $679.00
    our price: $599.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B00006ANS5
    Catlog: Home Improvement
    Manufacturer: JET
    Sales Rank: 4433
    Average Customer Review: 4.22 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan Review

    When it comes to jointers, there aren't a lot of differences among the leaders in the market. Like other manufacturers, Jet uses heavy-duty cast iron in the fence, jointer base, and infeed/outfeed tables and offers a three-blade drum and built-in 4-inch dust port. Their design, however, features a couple of innovations that changed our "jointers are jointers" mindset. While the infeed tables in other models can only be raised or lowered with a rod or lever system, this machine's design allows you to adjust both of the feed tables by rotating smooth, industrial-style hand wheels. This feature lends itself to easier tapers and gives you more control when you need to take off precise measurements, like 1/64 of an inch, a setting that can frustrate woodworkers lifting the arms up or down on other machines. The fence glides extremely smoothly throughout its range of motion and tilts both ways, but, where other brands offer fixed stops only at 45 and 90 degrees, Jet's jointer adjusts to quickly reproduce multiple cuts at any angle you find necessary. Driven by a 4,850 rpm, 1-horsepower induction motor completely encased in a welded steel stand, this jointer comes prewired for 115-volt outlets and can be converted to run off 230-volt sources. As a final touch, Jet designed the industrial start switch with holes behind the button for locking with a readily available Master Lock to keep coworkers or family members safe from accidental injury. --Justin Paul ... Read more


    • Built-in ledge for cutting rabbets
    • 1 hp, single-phase, 115/230-volt motor
    • 46-inch cast-iron bed with precision-machined finish ensures accuracy
    • Fence tilt two ways and features 90- and 45-degree positive stops
    • Easy-to-use handwheels accurately adjust the infeed and outfeed tables

    Reviews (32)

    4-0 out of 5 stars Excellenter Jointer for the money
    I purchased this Jointer a week ago and rec'd it yesterday and promptly began setting it up. I run a small custom furniture and cabinet business and rely on quality equipment to complete each job. I'm a fan of both Jet and Delta machinery and own some of each so it was a tough decision on which unit to purchase. With the little testing that I've done thus far the Jet performs very well and I'm quite satisfied with my choice. My decsion towards the Jet was merely due to price and the features of having the hand wheels on the front vs. underneath the table. Other factors were the favorable reviews both on and magazine reviews.
    Some features that I see could improve upon this tool would be a rack & pinion fence (the fence slide is not overly smooth) and the power buttons should be mounted above the table such as with the Delta. I'm not complaining as I was fully aware of all features before making my decision. If you're looking for a good quality Jointer then by all means this will satisfy your needs and I would recomend it to anyone. The only real downside is that an extra set of knives was not included but I would suggest replacing the stock ones with a set of Freud knives.

    3-0 out of 5 stars Good but flawed
    I recently bought my new Jet JJ-CSX jointer. The fit and finish were excellent. I had chosen this model over the comparible Delta model. I liked the front adjustment wheels and the positive stops at 45 and 90 degress. This model was fairly easy to set up but I was missing some parts (screws) and had to call and have them shipped. I still have not received them. The tool performs well and the motor is very quiet and has plenty of guts to go thru some very hard lumber. The bad part is the snipe on almost every cut. All in all it is a fairley good tool and worth the money.

    4-0 out of 5 stars Fine little jointer
    I researched 6" jointers and narrowed my search to the Delta or the Jet.

    There's some disagreement as to the best way you adjust the tables and people have there favorite way to adjust the table and I listen to both arguments. I thought from the outset that I'd hate the lever and love the wheels.

    The wheels on the Jet provide more precision while the Deltas lever seems more hit or miss, perhaps like having to tap a table saw fence in order to creep up on the adjustment.
    When I went to try these two for myself I found the Delta to be extremely easy and smooth. Surprisingly accurate. I guess that may account for why many high-end jointers use a lever. The Jets wheels seem almost like a silly gimick in comparision. It's my personal first reaction when I tried them both, quite contrary to what I first assumed. I'm not saying there's a destinct advantage although it may seem so. It's my personal preference. Also note, that usually you leave the tables alone once you get them set.

    Also, I originally liked the rack and pinion fence on the Delta. It's also higher than the Jets, but I haven't had any trouble at all with the Jet fence at all. I may have heard that the Delta fence might wear along part of the bed as you adjust it. With the Jets you have to lift it when you adjust it so you're not dragging it across the bed. That's actually a quicker action to perform. If you're joining edges you should move the fence to different positions across the cutter occasionally so you don't wear the blade in one set position.
    The only benefit I could see with having this rack and pinion is sneaking up on a rabbet cut. Maybe the Rack and pinion fence looks more substantial, perhaps it's more solid if memory serves me.

    Then there's the switch mounted higher on the Delta which I thought was a nice feature especially since I'm tall. Rather than the low cabinet switch on the Jet which seems very low.

    When I finally saved up my money to buy a jointer I planned on going with Delta by a slim margin.
    The Delta wasn't in stock and I was offered the Jet for $50 less plus a $50 rebate for buying the mobile base so I purchased it.

    Assembly was very easy. the beds are heavy and you don't want to bang this around so it's to your advantage to get some help. Admittedly I did it all myself very carefully.
    The beds were perfectly aligned with one another, no twist or bows. The motor is smooth, quiet with good power and no vibration.
    Set up and alignments we're equally easy. My machine moved within the mobile base and I was taking only 1/16 - 1/32 cuts. It's the length of the board across the table and that downward push that can suddenly make that machine feel light when you actually use it. If I had the room or the extra money I think a nice 8" would provide enough heft as to overcome that but since I have niether here I am. If you can bolt it down permenantly that of coarse will take care of that. I've have learned to overcome this tendency on the mobile base, but it is a factor I have to be aware of when I'm joining.

    Overall, I've used this machine so much now that i have wondered how I could have gone so long without it. It's been terrific.
    So would I haved rather purchased the Delta now?
    Some of the features that I once obsessed about aren't an issue once I began gaining practical experience using this machine and gained familiarity with all of its functions.
    I saved some money as well, so no regrets.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Excellent Product
    Shipping and packing were perfect. Machine was almost ready to go right out of the box. Instructions were easy to read and understand. A little cleaning with some kero, some minor adjustments to square the fence and set the infeed and outfeed tables and the machine was operating. Fit and finish were very good. What a joy to operate. Quite, smooth and the results are second to none. Highly recommend this machine to anyone considering purchasing a jointer.

    5-0 out of 5 stars So far, great edges
    I bought this unit to replace a Delta X5 that had too many problems out of the box including a bad motor. The Jet instantly gave me a better feeling as I unpacked and assembled it. The machine was much cleaner and the finish much better than the Delta. The cuts were as good if not better than the Delta. Overall, the Jet was a better machine all around for me. ... Read more

    5. JET 708529 / JWP-15CS 15" Wood Planer with Enclosed Stand
    list price: $1,499.99
    our price: $1,099.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B00006ANS6
    Catlog: Home Improvement
    Manufacturer: JET
    Sales Rank: 3978
    Average Customer Review: 4.4 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan Review

    So you've found an entire block of condemned Victorian houses, and the mayor has given you exclusive rights to the flooring in exchange for--oh, let's just say--a bit of support in his re-election campaign. With that still two years off, the only problem facing you now is removing the random pits, warps, and other blemishes of this salvage-lumber gold mine. For professional tasks that mock portable planers' capabilities, Jet's 15-inch enclosed-stand model gives you smooth surfaces as long as you keep it fed. Powered by a completely enclosed, 3-horsepower induction motor, it efficiently converts 230 volts into 13,500 cuts per minute at 4,500 rpm. The positive gear drive system adjusts depth quickly, and, with its smooth-cranking hand wheel, you can slice up to 1/8 of an inch off boards as large as 15 inches wide and 6 inches thick. Infeed and outfeed tables use three industrial steel rollers each to ensure smooth transfer from the planer's nonslip serrated intake all the way through the knives. You'll appreciate features like the smaller return rollers on top for handling large planks and the magnetic safety switch that prevents the machine from automatically turning on after power outages. Set on four heavy-duty, cam-lock casters, it easily rolls into position and stays where you place it. Go on and take the offer to gut those houses this year. --Justin Paul ... Read more


    • Two steel work return rollers on top of the machine to make transferring your work back easier
    • Powerful 3 HP totally enclosed fan cooled motor, 3 v-belt delivers full power with magnetic switch
    • Steel feed rollers, serrated infeed and smoother outfeed, allow for 1/8" depth of cut
    • Cutterhead features jackscrews with springs to make knife adjustments easy and accurate
    • Exclusive 4" dust port angled to the side designed for efficient chip removal and to keep the dust hose out of the way of your work

    Reviews (5)

    4-0 out of 5 stars Only game in town
    It is probably known to many woodworkers that virtually all the Taiwanese 15" planers are made in one factory, Chiu Ting. This is really a critique of the generic Chiu Ting planer design, which dominates its price niche. I have a JWP-15HO, purchased in the mid-90s, and I have rebuilt a Grizzly 20" Chiu Ting damaged in a shop fire. During the rebuild, the quality of the castings and machining impressed me greatly. Chiu Ting is a conscientious manufacturer.

    The Jet gives a very good finish, virtually no snipe, the power of the 3HP motor is entirely adequate, the knife-setting gauge works well, and the owner's manual is good. Jet has a reputation for having a slightly better cutterhead design than some of its competitors, and that was the main reason I chose this particular brand. The knives are forced down against spring pressure by the setting jig, and then bottom out against elevating screws. We have all had the experience of knives squirming when we tighten the gib screws, and the Jet knives will do that, but at least only in one direction, up. It's not a perfect system, but better than most. The planer arrived in perfect condition, and set up at the factory so closely to specifications that I didn't have to change a thing.

    The generic faults are these: one rotation of the elevating handle raises the table 5/64, which is nonintuitive for American woodworkers used to some even-numbered multiple of 1/8. Chip exhaust has to be quite powerful---I use a dedicated 700 CFM dust collector---and even then sometimes chips will fall ahead of the outfeed roller and dent the finished surface. Big chips easily wedge behind the bed rollers and will score the stock. The switch location interferes with hand access to one table lock, tho I have obtained good results not using the table locks at all. When the dust collector hood is attached, in order to access the cutterhead expeditiously, the outfeed return roller really has to be removed permanently.

    Were I to purchase a Chiu Ting again, I would choose a brand with a polyurethane outfeed roller, and I would be watching for further improvements in the cutterhead ergonomics. Long-term, I am curious how these Taiwanese motors stand up, in particular the starter switches. I gave four stars because this machine needs attentiveness and resourcefulness to do the job. It's simply not in the same realm as an old Powermatic or Delta wedge-bed.

    5-0 out of 5 stars For serious amateurs
    All of the previous reviews here are accurate. I love mine and really appreciate having the extra set of blades. Manual is confusing in advising the use of 50 wt. gear oil after 25 hours of use. What they mean is transmission oil used in 4 wheelers or 4 wheel Drives. Blades are easy to set. Thickness gauge is useless. Get calipers, dust collector, and hearing protection.
    Have two or three friends to help unload the 500 lb. crate. Once on the ground and in place they can go home so you can be alone with your new friend. JET help line is very helpful and will bend over backwards to advise and make it right. Take the time to set it up correctly so you learn what all the adjustments can do.

    4-0 out of 5 stars Easy Setup
    I reviewed both the Delta and the Jet. The main reason for deciding on Jet was how easy it was to access the blades. The blades are easily gotten to with "no motor in the way". Blades can easily be remove and replaced within 15 minutes, including setup.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Excellent!
    I've had this tool for about 5 years. It has been flawless. The construction is rock-solid. The tool came shipped on a pallet enclosed in a wood crate. It was perfect right from the box and required only minor assembly.

    It has plenty of power even when planing 15" wide hardwood boards. Unlike the portable planers I've used, this one planes boards smooth without snipe. The built-in wheels inside the enclosed base make it easy to move around and the brake makes it stay put when you want it to.

    Buy this tool with confidence. I am very fussy and I love this tool.

    4-0 out of 5 stars Good, Powerful, Reliable
    As a furniture builder, a clean board is essential. I rely on this machine more than I imagined I would. It is a stable in my shop, and gets many hours of rough use. I have never had a problem with it. Here are the issues: You will need to wire in a 220V circuit. I put in a 30A breaker and a 12 guage wire, to USA wiring code. If you buy one, plan on having it delivered with a pallet jack, because it comes in a large 500+ lb box. Don't plan on turning it on immediately, you'll have to calibrate it. Buy a micrometer, you'll need it to adjust the intake feed roller, blades and eject roller. The instruction book shows how to make a calibration block, but it is just not accurate enough to eliminate feed roller marks in softwood. Get yourself a good steel straight edge to adjust the table feed rollers, they'll put a dent in your cut if not adjusted correctly. It took me about an hour to setup, but it is worth it. Calibration is easy, just takes a while. It makes consistent cuts, but the height guage is worthless. You better plan on measuring height some other way, I use calipers. Estimate how far to turn the table height? Try VooDoo or a fortune-teller. The blades dull quickly (not Jet's fault) and when they do, you'll chip instead of cut. It is a good planer, very stable, three belts keep the blades cutting through even the toughest hardwoods. You MUST have a dust collector (I have the Jet DC-1100 - works great, plenty of debris storage), without one, the machine will clog. BTW: The Powermatic is the same saw, just a finer buffed steel your money and get the Jet. ... Read more

    6. JET JBOS-5 / 708404 Benchtop Oscillating Spindle Sander
    list price: $500.00
    our price: $349.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B00005A3GW
    Catlog: Home Improvement
    Manufacturer: JET
    Sales Rank: 2830
    Average Customer Review: 4.47 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan Review

    JET's stated goal for this tool was to design the best spindlesander on the market, and point by point the company has succeededthrough better innovation rather than cost cutting. First, thisbenchtop model is double the weight of others on the market and has a1/2-horsepower motor versus the 1/4-horsepower motors found elsewhere.This means larger pieces won't bog down and the machine will runsmoother. Two excellent design improvements are the relocated andsealed on/off switch (to prevent dust infiltration) and shelves whereyou can insert and store your five complete spindles. All JET motorsare totally enclosed and fan-cooled to prevent overheating and dustinfiltration. This translates to longer motor life and less risk of afire hazard than open motor housing--very important in such a dustyoperation. This sander also has a sealed grease box around theoscillation mechanism for dust protection and longer life. Theprecision-ground table tilts to 45 degrees and accepts a modifiedinsert for angles. Other inserts have air holes to improve dustcollection through the 2-inch dust port. While JET shop tools are oftensold as price leaders, this one leads with quality instead, and whilethe price may be higher than other spindle sanders, you get more tool.Sometimes bells and whistles really are worth the money. --NancyGleason ... Read more


    • Non-skid rubber feet prevents the unit from slipping
    • Table that tilts to 45 degrees for sanding angled materials
    • 1/2-horsepower motor accommodate even the heaviest sanding project
    • 1-inch spindle delivers scratch-free finish
    • Oscillating action prolongs the sleeve life

    Reviews (17)

    3-0 out of 5 stars Good Sander For The Money
    I just received my Jet benchtop sander along with my Jet 16 1/2 drill press last week from Tool Crib. Overall, I think Jet's 1/2 hp sander is pretty good. Set-up was easy and the overall fit and finish was good.

    My table top seemed to be mounted on a little crooked. There's no way to adjust for that I guess. I didn't have a problem getting the table square with the spidle though...the most important thing of all. I wish the table was a little bigger, too.

    Overall, it's a nice package if you don't want to spend twice as much and don't wan't the heavier floor model. I was going to but the $X BOSS spindle sander, but it's only 1/4 HP and can bog down pretty quickly. The Jet is definitely worth the extra $X.

    4-0 out of 5 stars Great Sander!
    I got my sander about 3 weeks ago, and I've used it a lot. It's very heavy and doesn't move around like I had feared. It does an excellent job. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars was that it required complete disassembly and had to have the table shimmed on one side so that the spindle would be square to the table in the x plane of the table. You can adjust the angle and the zero stop from front to back, but there's no adjustment from side-to-side. You might think this is not important, but if you're sanding a tall piece (like a bandsawn box, for instance), you'll find that you're sanding more at the bottom than at the top, or vice versa. Once I took the thing apart and put the paper shims under the left side, it was dead on, and has remained so.

    The other "adjustment" I had to make was to beat the cast top flat with a soft mallet. It was bowed in the middle. It didn't take a lot of "whacks" to straighten it out, and now it's flat, but again, this is one reason I didn't give this sander 5 stars. Not many people would ever check a sander meant to sand curves for flatness of the top, but when sanding tall pieces, it's important.

    Once shimmed and properly beaten with a mallet, this is a fine tool! ;-)

    It's not clearly stated anywhere, but the motor is an induction motor, and is very quiet. I was afraid I'd end up with a universal motor (e.g., a router motor) and have a noisy machine, but such is not the case.

    If you're sanding small, flat pieces, the adjustment I spoke of will not be an issue with you.

    Overall, I really like this machine. It's powerful, heavy, and quiet. I'm glad I opted to buy this machine rather than spend ...additional [money] on its big brother, the floor model.

    I compared this sander to the Delta Boss, a comparable model from Bridgewood, and Ridgid. I liked this one as well as any.

    4-0 out of 5 stars Off Center
    I received this sander and all went well until I put a spindel on it. It was touching on the right side,as some other reviews reported. A quick call to Jet and they told me there were some of the castings bent in shipping and upon checking what they told me to I found on the right side it was out of shape. They are shipping me both sides of the bracket that holds the table on. It look more to me like a casting problem than a bent in shipping one. I give it a three stars for this reason. If the castings solve the problem I think it will be a very reliable product. I have squared it front to back and tried a small spindel. Very quiet and seems to have plenty of power. I would have rated it higher had it not been for the bent casting. Maybe higher later,after seeing how Jet service performs.
    6/03/2004 After sending the first model back,I have received a second one that was square right from the box. I still give a 4 star because of being off square on the first one. However I have to compliment the service from Amazon on getting a second one here in good time,and very good service on the return!

    3-0 out of 5 stars Who knows?
    This might be a great sander, but it's hard to tell. I read all of the reviews, did my due diligence and decided on this sander despite it's relatively high price. The reason I can't tell has to do with a product defect. When I removed the sander from the box and installed the largest spindle, I noticed that the spindle wasn't centered in the table insert. It was just touching the edge on one side. When I turned the sander on, it rubbed against the insert, ruining the sanding sleeve. There is no way to adjust the table and center the spindle- other than completely removing the table and attempting to bend the support legs. I tried to shim the table, but it threw the spindle out of square with the table. I guess I could return it to Amazon- their reputation is good, but why should I have to do that for a "high-end" product. Repacking the sander, hauling it off to UPS, and waiting for the replacement is too much to think about. For $50 more I could have purchased the new Grizzly 1hp floor model with built in disc sander. My only other experience with Grizzly (A 6" jointer) was positive. I remember also another reviewer here mentioning a table problem.
    Caveat Emptor- Let the buyer beware!!

    5-0 out of 5 stars It's a Sweetheart Deal
    This sander kicks. I got the first one, and for some reason, the motor was off center, so it was much closer to the edge of one of the rings. It must have been an assembly problem. It's brand new, so rather than fuss with it, I called Amazon, and they promptly sent a replacement. That is why I deal with Amazon. On to the new sander.
    This is a heavy, approx 80 pound, cast iron top, benchtop sander. The cast iron top is rock solid, smooth, straight, and even all the way across it's ground polished surface. I'm a critical nut, use a dial caliper to measure things, use the Incra table saw fence, which is accurate to within .002" inch. So when I talk about this Jet sander, keep that in mind.
    Right out of the box, I used the Bosch digital protractor (another highly recommended item) which measures angles in tenths of a degree. (Equal to 3600 dots in a circle), and the spindle was accurate to within 7/10ths of one degree at the most extreme angle, and within 1 or 2/10ths of a degree at the others. So you could say right out of the box it was not off by even one degree. The best you can expect to get for measuring an upright metal shaft, with an expandable thick rubber tube, designed to squash out to hold a circular sleeve of sandpaper. For all intents and purposes, that it dead on. :-)
    This does not pertain to the built in rule, you use to set the top to 90 degree, 45 degrees, or whatever tilting angle you may choose. After you perfectly set the top with any 90 degree square, it is advisable to loosen the setting screw, and fine adjust the pointer. See mention of this farther into the review.
    It would be a lot easier to simply say, this Jet Benchtop Oscillating Spindle Sander is perfectly dead on, but then again, perfect is a relative term. I hope your having as much fun reading this review, as I am writing it. :=)
    So what about the rest of the machine. I wouldn't bother buying anything more powerful. The 1/2HP induction motor found in the base, is a direct drive, with more than enough power to sand rock wood. I mated it on top of a Sears, very inexpensive, two shelf, red, metal, roll around cart. Lots of room for the sander, at a nice height. Also plenty of room, or extras, like the 3" optional drum and insert ring, the wrenches, and whatever amount of sanding tubes, you may need storage for. The lower shelf has even more storage. At the risk of sounding vain, the creme white Jet, with black and red accents, looks great on the matching red color stand. With the roll around wheels, it makes a lot of use for a little bit of dollars. It is Sears least expensive.
    Back to the sander. You will want to take out a square, and set the table top to exactly 90 degrees to the spindle, then loosen the holding screw to the pointer, and precisely point it to the 90 degree mark on the built in rule. In doing so, and moving it to the 45 degree mark on the rule, by tilting the table, it was a dead on 45 when measuring. So the rule is accurate, once set.
    The nitty gritty is that this sander is quiet, smooth, plenty of power for sanding edges, even on stacked hardwoods. It has multiple spindle sizes included. The little ones are not meant to lean on, (they go that fine) so if you are trying to remove stock quickly, choose the larger shaft sizes. I do recommend getting the optional 3" spindle, and insert ring, to maximize the smoothness and evenness of sanding larger surfaces.
    I look at this as a lifetime tool. No need to buy a much more expensive floor standing model.
    One note on cleaning the top. The manufacturer advises you to clean the cosmolene off of the top with kerosene, and a paper towel. Cast iron rusts just by looking at it, so they protect it for shipping. Anything like a solvent with totally eliminate any surface protection at all. In that condition, even the humidity in the air with start microscopic rusting. Not only does Jet advise you to clean it off with kerosene (which is an oil based product), they then advise you to wax the top.
    If I had to be critical of the unit, I would say the one disadvantage of a benchtop unit, is that you have to limit the table top size, to prevent tipping over when using larger stock. The Jet JBOS-5 has sufficient top surface to meet my needs, but ever since I installed a large side, and outfeed table on the table saw, I am sensitive to the advantages of larger outfeed tables. One could be built and added onto the benchtop model, and give you more surface than the floor models.
    All in all, with this kind of solid construction and performance, and price, this is the sweetheart deal. Highly recommended. ... Read more

    7. JET 708626RCK DC-1100 1-1/2 HP Dust Collector with Canister Filter and Remote Control 1100 CFM
    list price: $800.00
    our price: $499.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B00064NG2O
    Catlog: Home Improvement
    Manufacturer: WMH Tool Group
    Sales Rank: 3774
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan


    • 4- and 6-inch diameter dust inlets for optimal 1- or 2-hose (respectively) dust collection
    • Quick-connect collection bags with elastic band for easy installation--no straps required
    • Industrial-quality motors and construction stand up to years of wood chip and sawdust collection
    • Single-stage design for economical, quiet operation
    • Powerful single-phase and three-phase motors are permanently lubricated, totally enclosed, fan-cooled, and rated for continuous duty for unsurpassed durability and longevity

    8. JET 710115K 14" Deluxe Woodworking Bandsaw
    list price: $599.99
    our price: $599.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B0000C6DYJ
    Catlog: Home Improvement
    Manufacturer: JET
    Sales Rank: 1540
    Average Customer Review: 4.2 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan


    • 2-inch dust port
    • Closed stand
    • 1-1/4hp motor
    • Blade guides
    • Quick change tension release

    Reviews (5)

    5-0 out of 5 stars hassle with part replacement
    When I received and assembled the bandsaw, the table had a slight crown. I called Amazon and requested a replacement table, they said one would be sent. However, when checking the tracking of the shipment, it was apparent they had shipped a complete saw. Instead of an item UPS could have left on my doorstep, I had to make arrangements to leave work early to accept delivery of the saw as it was coming freight. Amazon wanted the original saw ready to return when the new one was delivered, however, that would have required complete disassembly of the original saw. Also, the original boxes had been discarded. Amazon then said to just have the freight driver wait while the new saw was unpacked, the part removed, and then repacked, something that is unreasonable to ask a freight company to wait for. The freight company agreed to make another stop once everything was repacked. This required another afternoon spent in order to ship it back.

    Overall, I'm not sure the savings in purchase price was worth all the extra time and hassle.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Wonderful Saw
    Got my saw a couple of weeks ago. My son (age 14) and I were able to put the saw together, including installing the Riser Block, in less than two hours. In another 30 minutes the saw was pretty well tuned and we were cutting boards!

    The saw appears to be very well made. It is solid, and has almost no vibration when running. It is also very quiet, which was a pleasant surprise. The quick-release blade tensioner is also a VERY welcome addition.

    We have been working on a number of small projects as well as playing around with resawing and some thicker hardwoods. The saw has never bogged down or hesitated (as long as the feed rate is reasonable). The 1 1/4 hp motor is adequate for all that I have tried to do.

    The only suggestion I have is to invest in high-quality blades - the Timberwolf blades make a HUGE difference when resawing.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Rock Solid Band Saw
    I got my band saw a few weeks ago and I have been using it since then. I have to say, that I am very impressed with the quality of the build and the parts. This is a rock solid band saw and every piece of it yells quality. It comes in two big and heavy boxes and you need to assemble it yourself. In my case, it is not a big deal and to some degree, I even prefer to do it, so that I can get a good look at all the parts and details. I ordered the saw with the 6" riser block, the rip fence and roller bearings. It took a few hours to put it together, since I had to build a sturdy platform for it, to mount it on a mobile rack. But once that was taken care of, everything else moved pretty quickly and following the instructions, I put all the parts together and I was in business. I ended up with a saw that stands almost 7' tall and I can easily resaw 12" wide stock. I did some tests with 2x10 stock and I could produce very nice and thin layers. The dust port on the saw is a 4" port and it utilizes a design that I have seen on old Rockwell saws. Overall I am happy with the purchase and would recommend the saw to anybody looking for a nice and powerful band saw. (...)

    5-0 out of 5 stars I'm so Impressed
    Excellent band saw. I have several hours of work on my saw and I paid close attention to several items.

    The blade guides were important for me because without good blade guides I find the quality of curves to suffer.

    The blade itself stays very cool. I cut 14 intricate pieces of work for a project that took me about 30 minutes to complete and the blade was still cool to the touch. This is important to me because hot blades mean duller blades and more blade breakage.

    The 1 1/4 horses serve up the perfect amount of power. 4.5" thick maple cut like butter, even with the factory blade.

    The dust port is 2 1/2" with a coupler to convert it to 4", no big deal in my opinion, dust is minimal with band saws.

    The saw is steady without vibration but I did have to make adjustments to get it perfect. Something I had to do with a more expensive band saw and something I expect to do with any tool.

    The saw came in with the motor mount bent (something I have noticed in other reviews). I took it out and straightened it up and I'm going to go back and add 1" MDF to it to add strength to it. The motor is spot welded to the brace so be careful if yours is bent not to put a lot of force on the motor for straightening. I might take my motor into Jet and have them weld it better. It is just something for safety reasons and a peace of mind. Even though I swear this is a wonderfully built saw. You'll be extremely satisfied.

    1-0 out of 5 stars Don't get what is advertised for 6-8 months!
    Just purchased this model. When I opened up the boxes I found that the tool came with a 2" dust collection port instead of the 4" port as advertised. A call to Jet technical support let me know that the 4" dust collection models will not even start to be manufacured for another 6-8 months! the first 1200 units shipped out from the factory will havr the 2" dust collection port just like the basic 708115K model. I was told that if I wanted the 4" dust collection port, I should get the Powermatic 14" model that costs an additional $200.

    If you want the 4" dust collection as advertised, you'll have to wait a while, or find another bandsaw. ... Read more

    9. JET 708300K / JWTS-10CW2-JF 10" Table Saw with 2 Cast Iron Wings and JETFence
    list price: $829.00
    our price: $749.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B0000223M8
    Catlog: Home Improvement
    Manufacturer: WMH Tool Group
    Sales Rank: 1422
    Average Customer Review: 4.36 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan Review

    The two precision-ground, cast-iron wings set this saw apartfrom average contractor-style saws with steel wings. Heavy-dutycast-iron trunnions support the sealed ball-bearings' blade arborhousing for a smooth performance with minimal vibration. JET also usestotally enclosed fan-cooled motors, preventing overheating and dustinfiltration and resulting in longer motor life and less risk of a firehazard than with open motor housing. The stand for this saw is made ofa tougher-gauge metal and has a 4-inch dust port for easy connection toa dust collector. Another user-friendly feature is the quick-connectelectrical plug right at the saw, meaning you don't have to search outthe wall socket prior to every blade change. JET has also located theon/off switch at the top left for easy access when a quick shutdown isrequired. A change in the hole pattern on the fence rails means leftiescan now shift the set to their preferences. The fit, finish, and use ofa more durable powder coating instead of paint will make a proud ownerof every user--from the beginner who wants to learn with confidence tothe seasoned pro who doesn't have space for a full-size cabinet saw.--Nancy Gleason ... Read more


    • Heavy-duty trunions support cast-iron blade arbor housing
    • Totally enclosed fan-cooled 1-1/2-horsepower, single-phase, 115/230-volt motor
    • Quick-release precision JET fence
    • Under cabinet dust collection hood with 4-inch hookup
    • Finish ground cast-iron table with cast-iron wings

    Reviews (33)

    5-0 out of 5 stars JET 708300K / JWTS-10CW2-JF 10" Table Saw with 2 Cast Iron W
    This saw was perfect right out of the box. No adjustments necessary. I also like the fence. I recently completed a full kitchen load of cabinets and the fence stayed accurate all the way through. As a matter of fact, I only had to adjust the fence once (when I first got the saw) and haven't had to touch it since. Someone mentioned on one of the ratings that the blade guard has to be removed in order to change the saw blade. NOT SO! I don't know where he is going wrong. You only need to crank up the blade up to its deepest cutting position and remove the insert. Very easy. If you are in the market for a contractors style saw, you can't go wrong with this one. Also, worth mentioning is the great Jet Service available. They will take any question you have and treat you with respect. This company is known for their service, so that should come as no surprise.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Jet Contractor Saw is a winner
    After much searching, both in local stores and on the internet, I finally decided on the Jet JWTS-10CW2-JF 10" table saw. I ordered the saw on a Saturday and it arrived the following Wednesday. I took my time to unpack and assemble. Total time about 6 hours. A helper was a definite plus.

    Not a part was missing, and not a part was extra. The nuts and bolts were sealed in separate bags that corresponded to the assembly steps. The fit of the units was perfect. The manual could be a little better, with a few more illustrations, but overall, it was adequate to the task. The saw blade was parallel to the fence/mitre slot from the factory.

    The saw has a very stable, well machined feel. The cast iron table and extensions fit together accurately. The Jet Fence is easy to adjust and seems very accurate. After finishing the assemble, I was amazed at the sound of the saw in operation. Much quieter than I expected. Both crosscuts and rips were smooth and effortless. The included saw blade was adequate.

    The overall fit, finish and appearance of this Jet saw is professional. I could have spent more money on a table saw, but I don't think the additional cost would have been commensurate with the additional abilities. Like most, I am on a budget and was looking for the most bang for the buck. This saw met all my requirements.

    If you are looking for a contractor's saw that is a cut above the saws available at Sears, Home Depot or Lowes, without breaking the bank, be sure to check out the Jet JWTS-10CS2-JF 10" contractor's saw. I know I have not been disappointed.

    4-0 out of 5 stars 4 stars with Jet Fence - 5 with Xacta II
    This was my first Jet purchase.
    Runs very good. I never liked the Jet fence though, it seems a little short and I wish it had more support on the outfeed side.
    I ended up buying a xacta fence II which is made by HTC. Was like night and day.
    This functions almost like a cabinet saw, at least in my dreams with these additions:
    I replaced the v-belt with a link belt which made the saw quite and a bit smoother. I also replaced the manufacturer supplied trunion bolts in the saw with the PALS (Precision Alignment System) which allows you to micro adjust your blade's alignment.

    Assembly as all my Jet purchases have been a breeze. Until it's time to align the belt and apply tension to the belt. That is the tricky part with a one-man assembly.

    4-0 out of 5 stars Great Saw
    I ordered this saw through Amazon. Assembly and instructions were pretty easy. I used a straight edge (that's used to check
    engine blocks & heads) for setting the wings and they are right on. I switched it over to 220, the saw has cut everything I threw at it with like butter. Problem still unresolved, the pivot pin for the miter gauge was missing. Call Jet and since I bought it from Amazon, I have to get parts through Amazon. So far it's been over 2 weeks and still no part. Was going to order the Jet Jointer but after the fence deal I bought it from a local Woodcraft store. Other then that I'm happy with the saw.

    5-0 out of 5 stars The best contractor saw available!
    I am a 17 year-old woodworker, and I have had my Jet 10" contractor saw for a little over a year now, and it has performed amazingly. I wanted to get a cabinet saw but I barely had enough money to get a contractor saw. After doing some research i decided on getting a Jet table saw with its nice powder coating paint, and its nicely polished cast iron top. This saw cuts nicely and is pretty quiet, and I love the sound of the saw, especially when the blade break stops the blade. I made a 4'x5' outfeed table, And just recently purchased a 40" Biesemeyer home shop rip fence, and now the saw is just perfect, I can cut a full sheet of plywood all by myself effortlesly. When I first got it I added a power-link belt which dramatically cut down the vibration, One day ill get a cabinet saw, but for noe this saw does the perfect job, good investment. ... Read more

    10. Jet 708752/JWBS-20 20" Woodworking Bandsaw with Bearing Guides
    list price: $2,021.00
    our price: $1,799.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B00006J6PL
    Catlog: Home Improvement
    Manufacturer: JET
    Sales Rank: 15746
    Average Customer Review: 3.75 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan Review

    Weighing in at a rock-solid 500 pounds, this 20-inch band saw tops JET's line with high-quality construction and big resawing capacity without a huge price tag. This saw's most prominent benefit is the one-piece, dual tapered column design, which offers superior rigidity and strength, minimizing vibration and keeping cuts clean, smooth, and accurate. Woodworkers in the know will also appreciate the inclusion of roller bearings on both the upper and lower guides, with dual roller bearings on each side of the blade and a single bearing behind the blade for back support. The system greatly reduces the friction inherent in stationary and European guide systems while providing more support. The saw is powered by a single-phase, 2-horsepower, totally enclosed, fan-cooled motor and has a blade speed of 3,450 sfpm. There's a large cast-iron worktable (21 by 21 inches) that tilts 45 degrees to the right and 10 degrees to the left. This model also comes with a JET rip fence and a good miter gauge. The saw's maximum cutting height is 12-1/4 inches, and the upper blade guide uses a smooth and precise rack-and-pinion adjustment mechanism. This tool's versatility just keeps on going, accommodating 150-inch blades from 1/8 to 1-1/2 inches wide for equally smooth curve cutting or resawing. JET puts the finishing touches on the saw with two locking cabinet doors and the durable powder-coated finish found on all their shop tools. In all, we think serious woodworkers will really appreciate the high quality JET is able to deliver for such a low cost. --Brian Trinen ... Read more


    • 21-by-21-inch cast-iron table includes rip fence
    • One piece dual-tapered column design for greater rigidity and strength
    • Powerful 2 hp motor 230V motor
    • Roller bearing blade guides for better support with less friction
    • Rack-and-pinion blade guide height adjustment

    Reviews (4)

    1-0 out of 5 stars bad from the start
    they said the saw was ready for shipping, and after numeruos calls we finally received it in 4 weeks.The shipping was horrible-ABF claimed they were sending a truck with a lift.The driver calls 15 min. before he gets here and tells me I need a fork lift.The setup was ok at first, untill you put a real blade that cuts in it,then all the problems begin.Jet claims it will accept a 1 1/2" blade as long as you don't mind spending 4 hours trying to set it up,and then find out it rubs on the frame.The motor is mounted on a plate that is to small for the weight of the motor,which seems to help in the vibration!I've had the saw about 4 months and nothing but problems.Two of the lower bearings are going bad.The dust collection design is horrible.Jet says that most things are factory adjusted, then you find out about every thing on it is misaligned or just plain loose! The bottom line is if you have a lot of time on your hands for fixing and adjusting,this is the saw for you.Whoever engineered this saw should actually test their design and see how flawed it is!!!

    4-0 out of 5 stars Perfect for the serious woodworker...
    An excellent bandsaw. Vibration-free, powerful, ready to go out of the box. The best feature is the fact you can crank the guides up and down WITHOUT having to re-adjust them every time. The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because the 1" blade that it comes with is next to useless. It looks like a blade, feels like a blade, but doesn't cut like a blade. I didn't even get half way thru cutting up the shipping crate before it was mauling, not cutting, the wood. Overall, I'm very satisfied with my new bandsaw.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Hidden charges
    Others have commented on the quality of this saw (comments with which I agree, by the way), so I thought I'd mention some useful information about purchasing this item through Amazon.

    The most annoying thing about this purchase was the fact that Amazon promotes their free super saver shipping on this saw quite prominently on the web page, but what that includes is only the ABF Freight Systems truck pulling up to your location. Unless you have your own forklift or a loading dock, you are going to have to pay an additional charge (of $92) to get them to take it off the truck for you. Make sure to mention to the ABF folks when they call to make an appointment to deliver the saw that you have neither of these things and need them to deliver the item on a liftgate truck. (Or they will have to bring it back another day, as they had to with mine.)

    I feel that Amazon should be more up front about the additional shipping charges and that their Super Saver Shipping and low standard shipping charges are not the whole story. It's definitely left a sour taste in my mouth, and I'll probably order my next big power tool from somewhere else.

    Anyway, it's a great saw, and I'm glad I've finally got it. :-)

    5-0 out of 5 stars New generation quality
    Jet did themselves and all woodworkers a favor when they upgraded the 18 inch band saw and developed the new generation family of professional bandsaws. I had purchased a 14 inch band saw from Harbor Freight, It was really very good for the price,
    But not what I needed in my fast growing wood shop.After much shopping and comparison, I decided on the Jet new generation 20 inch bandsaw. It has by far exceded my expections in all areas,
    setup,operation, controls, safty,ease of use and accuracy.The standard equipment on the Jet, is optional on others.
    The Jet 20 inch bandsaw is a great piece of equipment, and a good investment,, .. ... Read more

    11. JET JJ-8CS / 708458K 8" Woodworking Jointer
    list price: $1,639.00
    our price: $1,099.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B0000223M1
    Catlog: Home Improvement
    Manufacturer: WMH Tool Group
    Sales Rank: 6649
    Average Customer Review: 3.4 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan


    • Front and rear safety knife guide
    • Extra long (9 w by 66-1/2-inch L) cast iron bed
    • Three-knife cutter head
    • 2hp, 1ph, 230-volt motor
    • Easy-to-read infeed depth scale

    Reviews (5)

    I recently purchased the 8" jointer from jet after a good deal of research. When it arrived, the finish was o.k. It looked good, except for the front of the machine which was quite rough and had not been ground down after casting. Otherwise, it is a great looking tool.
    I finally got it put together and wired up (about four hours total). I turned it on and it jumped to life. When I say jumped, I mean it started abruptly with a jerk, instead of smoothly and gradually. It also sputtered as it turned off. Upon further inspection and after smelling burning rubber, I opened it back up to have a look. There were black shavings all over the back of the machine, which turned out to be the belt.
    I called the Jet service number. The guy told me to take apart the motor to tighten a set screw that was supposed to have been factory set. Very time consuming. That wasn't the problem. I called back and he told me to readjust all the pulleys and belts, which I had already done before calling. I did it again and that wasn't the problem either. He said he would send out a local Jet rep to look at it. Well that was four weeks ago. Not only was no rep sent out, the original service rep whom I had spoken with stopped returning my calls, would not answer repeated messages, and basically ignored me for a month. Finally, I got fed up and left a message in no uncertain terms that he needed to call me back that day because I needed this thing to work. It was jurting my business and it had been over a month. I said if they would not help me, then I wanted to return the machine. Only then did he get in touch with a local rep.
    This guy called me the same day. I told him about the chunky motor and the black shavings. Guess what, he told me that the engine performance was normal and the belt could continue grinding itself away until it finds it's "natural position" - for up to a year. I find both of these things hard to beleive. At this point, however, because of the month of unreturned calls, it was apparently too late to get a refund or a new motor from Jet. You would think such a well known company would make more of an effort to satisfy it's customers.
    I also own a Powermatic 66 saw, a Record lathe, a Craftsman bandsaw and a Rugged planer. None of the other tools in my furniture shop start or stop roughly at all, only the jet. I feel that I have now exhausted all of my options and am stuck with a tool that is slowly grinding itself away and service techs that could not care less. If I had it to do over, I would have gone with the Delta.

    5-0 out of 5 stars A great jointer with a couple of minor comments
    Overall this is a great machine and I am glad to add this one to my woodworking tools. Putting it together is not easy, just the top weighs about 350 lbs. and you will need some help carrying this thing on top the stand. After securing in place everything should be easy with the exception of the belts which was not preset very well at least in my machine, so I have to loosen the motor mount base and slide for adjustment. It's like working in your car's motor. The manual wiring diagram did not match the motor wire color coding, so I have to call Jet for help, they are very helpful and will explain everything so you could hook it up. I don't blame them for not giving a male plug cord end since there's a lot of plug pattern to guess from. You will need to wire the shop for 240V. I am very happy with the machine, it works very well, and the long bed is really a good choice if you have the space.

    4-0 out of 5 stars Misma and Electrical
    Make sure that you're manual's model# and picture match, and then, BEFORE you start putting it together, you need to check that all the wiring for your motor is finished and installed like it is in the instruction manual!!! It is a great tool, that performs and the fit and finish are excellent, BUT, ours was not wired as the manual said, so it got put together, and then we realized that there was no hardwiring (cord and plug),to the motor. For the price, I think that Jet should update the manual AND, at least,send the necessary cord and plug. I did not call Jet, so I don't know for sure why our jointer arrived without any wiring. The 4 stars is due to the above, the jointer itself has already proven that Jet was a good choice.

    1-0 out of 5 stars ONE STAR for POOR CRAFTSMANSHIP
    I expected a lot more from Jet. Here are the problems that I had:

    1.) the jointer had a CROOK at the end of the infeed table. That's unimaginable but it's true!
    2.) the top of the cabinet had several DENTS on ALL FOUR CORNERS of its top. It looked as though someone used a HAMMER to shape out the corners of the cabinet.

    I was so dissappointed with the finish of my jointer since I spent so much time and research debating on which one to buy.

    That said, I'll be packing it up to exchange it for a new one.

    I give "fit and finish" ONE star. I'll save my performance review for after I receive my replacement.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Great Support
    Nothing but praise for Jet's support and quality of the product. I purchased the Jointer in December and finished my workshop in March. After I installed the Jointer, I realized that one of the parts was damaged during shipping. I called Amazon and they couldn't help me because it was past 45 days and referred me to two local repair shops. After many unaswered calls, I finally called Jet directly. They said no problem and shipped the replacement part.

    Make sure you have someone to help you put the Jointer together, it is heavy. Directions were easy to follow and made sense. High praise for this product and company. ... Read more

    12. JET 708778K/JWSS-10SPFX Supersaw With 52" Fence and Sliding Table
    list price: $1,521.00
    our price: $1,349.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B00006J6PQ
    Catlog: Home Improvement
    Manufacturer: JET
    Sales Rank: 9299
    Average Customer Review: 4.08 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan Review

    More stable than an open-stand table saw yet compact enough to fit in small shops, JET's Supersaw incorporates a host of great design features and is clearly built with the needs and wants of serious home woodworkers in mind. It has a 1-3/4-horsepower, totally enclosed, fan-cooled motor located inside a fully enclosed cabinet with a hinged access door. This configuration protects the motor from dust damage, provides great airflow toward the dust collection port, and offers a more compact profile than the saw's main competition.

    The Supersaw's heavy cast-iron table measures 21-1/4 by 27 inches. There's also a sliding table and an extra wing, which, when added to the main table, give a total work area of 1,127-1/4 inches. We have yet to see another saw in this price range that can match that. The sliding table offers better crosscutting accuracy than miter gauges and allows up to a 28-inch capacity. It's 14 by 27 inches and rides only 4 inches from the blade. Keeping this distance small reduces unnecessary friction caused by sliding the work. The sliding table also includes a heavy-duty miter fence with a large, easy-to-read scale, a cam-action lockdown, and large, comfortable handles. When you don't need the sliding table feature, it locks solidly in place.

    Included with this new saw is JET's new Micro-Glide fence, which offers superb accuracy and reliability as well as a magnified cursor that makes fine-scale readings easy and a microadjustment feature that lets you dial the fence in to precisely where you need it without any clumsy tapping and bumping back and forth. The fence also has four built-in T-slots to accommodate jigs. Another cool idea is the power switch housing, which rides in a slot under the fence rail, allowing the user to decide where the switch should be located. The off switch is conveniently huge for easy shutdown in an emergency, and there's a power indicator light and a handy reset switch.

    All this, and we still haven't mentioned the left-tilting blade, the smooth action of the hand wheels, the durability of the powder-coated finish, or the handy built-in padded storage racks on the side of the cabinet. There's even a cool new clear blade guard with independently moving sides so the blade is always visible and never exposed--even when bevel cutting. Considering this saw's innovations, JET's rock-solid engineering, and an unbeatable price, we think any small-shop woodworker would be wise to invest in the Supersaw. --Brian Trinen ... Read more


    • Micro adjustable fence with magnified cursor for precise ripping
    • Fully enclosed hinged door cabinet
    • Movable power switch lets you change switch placement to suit your needs
    • All cast-iron table , sliding table, and extension wing
    • Movable switch

    Reviews (13)

    3-0 out of 5 stars Great design, poor quality control & customer service
    I really like the design of the saw but the quality control and customer service leaves a lot to be desired. The sliding table box was missing the hardware kit, the little bag of nuts & bolts to attach it. I called Jet 3 weeks ago and they promised to send a replacement, but today they say the parts are back-ordered and it will be *another* 4 weeks. And the fence locking handle broke right off under normal hand pressure! Not only are fence handles back-ordered for at least 4 weeks, but the ones that are due in are all spoken for already. Apparently they've been breaking a lot of them and I'm not expecting the replacement to be any more durable. It's going to be at least 2 months from the time I bought the saw until it's actually usable! This seems like a great design and that's why I've given it 3 stars but I'm really disappointed in Jet's low quality and poor service.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Table Saw Heaven
    Four and one-half stars actually.

    I clicked my way to table saw "almost heaven" on Bottom line is that the Supersaw compares very favorably with the best Swiss technology (my other saw is a 10" Inca). Sure, there are a couple of somewhat minor shortcomings (fence), but the all cast-iron construction gives quiet and smooth operation that has to be seen and heard to be believed. Smoooooooth

    The sliding table makes me smile each time I use it. It's relatively easy to setup with the shim kit provided. Easy, except for mounting it on the table all by yourself, wouldn't recommend that unless you're too excited to wait for a friend to come over and help.

    The miter assembly consists of a sliding fence, a hold down, and a flip stop. It is slick and well built, no cost cutting here

    The work surface is a perfect size, big enough for all of my work, yet not too bulky. The saw moves around easily on the Jet Industrial Duty Mobile Base while staying VERY stable (only 25 bucks after the Jet $50 rebate).

    The fence is not flat, not even close. Laid it on the table for use as a straight edge as instructed in the manual; it rocks like a hobbyhorse. Contacted Jet, they told me I had to go through Amazon for a warranty replacement. I told them that's fine, I'll just send the whole saw back to Amazon. Then Jet agreed and sent me a new fence. It's only slightly better than the old one, at least it is easier to lock the new one down solidly. I will learn to love the fence, I hope, because I'm stuck with it, the rails support the sliding table, and any aftermarket fence would have to be very extensively modified to fit.

    The right table extension has a sharp 90 degree edge on the front, it ought to match the nice bevel on the main table.
    The threads on the miter hold down were defective, Jet sent a new one.

    The blade-guard-splitter-anti-kick-back is where every American style saw falls down, I guess. I'm too accustomed to the Swiss style overhead guard with no anti-kickback, that's a sweet setup.

    The anti-kick-back-pawls on the Jet are sharp enough to cut you, and the spring is built for STRONG, I hate it almost as much as the fence.

    Overall, I love this saw, especially the sliding table. At this price, I am willing to put up with the fence.

    If you have a Supersaw, or you're just considering one, join the Yahoo Supersaw Group at

    5-0 out of 5 stars Great Value in a Table Saw
    I have owned my Supersaw for about 4 months now, and must say I am totally pleased with it. It shipped to me in about 6 boxes, was very easy to assemble, and the fit and finish is superb. It saws anything I have asked it to saw and has never bogged down. I especially love the sliding table, always wanted one of those. I get no vibration, it is reasonably quiet, and has every feature I was looking for in a new table saw. Woodworking is a hobby for me, and the SS does such a great job I find time spent woodworking a real pleasure now. I ordered three blades with my saw, an all purpose, a ripping blade, and a cross cut blade as well. I have ripped up 300ft of wide red oak 4/4 lumber to make T&G flooring,I have cross cut the ends as well, as this was rough sawn lumber I had to plane and joint. My saw has done a superb job. I have done other things but the long rip lengths had to be the toughest task I have put the saw through.
    I have no problems with the fence; I am guessing Jet has cured that problem. The tech reps tell me via phone that I don't need a spare timing belt, as that problem has been corrected via a change in belt suppliers. I find nothing to complain about with this saw. I got the 52" fence, with sliding table and mobile base. It all functions perfectly. You need some help in assembly to lift the saw body from the pallet, or use an engine hoist as I did in my garage, with a tow strap. I had to get my son to help with the sliding table, I felt it was too heavy and did not want to risk scratching up the cast iron or fouling the slide assemblies.
    I changed my saw to 240V before using it the first time. I think it runs best that way. Pay attention to the numbers on the motor leads, as the color codes were off on mine, but the lead numbering was correct. If I had a gripe that would be it; but that took me only a moment to figure out anyway. They even stick the extra wire nut you will need to do the conversion onto the inside of the motor wiring cover.
    The big switch on the front rail is very nice, especially nice to be able to reposition it as needed. My fence works perfectly. So easy to lock down, I wonder how anyone broke the lever. Simply push the lever down and the fence is locked. Just touch it down; it is that easy to do on my SS. I am guessing the fence I have is an improved version, or the folks making it got their act together. The fence is one of the parts made in USA. The extension table and legs are USA made as well, according to the boxes they all came in.
    I did not purchase my saw from Amazon. I cannot comment on their service. In fact, I cannot comment on Jet service period, I have had no issues with this saw. I did call the tech department to ask about the belt, after reading all the posts on this page. I feel confident this problem is corrected now. My saw also collects dust as good as can be expected. I use a Jet DC1100CK and it works very well.

    2-0 out of 5 stars GO TO YAHOO and read more
    This the third "review" on this product for me. I have read and shared much on the yahoo super saw user group forum. Before spending over $1000 go there to make an informed decision. The day of my second review I had started what ended up to be a three week wait for a replacement timing belt that is integral to raising/lowering the blade. I think a lot of that wait belong to Amazon now that the dust has settled from that experience. With that warranty repair part I gained access to two key 800 type numbers at WMH tool group, the parent of Jet, Powermatic, etc. FYI Amazon purchasers - warranty parts for Jet machines have to be enacted by Amazon. Then Amazon gets WMH Tool Group to ship. This seems a bit convoluted to me, but it is important to someone at Amazon because WMH tells me it is in the contract Amazon.
    You can also note on the Yahoo info source a copied comment from WMH stating that problems with the fence are acknowledged, but at this date, when a fix is defined, upgrade parts will available for purchase. (BTW - anyyone out there able to charge $ to their customers for errors on their part? - Just wondering if I'm doing some strinkin thinkin?)
    My fence is now exibiting a new problem - perhaps it takes time to wear in - or out - you define. I lock the fence, and begin ripping, and all of a sudden I am ripping a new number -usually wider. Todate this hasn't caused big problems, but sometimes I use high $$ wood, and the profit margin will take a hit if I have to start over. I've read about the fence deflecting, and mine does, but I don't see a problem from this. The handle did break, but that problem is quickly obviously, BUT locking in a "number" and then discovering its changed is a SERIOUS surprise. Lets hope Jet can make this product live up to the name give it - SUPER.

    3-0 out of 5 stars re review - edit
    I don't know how this will get hooked up to the review that I wrote when I installed this saw, but with 4 months of solid experience there are a few issues.
    #1 - ya the fence. It is just not as crisp as the the unifence I an used to. It usually sneaks to the left 1/32 when you clamp home. AND I broke my handle off too. I repaired it myself and that broke as well. I now have a piece of sasafras (sp) epoxied to a bolt screwwed into the fence. I don't thing Jet was after that rustic look, but it works.
    #2 - DUST collection - or lack of. My Oneida is a suckin fool, but that sub pan with little holes is the worst! Yesterday the chips backed up into the belt that drives blade height. I was cutting a lot of 1/4" dado's in blatic birch and went to tweek the blade up a skinch and the belt jamed and broke. I had read about the belt breaking, and was being EXTREEMLY careful, but alas I now wait for JET/AMAZON to deliver me a new belt so I can change blade height. I will have to think some about how to fix this issue to keep chips from building up in the blade raiser area. SHAME ON someone at JET!
    Sliding table works great. Power is adequater for all I've done thus far. ... Read more

    13. Columbian 33036 36-Piece Carbide Tipped Router Bit Set
    list price: $229.00
    our price: $89.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B0000AQK92
    Catlog: Home Improvement
    Manufacturer: JET
    Sales Rank: 270
    Average Customer Review: 4 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan


    • Carbide tipped for smooth routing and longer life
    • Bits fit 1/4" shanks
    • Cover a wide variety of router applications
    • Storage case to keep them all organized

    Reviews (1)

    4-0 out of 5 stars Great Product for a Great Price
    I purchased the Columbian 33036 bit set with the intention of having professional percession bits while saving money, and that is exactly what happened. This set I recommend for those of you just starting out learning the many uses for a router, because of the versitility - and for those looking for a professional grade bit set. The only complaint I have is that the case could be made more durable, however, it does secure the bits firmly and displays them very clearly. Overall, this is the best deal for a router bit set. ... Read more

    14. JET 708662XK JTAS-10XL-30 Cabinet Saw with 30" Commercial Fence without table board Left Tilt
    list price: $1,650.00
    our price: $1,399.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B00064NGV0
    Catlog: Home Improvement
    Manufacturer: WMH Tool Group
    Sales Rank: 17961
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan


    • Miter Gauge Included
    • 3HP Left Tilt with 30" Commercial Fence
    • Magnetic Controls
    • 27"x40" Cast Iron Table
    • Hinged Motor Cover

    15. Incra MITER5000 Sled

    our price: $269.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B0002ZO7A2
    Catlog: Home Improvement
    Manufacturer: Incra
    Sales Rank: 7555
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    16. JET 708663PK / JTAS-10XL50-W1 3 HP, 10" Xacta Saw, Left Tilt with 50" Xacta Fence
    list price: $0.00
    our price: $1,499.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B0000223L6
    Catlog: Home Improvement
    Manufacturer: JET
    Sales Rank: 9884
    Average Customer Review: 4.41 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan Review

    While this JET saw beats its closest competitor on price, italso offers some advantages in terms of design and construction.Placing the quick-connect electrical plug right at the saw so the userdoesn't have to search out the wall socket for every blade change isjust one small example of JET's attention to detail. The stand for thissaw is made of a heavy-gauge metal, and features a hinged motor cover and a 4- inch dust port for easy connection to a dust-collection system. Achange in the hole pattern on the fence rails means lefties can shiftthe set up to their preference. The left-tilting arbor is another markin this saw's favor. Tilting the blade away from the fence negates theneed for a sacrificial fence and reduces the risk of the piece bindingunder the blade. This saw's most impressive feature is the smoothaction of the blade height-adjustment mechanism. Not only will userssave their wrists and knuckles, but they'll also save time by being able tocrank the blade to the exact height necessary with vastly fewer testruns for every rabbet, dado, tongue, and groove. Finally, we reallyappreciate JET's use of totally enclosed fan-cooled motors on this andevery other saw the company makes. While this may add a little to the finalcost of the saw, the extra life and reliability this gives the motorsis well worth it. This saw is an excellent choice in its price range.--Nancy Gleason ... Read more


    • Two-year limited warranty
    • 3 hp, single-phase, 230-volt motor
    • Left-tilting blade
    • Large 27-by-40-inch table
    • 50-inch total rip capacity, 12-inch left-of-blade rip capacity

    Reviews (32)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Best Tool In My Shop
    Upon deciding to set up my own shop, after several years working in another, I agonized over a table saw purchase. My previous shop had a Powermatic 66 and I was concerned that my limited budget would leaving me wanting more saw. Upon receiving and setting up this Jet saw, all of my concerns were gone. It is easily a match for the Powermatic 66 and the Unisaw I worked with previously. It has power, finese, and a great, solid feel. I love the fence, a better-than-Beismeyer copy. The fence's uhmw siderails are beautiful and the sight glass for setting cut width has grown on me in the past couple of months. The fence is very close to the table and I am able to cut the thinnest material. The action for setting the blade height and angle are wonderfully smooth and lock solidly. There is no noticeable vibration (it's heavy tool), and I have not needed to make any readjustments after a couple of months of near constant use. The table is large and was machined flat. The motor is powerful but quiet, the tool is solid. All in all, it is now my favorite tool. And I am nothing but pleased with the purchase.

    3-0 out of 5 stars love the saw, not the fence
    I spent months trying to decide between the Xacta and the Unisaw. Did I chose right? You be the judge. The saw went together without a hitch. Fit and finish are great and the quality of the table is beyond reproach. The fence, however is another story. The first fence rails arrived smashed at one end. The second set had bumps all over the sliding was as if dust got on the piece before it was painted. The third set of rails were acceptable, but not perfect. After I mounted the fence to the rails, I found that when I adjusted the front of the fence 90 degrees to the table, the rear did not match. Also, the other side of the fence was not parallel. The fence tube was twisted. Four fences later, I've got the same problem, although to a lesser degree. It's a real shame that Jet has allowed a great saw to be knocked down by a so-so fence, especially when they are going up against the legendary Delta, with the original Biesemeyer fence. Every Biesemeyer fence owner I know says their fence angles are dead on from front to back and side to side. Knowing what I now know, I'd probably go for sure thing, rather than the cheaper thing, since the fence determines the cut of the saw.

    1-0 out of 5 stars Ain't no Powermatic
    I'm a professional carpenter/cabinet builder working in the field for over 20 years. I've used every kind of table saw out there: Powermatics, Unisaws, Olivers, Grizzleys, Generals, saws without labels, European saws with unpronounceable names, way too many hours pushing wood through a saw. I needed a new saw for a small shop space I'm setting up and picked the 10" jet cabinet saw (JTAS-10XL50.) I figured it was pretty much the same as a Powermatic and would save me $500. I doesn't matter to me who's label is on the front, nor how shiny the top, just how it works.

    The first saw I received (after having to bring it the final 300 yards to the shop door from were it was left in the street, so much for the $25 extra delivery fee) was broken. It had been dropped or hit on the bevel-adjusting shaft, which broke off the 90-degree stop portion of the front trunnion. It may have been a shipping problem, but it was caused by improper crating- the shaft had no protection.

    Two weeks latter (returns aren't handled with any special urgency) I got another saw. This one has vibrations that come into the saw blade and leave a rough cut. Jet's remedy is to keep taking pieces off and getting replacements from Tool Crib till the problem is gone.

    Four days after calling in the replacement of a motor, two pulleys, three belts and some odds and ends Toll Crib still can't tell me when the parts will even ship. When and if the parts ever do arrive I'll be surprised if they fit and even more surprised if there is any improvement in performance.

    The saw has another major problem; the fence is junk. The support rails and guild rail all are bent. When bolted together (with the use of clamps) I got them straighter, but then the fence it self is twisted and curved too. It looks like one pass over the jointer would fix it- hard to do with steel.

    If Tool Crib/Jet can get me the parts I need to make this thing work well, I will look at it as a mistake, but an old lesson re-learned. If they can't, they are getting it back and I'll buy a proper saw from someone, anyone, else.

    Pay extra and buy quality, it will always save you money.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Best cabinet saw for the money
    I decided to start my shop off right three years ago. I sold my old Craftsman table saw and bought a cabinet style shop saw. I looked all around at Delta, Powermatic, Grizzly, General, Shop Fox and Craftsman. When you look at the specs of these machines, there is not a lot to separate them. For me the issue came down to the size of the table, and the quality of the fence. I looked long and hard at the 50" XACTA-fence and I liked it a lot for accuracy and ease of use.
    The table and fence of the Craftsman, ShopFox, General, Grizzly and Dewalt simply were not in the same class.
    That left the Delta and Powermatic. Without much to separate the Jet over Delta I went with the fact that the Jet does spin at 4200 rpm compared to the Delta's 3450. When cutting dense woods, speed matters.
    For those who don't know, Powermatic and Jet are both made by the WMH tool group. They are very similar. I went to a dealer of both tools. He told me there is not enough to separate the two to justify the purchase of the Powermatic! Go figure.
    The Powermatic saw does have a bigger table and uses the accu-fence as opposed to the XACTA-fence. Theoretically it's extra weight and finer tolerances will make it easier to keep in tune over the years. But I am just a homeowner hobbyist so the JET is plenty sweet for me. No sense driving an Aston Martin to the supermarket everyday.
    When the tool arrived the first thing I thought was thank goodness for mobile bases. At 468lbs, without one, it wouldn't be going anywhere. Also be sure to get the extended mobile base to capture the legs of the extended table.
    Assembly was not difficult even with leveling of the melamine table, although having a friend to help was a great boon.
    I have had the saw for 3 years, with no problems. I have since bought a Jet 14"floor standing drill press and continue to be impressed with jet tools.
    The next question is left tilt or right tilt. I chose left as if you do not run your cuts perfectly, right tilt saws tend to bind. I for one do not always cut perfectly.
    Most table saws show their weakness on slow down. The blade begins to wobble. This baby is steady as can be through dead stop. Oh yeah and it is the quietest tool in my shop.
    Price paid: about [$$] including 50" extended table, XACTA-fence, 10" CMT blade and mobile base.
    Of note this is an even better deal for a limited time right now as Jet is offering the tool at the same price including the XACTA router lift built in and a free Bosch router!
    When I first heard this I was steamed, but what the heck I bought the tool three years ago.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Jet 3 hp 708663PK
    I purchased this table saw from your affiliate Tool Crib North. I am very impressed with the Jet saw. I have been looking at several table saws and I am glad that I purchased this jet table saw over the other brands.I received the free 2 1/4 hp Bosch EVS router with this table saw. I appriciate your free shipping and the whole unit came well packed.I gave this table saw top rating for the excellant quality as well as purchase price.I plan on getting many years of use from both the table saw and router.Thanks to Tool Crib North and for providing excellant products as well as service. ... Read more

    17. JET BD-920N / 321373 Bench Lathe
    list price: $1,389.00
    our price: $1,199.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B00004T9KY
    Catlog: Home Improvement
    Manufacturer: JET
    Sales Rank: 22844
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan


    • Quickchange gearbox
    • MT-2 tailstock taper
    • 1-1/2-inch x 8-thread-per-inch spindle
    • One year warranty

    18. JET 708715PK / JTAS-10X50-W1 3 HP, 10", Right Tilt, Xacta Saw with 50" Xacta Fence
    list price: $0.00
    our price: $1,499.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B0000223LQ
    Catlog: Home Improvement
    Manufacturer: JET
    Sales Rank: 16280
    Average Customer Review: 4.62 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan


    • One-year limited warranty
    • Right-tilting blade
    • Wide stance trunnion design
    • 27-by-40-inch table
    • 4-inch steel dust chute

    Reviews (8)

    5-0 out of 5 stars A great Table Saw with lots of Power and excellent Quality.
    This was an upgrade for me from a Rigid contractor-type table saw. This is an excellent table saw that is easy to assemble if you read and follow the instructions. Mine was perfectly aligned from the factory and took me about 3 non painfull hours to assemble ( as a matter of fact, I had a good time doing it because all the parts were there). After that I was practicing and making a few different cuts to try it out with a happy smile on my face. I do use it on an every day basis, and I can tell you that it works great, has plenty of power, it's extremely straight, accurate, comes with a great fence, and it is a joy to use.
    If you are not familiar with table saws in general, it would be a good idea to find out more about left, or right tilt table saws. With that in mind, see which is more confortable-convenient for you to use. Keep in mind that this saw has a powerfull 3 HP, 230V electric motor.
    I started working with a contractor saw, and 2 years later I bought this Jet model with mobile base, and extension table. Now I notice the difference in power and the quality of my cuts. I am glad I didn't buy a more expensive brand. This is a great saw for the money and it will last you for a long, long time.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Accurate, and awesome
    I love it!!
    Set up, and assembly fairly easy, no problems. blade, and fence alinement, very easy.
    Did some shopping around, here where I live, wasn't sure what I wanted... Jet or Delta, The jet was a little cheaper.
    I'm not disappointed in the least!!
    awesome saw!!

    4-0 out of 5 stars Sweet Machine - almost worth 5 stars
    I have owned this saw for three years now, and although I'm not a professional woodworker, I still heavily use this saw. I am quite pleased with the quality of both the saw and of the cuts it produces. The addition of a Forrest or Freud blade makes cuts which cut oak or teak perfectly, don't chip melamine, and generally complete out an already well-built machine. Having said that, I wish I'd bought a different saw simply because of a couple of seemingly minor "features" I loathe:

    - The blade guard and splitter must be removed from the inside & rear of the saw. This makes non-through cuts a real pain if you regularly use the splitter & guard. Beisemeyer (who makes the Xacta Fence) makes a push-down splitter for Delta saws. This is unavailable on Jet. Why doesn't Jet do something about this? This makes it difficult to make cabinets, etc unless you run without the guard & splitter.

    - The dust collection/interior access door is underneath the extension table, making it hard to get at the saw's guts and making otherwise usable storage space unavailable (the Delta Unisaw has an under-table shelf). Next time, I'd get one with the door on the left-hand side of the saw.

    Overall, this is a very good saw for the money, and if you don't mind the small gripes I've mentioned, press the BUY button and be prepared to enjoy a solid performer.

    5-0 out of 5 stars I want to win
    I really want to win this table saw.I own other jet tools including there band saw,dust collection system and jointer,I've always like the quility of the jet brand,And right now i really am in need of a new table saw. thank you very much

    3-0 out of 5 stars Good but not great; fence poor
    I purchased my Jet saw after reading several reviews on the internet comparing it mostly to Delta saws. It was cheaper than the Delt and came with a dust chute which was extra on the Delta. But when it came time to assemble my saw, I noticed that the front fence rails weren't goint to fit - wrong parts. After 2 months of waiting for replacement parts (I gues a lot of saws went out with the wrong parts), I received the new parts. They were wrong too! I then was sent a whole new set of fence rails. All this took about 4 months after I ordered my saw - good thing I don't make a living with it! Then I went to use it. I couldn't zero the fence to the blade because out of all my rails, I didn't use the one with sloted holes to get enough travel to get the scale to read zero. I had to take off the front two rails and start over. Then I went to put a saw blade on. It wouldn't fit. Arbor was a little too big. Jet told me to just sand it down myself with some sandpaper (while the arbor was turning). That didn't sit well with me. Once I was finally ready to saw my first piece of wood. The tried to adjust the fence and I had to use two hands to pull or push the fence to where I wanted it. My old Grizzly contractors saw has a micro adjust knob and the fence stays parallel to the blade as it is moved. The Jet fence doesn't. Do I spend another more money on a decent aftermarket fence?! On the plus side the 3 HP motor is smooth and powerfull, and the up/down/tilt are solid & smooth. The table top is finished nicely. Overall, I probably should have gotten a Grizzly w/deluxe ShopFox fence for even less $, or the Delta. Internet reviews don't all tell the whole story. I was a bit disappointed. ... Read more

    19. Jet 708634CK/DC-1200CK Dust Collector with Filter Canister
    list price: $571.00
    our price: $499.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B00006J6PG
    Catlog: Home Improvement
    Manufacturer: JET
    Sales Rank: 5233
    Average Customer Review: 4.4 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan Review

    With this line of canister-filter dust collectors, JET has raised the bar on how clean shop air can be. To begin with, the new filter design captures particles as small as 2 microns, keeping even infinitesimally small particles out of the air you breathe. The best dust collectors in this price range in the past have never done better than 5-micron filtering--and that was after adding additional filters to existing systems. The V-weave design of the canister filter also yields greater capacity than the more common bag filter. Added filtering area allows for better airflow, so a clear plastic collection bag can be used without reducing the machine's 1,200 cfm. As a result, when the bag is full, you can tie it off and dump it rather than having to empty and reuse a dusty old cloth bag. Another feature we really appreciate is the filter cleaning mechanism. Turning a handle on the top of the filter rotates a cleaning flapper inside the filter, shaking loose dust and debris into the collection bag. Removing the filter and shaking it out or beating it is not required for regular cleaning. This model has a 2-horsepower motor, comes on a stand with casters, and has connections for up to two 4-inch dust collection hoses. It's a great choice for keeping dust under control in small to medium-sized shops. --Brian Trinen ... Read more


    • Clear plastic collection bags for easy dust disposal
    • Powerful 2 horsepower motor
    • Canister Filter traps particles down to 2 microns
    • V-weave filter design offers 12,052 Sq. Inches of filtering surface area
    • Easy clean filter eliminates clean-out mess

    Reviews (5)

    3-0 out of 5 stars Great vacuum - poor filter
    I purchased my Jet DC1200K dust collector a few months ago (about a bag of sawdust). I am pleased with everything but the dust filtering canister. The unit has plenty of power and is relatively quiet. I can recommend this unit highly, but suggest you consider a bagged version rather than the canister filter if you use it more than a day or so a week.

    The dust filter has the same filter clogging problems as a shop vac only bigger. While the paddles are a good idea, they don't get the job done and some messy disassembly is required every couple of weeks or so. A thorough cleaning results in about a bucket of sawdust the paddles and thumping the canister miss. I recently decided to abandon the canister and go with a bag filter. I needed a bag retaining strap and a bag. Jet customer service told me the retaining strap was on backorder and not expected for a month and a half. (I wonder if there is a reason why Jet is out of stock on this item?) A Jet filter bag is priced at $138. I bought a Woodtek 20"x 36" 1 micron bag for $29 and used a Pony band clamp for a retaining strap. The revised dust collector works noticeably better than it did before with a freshly cleaned canister. The bag still requires cleaning, but a few slaps on the bag results in clearly visible quantities of sawdust falling into the collection bag. Air flow doesn't degrade as quickly as with the canister and cleaning is much easier.

    5-0 out of 5 stars JET DC-1200CK Dust collector
    I've been using the DC1200CK in my shop for almost 10 months and I'm very happy with it. It has plenty of power, even through my less than optimal duct system. The motor on this unit is 2HP and seems to be more than ample for the size and cfm of the blower. Its runs all day and is only warm to the touch. I have only two small complaints. 1) The bag is a bit tricky to remove and install. The top of the bag must be folded over a cloth covered spring band and inserted into a groove on the the inside edge of the collector. It takes a while to get a good technique for doing this and it can be a little frustrating at first. I doubt this connection method is unique to JET, and I cant suggest a better method, but I thought it was worth mentioning. On the plus side, though, there are absolutely NO leaks where the bag connects which is the most important thing. Also, the bags are very robust and can be used at least 4 times...maybe more! 2) The filter canister. First let me say it works great! It seems like nothing gets through it. It's the cleaning that is a bit tricky. The paddles that you rotate dislodge most (70%) of the dust. The remainder must be removed by gentle rapping all around the canister with the palm of your hand, followed by a blast of compressed air. This probably removes 95% of the dust. Most of the dust falls into the collection bag but a huge ring of dust falls onto the top of the cyclone. This dust is harder to deal with. You can beat on the side to get it to fall down into the bag but that still leaves alot on the cyclone. I find you have to partially remove the canister and manually scrape the pile of dust into the bag. If you leave the dust there most of it blows back into the canister. You dont have to do this very often, but its still a hassle. JET should somehow extend the paddles to scrape off the top of the cyclone to eliminate this problem. In spite of these minor points I'm very pleased with the DC1200CK and would recommend it without reservation.

    4-0 out of 5 stars Good quality unit with one flaw
    The unique design and filtration capacity of this unit is quite impressive and appears superior to anything else on the market. The only real problem is the location of the power switch. It is located on the side of the motor, about 8 - 10 inches off of the floor. This would be awkward to reach down to even if the unit was sitting unobstructed in the middle of the shop. When you have other equipment nearby, it gets worse. It would have been nice if Jet had located the switch on the collar ring supporting the canister and collection bag.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Exceeded my expectations
    I ordered the dust collector and had only a small snafu with the delivery -- the web site indicated that it shipped UPS, but it actually comes by freight (read: you need to stay home and get it off the truck yourself).

    The collector itself is just terrific. Had some small problems with dust leaks around the bottom of the cannister (I'd recommend running a bunch of redwood through it -- makes it easy to find the leaks!).

    I'm running it with quite a bit of dust collection pipe and hose, and despite the distance, it's been able to suck up everything I've thrown at it. Ran almost a thousand linear feet of cedar through my planer last weekend (yielding over 100 gallons of shavings!) and the collector didn't even blink. As with any dust collector, I'd highly recommend a separator to go with it.

    I'd buy one again. Highly recommended.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Great design
    The new canister filter on this dust collector is a great design and seems to work really well. The product was back ordered for two months, but it finally arrived. Packaging was excellent and everything was in perfect condition upon arrival. Assembly was easy and everything lined up fine. This model has a 2HP motor pre-wired for single phase 220 and draws 8 amps, so I installed a new outlet on a separate circuit specifically for the dust collector. While cutting some Padouk wood (a bright reddish-orange colored wood) I noticed a few areas where dust was leaking out of the system. Since the sawdust is such a bright color, it shows up easily on the Jet paint. One of the leaks was where a weld was not complete, leaving a 1/16" gap between two parts. I caulked this hole and checked the machine for any other leaks. Tightening the hose clamps stopped the other leaks. You may want to run a similar test with your dust collector by cutting some different colored wood. Overall, I'm very pleased with the product. ... Read more

    20. JET 708118/JMB-UMB Heavy-Duty Universal Mobile Base
    list price: $69.99
    our price: $59.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B00006S7CE
    Catlog: Home Improvement
    Manufacturer: JET
    Sales Rank: 977
    Average Customer Review: 3.57 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan


    • Locking castors
    • 600 pound capacity
    • Adjusts from 18x18 to 28x28 inches
    • Easy assembly
    • Two fixed and two swivel casters

    Reviews (7)

    4-0 out of 5 stars Good Choice for Heavy Equipment
    After reading reviews of the HTC 2000, and knowing about the Delta UMB from personal experience, I decided to give the Jet a shot. I am glad that I did. Before getting to the review, though, five stars to Amazon's shipping department which shipped this product within a couple of hours of the time I placed the order. It hasn't arrived yet, but I bought a second one from my local tool shop. (OK, I'm weak. I couldn't wait.)

    This mobile base was very simple to set up. The spring-loaded pins locked firmly in place, and I was able to perfectly size the base to the cabinet of the 8" jointer that now rests on it. To ensure stability, I cut a sub-base from 3/4" ply, placed that on/in the base, and then placed the jointer on top of that. I then bolted the two side tabs on the jointer cabinet to the ply.

    With the wheels running opposite the length of the bed, the jointer does not move at all when being used. When it does get moved, though, it is very smooth and confident. I can't give five stars - those wheel locks are an unfortunate wart on an otherwise excellent accessory.

    5-0 out of 5 stars simply awsome
    This base is awsome. I moved my table saw to this from a delta base and couldn't be happier. The assembly took a total of about 5 minutes since there is no hardware to worry about. As to the people that saw this doesn't lock well enough for a table saw, turn the base 90 degrees. No mobile base should be set to roll in the outfeed direction of a TS. If you lock the back (fixed) casters, then the front casters can't turn so it becomes very solid.

    2-0 out of 5 stars Wheels move when locked
    I've been using this base under a jet contractor's saw with cast iron top for a few months now. The base is very sturdy, strongly made, and rolls smoothly. The big problem is that the wheels don't lock solidly, and I can't trust the saw to stay in place when I cut a large piece of plywood, etc. I'll probably buy a different base for the saw and use this one on something else like a drill press that only needs vertical support. Bottom line is it doesn't do the job for a table saw.

    2-0 out of 5 stars JET Heavy duty universal mobile base
    The base is well made, assembles VERY easily and quickly but has a major flaw - the LOCKING wheels do not lock well enough to prevent the saw from moving when you cut heavy material. This is dangerous and makes accurate cuts of larger material impossible. The rotating casters are the worst offenders.

    I'm disappointed because it is a well made unit and Jet usually produces good quality products. As an engineer I view this as a design flaw rather than a quality control issue.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Great Simple and Strong Base
    I bought this base for my 14" bandsaw and couldn't be happier. It goes together in 30 seconds instead of 30 minutes like the HTC mobile bases. All 4 casters lock securely enough to hold my saw in place. While one reviewer complained that two casters are fixed, that is so you can steer the tool when moving it. I own both the HTC and Jet mobile bases and the Jet is superior. If you need a good mobile base that is easy to adjust and assemble, buy this one and you won't be dissappointed. ... Read more

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