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    1. Grizzly H0611 Hose Reel with 50
    2. Paslode 900420X IM350-CT Impulse
    $199.00 list($515.00)
    3. Makita 6347DWDE 18-Volt Cordless
    $436.00 $415.00 list($1,085.00)
    4. Makita LS1013 Dual Slide Compound
    $299.00 $289.00 list($540.00)
    5. Porter-Cable CFFN250N Finish &
    $549.99 list($1,299.95)
    6. Brother PE-400D Combination Sewing
    $469.00 list($699.00)
    7. Hitachi C10FSH 10" Dual Bevel
    $229.99 list($388.00)
    8. Makita 6932FDWDEX 14.4V Impact
    $494.99 list($948.00)
    9. Bosch 4000-07 10" Worksite Table
    $189.99 list($360.00)
    10. Panasonic EY6432GQKW 15.6-Volt,
    $349.99 list($788.00)
    11. Delta 22-580 13" Two-Speed Finishing
    $309.99 $289.95 list($617.10)
    12. Porter-Cable 7518 3-1/4 HP Speedmatic
    $219.00 list($269.99)
    13. Porter-Cable FR350A 3-1/2" Round
    $209.00 list($229.99)
    14. Black & Decker MM875 19" Lawn
    $188.00 list($410.00)
    15. Bosch 1617EVSPK 2-1/4-Horsepower
    $225.00 list($332.02)
    16. Delta 14-651 Professional Bench
    $439.99 list($1,040.00)
    17. Bosch 4000-09 10" Worksite Table
    $199.99 $199.95 list($410.00)
    18. Porter-Cable 557XXX Professional
    $189.99 list($360.90)
    19. Black & Decker CCC3000 18-Volt
    $599.00 $598.44 list($1,170.00)
    20. DEWALT DC6KITA 18-Volt, 6 Tool

    1. Grizzly H0611 Hose Reel with 50 Ft., 3/8" Hose

    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B0000DD1AF
    Catlog: Home Improvement
    Manufacturer: Grizzly
    Sales Rank: 31530
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    2. Paslode 900420X IM350-CT Impulse Cordless Framing Nailer with Contractor's Performance Pack
    list price: $399.95
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B0001YR3Y6
    Catlog: Home Improvement
    Manufacturer: Paslode
    Sales Rank: 9592
    Average Customer Review: 5 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    A cordless nailer—it's true. This ingenious nailer is powered by battery and fuel cells, beating the heck out of a cumbersome, heavy, loud compressor. Still, it's amazingly light and easy to handle because of its smart, compact design. For the professional, it's a huge time saver—there's no setup involved. For the do-it-yourselfer, it's the power and convenience of a compressor-fired pneumatic nailer without the compressor. This Paslode will fire up to 1,200 fasteners without a new fuel cell and up to 4,000 fasteners without a battery recharge. Imagine building a deck, framing in an addition and scrambling around on a roof without dragging an air hose behind you. We think it's great too for when you'd normally have to rely on a generator for power. Just charge your battery, and you're nailing. Ingenious.--Kris Jensen-Van Heste ... Read more


    • Fast setup for less downtime and more productivity
    • Weighs only 6.9 lbs. for comfort and control
    • Voltage indicator light for monitoring power
    • Cycle rate: 2 to 3 nails per second for optimal productivity
    • Rechargeable battery for extended use

    Reviews (2)

    5-0 out of 5 stars What you get is GREAT!
    Amazon does not have a good description of this package deal, but I got it today and its a great deal. In addition to the cordless nailer, battery, charger and case, the Contractors' Performance Pack comes with an extra battery, a car adapter for the charger, 2 fuel cells, lube oil, a can of degreaser cleaner, and safety googles. I am very satisfied.

    5-0 out of 5 stars With the pro pack and the $50 off it's a great value
    I use this once a week for tight quarters framing and easy one handed nailing anytime. It's light enough for no arm strain and dependable enough to use all the time. It's not designed to shoot 5k-10k nails a week, I didn't buy it for that. You have to clean these regularly to keep them up but so what, it's easy. With the Pro kit which is an honest $79 value thrown in, and Amazon's $50 off this can't be beat. This is my third over a 14 year period. To be honest the first one was a POS and I took it back. I still have the second one and it still works, it's just time for new. ... Read more

    3. Makita 6347DWDE 18-Volt Cordless Driver-Drill Kit (2-Speed, Variable Speed, Reversible)
    list price: $515.00
    our price: $199.00
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B00009OYFD
    Catlog: Home Improvement
    Manufacturer: Makita
    Sales Rank: 312
    Average Customer Review: 3.43 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Here comes power and efficiency in a great compact size. Before you even press the trigger, you'll love how this tool fits in your hand, how well-balanced it is. The rubberized grip gives you a sure, comfortable hold, even at odd angles. Performance is top-notch, thanks to dual ball bearings, precision balancing and a refined high-grade field magnet. We're really impressed by Makita's exclusive Shift Lock Drive. With a single touch, you shift quickly and easily "drill" to "driver" mode, locking out the clutch for superior drilling. And we love it when manufacturers include two batteries with their tools, because that means no down time. The charger handles multi-volt batteries, too, so it's good for a wide range. Maintenance is simple because the brushes are accessible. A great, hardworking drill/driver.--Kris Jensen-Van Heste ... Read more


    • Includes side handle, bits, 2-batteries, charger and case
    • Powerful 18-Volt Ni-MH batteries for longer run time
    • Industrial metal gear housing and "high performance" Makita motor for long lasting durability
    • 404 in.lbs. torque with16 torque settings
    • Industrial 1/2" keyless chuck and externally accessible brushes for easy replacement

    Reviews (7)

    5-0 out of 5 stars shock and awe, in a blue package...
    Disregard all unfavorable reviews...this drill is yet another work of art from Makita! Perfect ergonomics and balance, even with a hefty 18V battery you still get incredible control and precision, instead of sweating and straining to keep the darn thing perpendicular to the drilling surface as with cheaper drills. This is my second Makita drill, the first one was a smaller 14.4v which I'll pass on to my wife because it's lighter.

    I love America, born and bred, but gotta hand it to the Japanese: when it comes to anything electric (or gasoline-powered, for that matter) they kick our butts left and right! Sony TVs, Toshiba laptops, Lexus autos, Honda motorcycles...anything that doesn't blow up things and kill people, the Japanese simply have perfected.

    Have used DeWalt drills before, they were just a little bit better than Black and Decker (the mother company) which doesn't justify the big price jump. Porter Cable has good power but tends to weigh a ton and their chucks are spotty.

    Viva Makita!

    3-0 out of 5 stars solid drill with a few caveats
    This is my third makita drill so I consider myself biased. I don't use it all day but I need a quality drill for household repairs. The electric makita drill I've had now for fifteen years and it still runs fine. My second, I bought one of those 9 volt drills when the first cordless drills came out. I good drill but it's for light work. The batteries on this I've used all day without a recharge, alot longer than the models a few years ago. I've had problems with the chuck though. On many occasions the drill bit will come loose with smaller bits. The cap has come loose. Still it's put up with all the abuse I've given it.

    2-0 out of 5 stars smoked and croaked
    After using the makita for 6 months it smoked and croaked. I was unscrewing deck boards and after a hour and 1/2 I noticed it getting warm then suddenly began to smoke. My work partner was using a Miluakee 18 volt and it kept at it all day.

    5-0 out of 5 stars ALL THE POWER YOU NEED!
    The Shift Lock Drive System is the easiest clutch lockout I've ever used. Two 2.6 amp-hour batteries and the quick charger can keep you going with out delays. Balance and the light weight make this easy to use, the 18-volt power makes it a pleasure.

    2-0 out of 5 stars Dissapointed
    Transmission broke after three months of use. Had to buy a Porter Cable while I wait three business days for mine to be repaired. Being a diehard Makita guy I should have learned by now that while their saws and such are great, the drills still need alot of work. Too expensive for homeowner use, and kinda weak to rely on for the professional. ... Read more

    4. Makita LS1013 Dual Slide Compound 10" Miter Saw Kit
    list price: $1,085.00
    our price: $436.00
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B0000223I3
    Catlog: Home Improvement
    Manufacturer: Makita
    Sales Rank: 57
    Average Customer Review: 4.48 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan Review

    Riding on a horizontal double-rail system, Makita's 10-inch dual sliding compound miter saw is one smooth operator. Both rails are self-cleaning and slide on linear ball bearings. The horizontal rail design also seems to give this saw some extra stability, a feature we appreciate, especially in a saw that bevels to 45 degrees both ways. Makita's saw has a vertical grip design with a thumb-activated safety switch and a paddle trigger, and while the vertical design might be slightly less ergonomic than the horizontal D-handle, it does allow you to use the saw comfortably with either hand. Plus, the paddle grip makes squeezing the trigger easy no matter how you're holding the handle.

    The saw crosscuts a two-by-twelve at 90 degrees and also has the depth capacity to cut four-by-four material--a feature deck builders, in particular, demand. The saw's table is large, too, giving you plenty of workspace for making wider crosscuts. The saw's nine positive stops make it easy to lock in common miters. The miter lock on this saw has a screw handle that is a little more time-consuming than recently popular cam-lock design. We really like the soft start and electric brake, however; they're user-friendly features that make a big difference, especially when a job requires a lot of constant, repetitive cuts. The pivot fence adjusts for supporting large stock and flips back for bevel cuts. The saw also has a well-designed work clamp that lets you make precision cuts on small pieces without having to get your fingers too close to the blade. Like most sliders, this saw features a depth-stop mechanism in case you have to make a few quick dado cuts on a job site. And, for home shop users, this saw also gives you the added option of a release safety button that pulls out and locks the saw off. --Jon Groebner ... Read more


    • Dual rails for stability
    • Bevels 45 degrees left and right for versatility
    • Miters 0 to 47 degrees left, and 0 to 52 degrees right
    • Adjustable sliding fence supports larger stock
    • 13-amp motor with soft start for smooth performance

    Reviews (63)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Best Tool In The Shop!
    I have been woodworking for the past 25 years and have a substantial investment in tools. I've used an 8.5" SCMS for 10 years and spent the past year shopping all the new larger sliders on the market. My purchase of the Makita LS1013 was based on precision, quality, ergonomics and value. Of the 30+ top brand power tools in my shop, the 1013 has it all! The one word that comes to mind is "SMOOTH"! The glide of the sliding rails, the ease of the miter table swing and bevel adjustment, the solidity of the saw head and blade guard in the cut and the smooth but powerful and quiet motor all give the feeling of a machine with precision and finesse. Don't get me wrong. This tool is solid and very well built. I know it will last for many years to come. The miter and bevel settings were square right out of the box and the blade run out was a negligible .001". I was ready to purchase a Forrest Chopmaster blade but found the stock 64-tooth carbide blade gave a "glass-like" finished edge with no tear-out on several types of wood. The supplied accessories and the add on accessories are great and give the saw the features to perform all the task I'll ever need. Overall, the saw "feels" right. A lot of thought must have gone into the design and final production of this unit and in my opinion, there's not really any competition out there in the SCMS market!! Although I haven't yet performed any crown molding projects with it, I'm confident that it will be up to the task. Makita has a real winner here. It'll be hard to better it in the future!

    4-0 out of 5 stars very, very picky
    I own the LS1013 and it is a great saw. I'm a carpenter and furniture builder with strict tolerances. Out of the box, my saw was set up with no needed adjustments. The angles were dead on, with minimal runout. A couple of bothersome points; the blade guard can get in the way when sliding inwards cutting mouldings and base, also the stops do have some play in them. The dust bag is pretty worthless in my opinion. I like how it has a stop at 31.6 for cutting crown moulding. Many don't offer this feature. The LS1013 slides effortlessly, the soft start is great and doesn't kick hard when you release the trigger. The blade is excellent (makita makes great blades). A friend of mine is a chairmaker who often writes articles for fine woodworking magazine. He also owns an LS1013. Great saw for the money, and haven't had any problems yet. If your looking for an accurate dual bevel sliding saw for $500 this is the best 10" saw on the market.

    4-0 out of 5 stars If I had a second chance ...
    I just got the Hitachi C10FSH a week ago, everything is good ecept the noise. I don't know what went wrong in design process,
    this saw is only 12amp but the noise is much louder than the DeWALT 708 and MAKITA LS1212 they are both 15amp. My ex boss have 2 MAKITAS they works really good. I stopped at the local store to take a close look at the MAKITA LS1013, it is a good saw,it has everything the Hitachi does, it is Made in America.You'll get a 14.4-volt cordless drill/driver kit free after mail-in rebate when you purchase this miter saw. The reason I didn't give it a 5 star rate because it isn't belt drive which the other reviewer said that the motor touch the work piece when you make right bevel, I don't know it is true or not, you'd better take a look yourself. If I had a second chance , this saw would be my choice.

    2-0 out of 5 stars Doesn't hold up.
    I'm a contractor who demands a lot from my tools. I've owned the Makita LS1013 for 3+ years and am in the market for a new saw. I really liked the saw's features when I first purchased it, but I had to bring it in to a Makita repair shop within the first year. Ever since it has been on the road to ruin. I've had it worked on five times having had the miter locking mechanism replaced twice, the safety switch replaced twice (it falls out and gets lost - I now have a screw in its place), the fence replaced once (now needing its second replacement), switch replaced; miter bearing track under the table replaced twice (again the aluminum against steel thing); etc....

    Positives of the saw: Tilted Motor (convenient & powerful), self cleaning sliders, wide base.

    Negatives: Miter locking mechanism is a threaded steel rod going into aluminum housing which quickly strips (I'm on #3); aluminum fence warps (I'm on #2 and now need #3 - I think this is due to seasonal temperature changes it experiences in the back of my pick-up truck); rear bevel lock requires clearance deeper than the table; slop in the miter angle detents (they wear out).

    I would recommend this saw to cabinetmakers, picture framers and those who have a shop set-up. For people like me who need a saw to hold up from job-site to job-site, this isn't your saw. Beware of too many features and too much aluminum, it just means there is more to go wrong. I'd gladly trade in the weight of a cast iron base and fence saw like they used to make because they hold up. For now, I'm going back to the Hitachi (not the version with the laser).

    Keep in mind, power tools made today are priced low because they are considered disposable. I suppose 3 years of everyday use might be considered a decent life span against the money it has allowed me to make. Still, I'd prefer fewer features for longevity and toughness.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Simply Put: It is the Best Compound Slider Out There Period
    I am annoyed at those who would let 6 different people use a saw that don't have the foggiest notion of how it works, then get critical of it when it breaks. This saw has a dual release on the front to set the miters. One is a lever that is spring loaded and easily moves aside in order to not click into the detents at 90 or 45 degrees for example. (So you can set it at 90.5 and not have it fall into the 90 degree detent) The other release is a large knob that screws in to tighten, and screws out to release. If you leave it tightened in and force the saw to change it's setting, you are for sure scoring, stripping, and breaking the setting mechanism.

    Pertaining to the fence; With any tool you use, like a router, or a saw, you have to be careful to start the tool spinning fast before you enter it into the work. Have you ever experienced the run away router that was touching the work when you started it up? Well the same holds true of the Makita saw. Once or twice on my LS1212, I rushed into the cut before the blade was spinning, and the power took the piece and tried to force it through the fence. Spin first, plunge second. After that happened twice, I had to realign the fence. When someone does this on a regular basis, and then has to take the saw back for a replacement fence, it's the operators fault, not the saw. The fence is thick aluminum. Humidity has no effect on it whatsoever.
    The adjusting lever for the bevel is located on the back of the slider, and of course it extends beyond the back of the stand.
    I guess I am venting, because some have chosen to abuse this stellar piece of equipment, then return it trashed, and then try to convince others that the saw is at fault. I had to say something. So enough of the confusion, let's talk about the beauty of this saw.
    The LS1013 is a brute workhorse, while at the same time an unbelievably perfectly accurate fine tool. Consider what Popular Woodworking had to say about it. "We can't recommend this tool enough. It's won every award this magazine gives out, and has earned a permanent place in our shop because it's tough and accurate."
    Workbench Magazine gave its brother the LS1212 their editors choice award. Here is some of what they said about it. "Makita LS1212 proved to be the superior saw in this test on almost every count. It is compact, powerful, and dead on accurate. The saw made perfect bevels, miters, and compound cuts using only the factory detents for setup."
    In Tool test for sliding compound miter saws, without going into all of the elaborate criteria they used for each and every aspect of DSCMiters, they said in their Winners section; "Without a doubt, my overall favorite saw is the 10-inch Makita LS1013. The company's engineers really thought the design of this model through.
    Personally I own the Makita LS1212 and it is a cornerstone of my shop. I used the Bosch Digital Protractor, which measures in tenths of a degree (equal to 3600 dots in a circle, no matter how small the circle) and measured the results in terms of accuracy right out of the box. This is it: The saw was dead on accurate, whether it was cutting a miter, a bevel or a compound miter-bevel cut, and wasn't off by even one-tenth of a degree. It is so quiet and smooth, I smile every time I use it.
    Think of the engineering: Getting a saw to bevel both ways is a problem because when you tilt it to the right to bevel, the motor would normally get in the way. Some manufacturers put the motor at the back of the saw, and run belts to it. What Makita did, was still keep a direct drive by simply tilting the motor upwards at a 45 degree arc. Direct drive gives you the maximum amount of power, and zero vibration.
    I could go on for hours about this saw. It comes with a blade that is such high quality, their is no need for an expensive replacement. It creates a glass smooth surface. With the dual bevel capability, and the Bosch digital protractor, you measure the real corner angle of the wall, (they are rarely a perfect 90) and it calculates the miter and bevel settings for cutting crown moldings. You lay the molding FLAT on the Makita, and cut a perfect crown the first time. No having to run up and down the ladder to keep tweaking it in.
    Some may complain that the dust bag doesn't work very well. I throw my arms up in frustration hearing that also. How do you get a saw that is cutting forty million different angle combinations, and get it to throw all those shavings into a little throat. Production shops have a large collector behind their saws to catch all of the dust. It is amazing that the bag does the job that it does. Mine fills up with dust, but sure it doesn't get it all, none of them do.
    I did a ton of research before buying my saw. I could tell you about the cheap plastic used in some of the competition. I could tell you about the saws that don't cut accurately, even on a simply 90 degree miter. Or the ones that cut the miter accurately, but falls short on the accuracy of the bevels. The ones that throw small pieces of wood flying at a 100 miles per hour, but I would rather just tell you that the Makita sliders are Simply the Best Compound Slider Out There. With the special going on right now, makes this a no brainer. I am so crazy about the Makita sliders that I ordered the LS1013 for portable use, even though I already have the LS1212 on a stand in my shop. Some reviews rate the 1013 higher than the 1212, due to a larger platform-work surface. It also has the crown detent, which the 1212 does not have. I love them both, now that I have been using them. Highly recommended. Triple AAA plus 5 stars. ... Read more

    5. Porter-Cable CFFN250N Finish & Brad Nailer Combo Kit
    list price: $540.00
    our price: $299.00
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B0000DCBKX
    Catlog: Home Improvement
    Manufacturer: Porter-Cable
    Sales Rank: 9
    Average Customer Review: 4.88 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    To be honest, we looked twice at the price, certain the folks at Amazon had made a mistake. But sure enough, they're right--and so is the price. Porter-Cable makes some of the best pneumatic tools in the industry, and these nailers are two prime examples. The 16-gauge is sturdy, compact, lighter and quieter than you'd expect with a grip even smaller hands can get around. Great balance, easy depth-of-drive adjustment, and a pleasure to use. Similarly, the 18-gauge is light but rugged, comfortable and maneuverable, even in awkward places or after long runs. Some other features we like: a special hardened driver blade, a sequential fire trigger, a visual reload indicator, a safety located behind the driver guide for driving brads in tight spaces and an easy-to-adjust depth guide. Both guns have directional exhausts, too. The pancake-style compressor has a six-gallon tank and easily runs both guns at the same time. It's light, portable and doesn't want much from you in terms of maintenance--it's oil-free and Teflon-coated. Some other reasons to like it: a high-flow regulator, an easy-to-read air pressure gauge, automatic thermal overload protection, an industrial-style quick-connect body in the air outlet, and a long-life motor with replaceable brushes. We can't imagine this deal will be around forever.--Kris Jensen-Van Heste ... Read more


    • 300 PSI, 25' vinyl air hose, one air hose fittings (1/4" male plus & coupler), and pipe joint tape
    • Finish any woodworking project with this limited edition kit
    • 16 gauge, 3/4"–2-1/2" finish nailer (model FN250B)
    • 18 gauge, 5/8" –1-1/4" braid nailer kit (model BN125A)
    • 135 psi, 2hp, 6 gallon pancake style compressor

    Reviews (26)

    5-0 out of 5 stars great value nailer kit
    This combo nail gun/air compressor set is a great product combination and wonderful value. I really like it. Each nail gun comes complete with a sturdy plastic carry case, a supply of nails, and tool oil. Everything comes pretty much ready to use. Just break in the air compressor (which only takes 15 minutes) and you are ready to go. The air compressor moves around from vibration when it starts up - I had to put it on a rubber mat to keep it from scooting along my basement floor. It probably wouldn't be a problem on a job site where the floor is not so smooth. The guns load easily. I used the finish nailer to build a display rack for my wife and had no mis-fires or jams using Porter-Cable nails. (I bought the B & C nails that Amazon advertised for these guns, but after later reading the negative reviews about them, I have been reluctant to use them - don't waste your money on them like I did - you can buy Porter-Cable nails at local big name home centers, which are not all that expensive).

    This is a great value and well worth the money spent. However, UPS handling has gotten so bad with heavier items that you will be taking a chance by buying it online.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Great value!
    This kit is an amazing value. One Senco nailer costs more than this whole set. As some one said earlier, I got tired of borrowing compressors and guns from relatives. I used the brad nailer to make 11 porch rail columns out of MDO plywood. (That's 44 pieces that needed to be glued and nailed.) This task would have taken me days with the conventional hammer and nails. I finished the project in an evening. The brad nailer is an extremely useful tool when building projects that require gluing. The thin gauge brads hold the project together while the glue is curing and the leave a hole that is practically invisible. This replaces the use of many clamps or clamps in awkward positions.
    The finish nailer is easier to load and as smooth as my father's $300 Senco finish nailer. It is also about half the weight. The ability to drive 2-1/2" nails is a big plus.
    The compressor is a little loud but extremely efficient. It actually powered a Senco framing nailer better than the Emglo compressor I am used to using. These tools are great for the hobbyist, home improvement guru, or home craftsmen and they will last for many years. However, the everyday use of a professional will probably wear out the finish nailer and compressor in a year or so. But if you work out of your home you can't go wrong with this set up.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Should have bought it long ago!!
    WAY COOL! What else can I say. Should have bought it long ago, but thought I could get by with a hammer and a nail set. Change is tough. Buy it!!!

    5-0 out of 5 stars Crown Molding the EZ way......
    I purchased the P-C Combo Kit to install crown molding. This is the best deal available. The compressor is indeed quite noisy. Wear ear protection. Never had a nail gun jam. Wish I had purchased one earlier. I bought this with the "Crown Molding & Trim Instalation Kit by Quint Measuring Systems". Buy the compressor kit with the Quint book & Angle finders & you won't make a single mistake. I didn't. Quint MS also offers an Excel program that is very nice. Just measure & plug in the value..... couldn't be easier. For my first attempt at installing crown molding, you couldn't tell my work from a pro's.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Why don't YOU have one yet!?!?!?!

    My father in-law bought this kit at Home Depot back in January. He told me about it and I saw it but just couldn't plunk down the money. Then I helped him put all new baseboards in his house last weekend. I got home, got on and found that there was a sale coupon which brought the price down to about $275.00 for this kit. SOLD!! This is an awesome kit. Great nailers, Great Compressor at a GREAT price. Other people have reviewed the equipment so I won't repeat what you know. Snatch one of these up ASAP before there gone. I know Home Depot in the Sacramento Area no longer sells them, all sold out. If your looking at it, you'd better buy it now, they ain't gonna last much longer. I did the Free shipping and I got lucky. Ordered it on 6/28/04 @ 727 am PDT, and received it today, 6/29/04 @ 1227 pm PDT, OVERNIGHT for free, WOW. God bless Amazon, God Bless Porter Cable and most importantly God Bless the United States of America. Now, I'm gonna go build something, don't know what, but I'm gonna build something.

    Take Care ... Read more

    6. Brother PE-400D Combination Sewing and Embroidery Machine
    list price: $1,299.95
    our price: $549.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B0000CBK1M
    Catlog: Kitchen
    Manufacturer: Brother
    Sales Rank: 6301
    Average Customer Review: 3.0 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan


    • Measures 17-3/4 by 7-1/2 by 14-3/4 inches; 25-year limited warranty
    • Combination sewing and embroidery machine with LCD touch-screen display
    • 66 Winnie the Pooh built-in designs, plus 70 additional designs; 900+ built-in stitch variations
    • Auto needle-threading for convenience; 1-step buttonholer; quick-set bobbin system
    • Accessory pack and storage case, four-by-four hoop, foot control, and instructions included

    Reviews (3)

    4-0 out of 5 stars Great Machine
    I purchased this machine a couple of years ago after hours of endless research!I have not been disappointed-- it is a wonderful machine, but I am now looking to upgrade to a bigger embroidery area.This machine has a 4 x 4 area which is fine unless you are monogramming a long name. I also purchased the extra large hoop to use which eliminated the need to keep rehooping. The cards are a bit pricey-- but the No. 1 Alphabet card is a must. The sewing machine also works great!The machine is tiny and lightwieght, but don't let it fool you! It is solid!A very good buy if you are looking to do both sewing and embroidery projects around the house.

    4-0 out of 5 stars Reason for embroidery arm positioning
    A previous reviewer left a comment that the hoop is on the wrong side.There is a valid reason for this.Unlike her PE-150, this machine is also a sewing machine.In order for this machine to function as a sewing machine, the embroidery arm has to be removable (so it is on the left side).If it was on the other side, it would be in the way for sewing.

    The other major advantage of the PE-400D over the 150 (besides being able to sew), is that it is able to read and use the Disney Brother cards.These cards can only be used by Disney Brother machines.

    1-0 out of 5 stars Arm is backwards
    I don't care for the design of the hoop holder... all the work must go to the inside of the machine and b in that small small area... not able to do it... I like the position with the brother P-150. I have that machine and wanted to upgrade to another model... But will not buy any machine that has the hoop holder on the outside... unless someone can give me a viable explanation...then I may reconsider... Thank you for allowing me to voice my thots. ... Read more

    7. Hitachi C10FSH 10" Dual Bevel Slide Compound with Laser
    list price: $699.00
    our price: $469.00
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B00007J8CH
    Catlog: Home Improvement
    Manufacturer: Hitachi
    Sales Rank: 179
    Average Customer Review: 4.3 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Hitachi’s redo of the well-built C10FS took a great saw and made it better. Laser cutting line? Done. Taller fence? Done. More legible scales? Done. The soft-start, belt-driven, 12-amp motor reduces vibration, and you get the same impeccably smooth ride on the slide that its predecessor offered, thanks to Hitachi’s linear ball-bearing system. At a mere 44 pounds, it’s a great contractor saw for job site work, trimming studs, crown molding, plywood, decorative veneer and hardboard, even aluminum sash materials--and unlike other saws, it bevels left and right. This Hitachi is dead-on accurate every time, with a smooth action and comfortable, secure grip. Our favorite update to this saw is undoubtedly the laser cutting line--who wouldn’t want that? It’s a little spendy for the average home woodworking hobbyist, but with tools, you really do get what you pay for.--Kris Jensen-Van Heste ... Read more


    • Hitachi exclusive 5 year warranty
    • New laser cut guide delivers highly accurate cuts
    • New high flip fence design for extra support
    • Frontal bevel scale makes reading angles easy
    • Soft-start, belt-driven, 12-amp motor reduces vibration for superior results

    Reviews (30)

    5-0 out of 5 stars HITACHI C 10FSH
    I am an amatuer wood worker. I thorughly researched all the competing saws including Makita, Bosch, PC, and Delta. My father in-law has owned the 8 1/2" Hitachi sliding miter saw for over 10 years and attests to Hitachi's reliability. The 10 inch saw gives greater capacity and flexibility. The Hitachi saw was delievered in perfect adjustment. It is smooth and powerful. The laser line makes aligning cuts a pleasure (especially for far sighted individuals) and is a definite time saver. The standard 40-toothed blade leaves such smooth cuts that I haven't needed to use the bonus 72-toothed blade that was included. My criticisms are the table could be bigger, the power cord should be longer and there should be an adapter to easily hook it up to a vaccum system. This is an extremely well made tool that will not disappoint.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Solid, accurate, repeatable. Love this saw.
    I am a garage woodworker and I wanted precision cross cuts for cabinetmaking. I have had the Hitachi for six months and use it a lot.

    The saw starts soft and cuts beautifully with the enclosed blade. The angles are true out of the box -- this is not a saw that requires much assembly or permits much adjustment. The laser feature is point 'n shoot simple.

    I hook this saw up to my shop DC. I was not crazy about the bag dust collector (it's not awful, but it is a bag to clean up). I attached a 2.5" DC fitting with a bit of surgery and duct tape. Works fine and is reasonably clean. I clamp the saw to my workbench and fold the saw for storage underneath when not in use. Setup is well under a minute.

    BTW, if you are training kids to work wood, this is a terrific first powersaw. The laser ensures precise cuts and as a slider, it is far easier to control than most power saws. My 11 year old uses it safely with supervision.

    My other power tools are DeWalt and Bosch, but Hitachi invented compound sliders and I have no regrets about choosing this one.

    4-0 out of 5 stars Motor is small - Noise is loud
    I bought this saw after read all review on Amazon web site. The saw arrived almost two weeks later. UPS dropped it in very good shape. I didn't use it yet, I just gave it a test and these are what I found: like other review , the saw is good except the noise.
    This saw has 12Amp motor but the noise is much louder than some 15Amp motor saws.The bevel stops at 33.9 degree is corect but at 30 degree on mine is at 29 degree but I don't know how to adjust it. If Hitachi fix those prolems it would be a five star miter saw.

    5-0 out of 5 stars other reviews right on - a great saw with some minor flaws
    Bought the C10FSH as an upgrade to the DW703. Would say that
    the other reviews are right on the money. Saw was set up
    properly right out of the box, and makes fine and accurate
    miter and bevel cuts. Very solid, no slop. Soft start is

    Before you buy, you should be aware of the following shortcomings:
    *the safety switch takes some getting used to. To me, it is a pain.
    *the laser does in fact have about 1/64" of run-out. It is
    correct at the fence side of the cut. Since this problem
    has been mentioned by so many reviewers, I have to assume that
    Hitachi considers this a feature. To me, it is no big deal.
    *My biggest beef is that there is no vernier on the miter
    table. On the DW, it is very easy to change the miter angle
    in accurate 1/4 degree increments. Not so w/ Hitachi.

    All in all, I got what I expected.

    3-0 out of 5 stars Good but not great. It could and should be.
    The major feature of this saw is that it can make both a right and left bevel cut since the motor is up out of the way. That is the reason for the belt drive. However, the laser guide is only on one side of the kerf which negates most of the advantage of having a laser. The competition has solved this by having two laser lines, one on each side of the kerf or by having a line that is a big as the kerf.
    My saw, which I have had for over a year now, the laser line is off about 1/64th at the end of the extended line. It can be set for the exact mark at the inside of a cut but will be off at the outside mark by 1/64th. In other words the kerf and the laser do not track exactly.
    Otherwise, this saw has performed very well. It would be simple for Hitachi to make an upgrade for the laser and give instructions on how to correct the misalignment. I was unable to get anyone to even listen to me when I called the national office. ... Read more

    8. Makita 6932FDWDEX 14.4V Impact Driver Kit with L.E.D. Light and "FREE" 6337D Driver-Drill
    list price: $388.00
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B0007DFWW6
    Catlog: Home Improvement
    Manufacturer: Makita
    Sales Rank: 180
    Average Customer Review: 5.0 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan


    • Dual ball bearing construction for longer tool life.
    • Fast controlled driving, fastening and drilling without kickback.
    • Built-in shock proof, high output L.E.D. light for increased visibility.
    • Compact and lightweight design for both vertical and horizontal applications.
    • Rubberized pistol grip for more comfort, control and reduced operator fatigue.

    Reviews (4)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Makita 6932FDWDEX 14.4V Impact Driver Kit with L.E.D. Light
    This is unlike any other tool out there. Using this impact driver reminds me of my first Makita cordless drill some 20 years ago ( 7.2 volt or something like that). It changed the way I worked, and so does this impact driver. Stripped out screw heads are a thing of the past with this awesome tool. The bonus driver drill is nicely balanced and works like a Makita should, all day long. I've used the impact driver to build decks, put in tech screws, and install lag bolts. I wish I had one of these babies years ago. The LED light is perfect for us old timers.
    A must have for any builder/carpenter/auto body mechanic.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Optimal Design
    The first thing I noticed about the driver when I snapped the battery in was how much lighter it was than my friend's Dewalt.

    Of course, that made me nervous as light = cheap.My paranoia was increased when I pulled the trigger and found that not only was it quieter than the Dewalt, but the reactionary force from the spinning motor felt much diminished as well.

    For some reason, all of these things gave me a foreboding until I started working with it.The impacting action was the same and the screws flew into the deck I was building almost as fast as the Dewalt.I slowly began to realize that the lighter weight made the work much more tolerable, even though I never considered the Dewalt as "heavy."

    Both the drill and the driver also have handy do-dads that probably should have been included in cordless drills since their invention, such as the drill-bit holders on the base of the drill, and the LED on the driver.I thought the light was a bit superfluous, but there I was tacking-in posts for a front porch and was glad it was there to light up the dark corners.

    As I said before, the Dewalt is a little faster, but it's also heavier, the batteries don't last nearly as long, the handle isn't nearly as comfortable to hold while operating, and it doesn't have the LED, which will of course seem preposterous until you need it.

    five stars, all the way.

    5-0 out of 5 stars kicks butt!
    What an incredible tool- This thing drives lags and long screws without the effort or stripping of a drill.The free drill bonus made it a no brainer.The 2 NIMH batteries last for extremely long periods even under extreme duty. The compact size, light weight and worklight all add up to making this the go to tool for all your driving needs!

    5-0 out of 5 stars Very compact, battery lasts a long time
    I use this driver every month to fabricate wood handicap ramps, 3" deck screws into treated lumber. No need to push it hard, just enough to keep the bit engaged. Far fewer stripped screw heads than with regular drills, corded or cordless. The battery has plenty of charge; I have not had to wait for the second battery to finish charging before swapping it in.
    This is a very strong driver - there is NOT a clutch as you find on drill drivers. In soft wood, the screw head just keeps sinking further into the wood. In hard wood, the screw head will twist off if driven too far. It IS somewhat noisy when the impact feature engages, so you may want to consider ear plugs for continuous use. ... Read more

    9. Bosch 4000-07 10" Worksite Table Saw with Folding Steel Stand, Rear Outfeed Support, and Left Side Support
    list price: $948.00
    our price: $494.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B00005JDNM
    Catlog: Home Improvement
    Manufacturer: Bosch
    Sales Rank: 144
    Average Customer Review: 4.35 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan Review

    Bosch's 10-inch Worksite table saw might just be the best of the current bunch. Benchtop table saws--which weigh 60 to 100 pounds and are light enough for one person to carry from the truck to the job site--have increased in popularity in recent years. They set up easily on a workbench or sawhorses and generally feature stable components that make them great for pros and serious hobbyists alike. Although at 60 pounds the Bosch is lighter than any other saw in its class, this saw is no lightweight. It sports a die-cast undercarriage and powerful 4.4-horsepower, 15 amp motor--burly components that make it a serious, albeit slight, contender. Conveniently, the Bosch comes ready to use right out of the box; we were making cuts about 10 minutes after the UPS delivery. Plus, it's the only benchtop table saw with an arbor lock, so mounting the blade is a one-wrench affair (less chance for busted knuckles). The wrench--like all those that come with Bosch tools--is forged, rather than stamped, and so there are no sharp edges that dig into your hand during blade changes. It's a small detail, but one that matters and one that's typical of the attention to detail paid by Bosch engineers.

    A flip of the paddle-style on/off switch initiates the soft-start electronics, which ramp the blade up to speed quickly without any disturbing jolt. The electronic feedback, popular on many saws today, keeps the blade turning at a constant speed, no matter what the load. The fence is the heart of any table saw and we found Bosch's to be a beauty. It's well machined and locks securely and accurately to the table. The cam-lock handle is padded, seats flush, and feels good to use. Like the comparable DeWalt saw, the Bosch features an extendable fence that makes it easy to rip four-by-eight panel material. It feels solid and slides smoothly, and the scales are easy to read. (There's even a built-in magnifying glass to cut down on the squint factor.) As with all the new Bosch tools, wrenches and removable items store nicely onboard the saw. The fence snaps into a holder on the side of the saw and stays put, and the miter gauge slides into a slot on the front of the tool--yet another small detail that we appreciate. The bottom line? The Bosch is a powerful saw that handles big stock without bogging down. --Mark McDonald ... Read more


    • 4.4-horsepower 15 amp motor delivers excellent power
    • Soft-start technology ensures smoother start-ups and quieter performance
    • Precision rip fence with Square-Lock technology delivers precise cuts every time
    • Response system senses torque demand and instantly delivers more power to the blade
    • Large tabletop measures 29 by 21-1/2 inches (width by length)

    Reviews (98)

    5-0 out of 5 stars The Will to Power
    This is truly a magnificent benchtop table saw, well-deserved of the awards it has won. I spent hours browsing on-line reviews to determine which portable table saw to purchase, and the Bosch topped every list. The folding stand is excellent quality, very sturdy, and allows for drop-in mounting of the table saw. Despite the light weight of the saw, there is no need to bolt the unit to the stand for a sturdy, rock-solid fit. The rear outfeed was designed with two grooves on the back end (as shown in the picture) that accept 1 x 2's, allowing you to extend the rear outfeed to virtually any length!

    Of most importance with this saw is its exceptional power. With the stock blade, I was able to rip through Armstrong laminate flooring like butter. This is a task my Dewalt 705S miter has an extreme time with, even with a laminate-specialized blade (though it's a different style of cut).

    Thanks to the soft-start and electronic feedback, the table saw doesn't need to constantly run at full power. This provides a very quiet operation, and is much safer than many other portable saws on the market -- I'm sure this even extends the motor life. Soft-start is a key feature when working on my 15-amp circuits. Unlike my miter, the Bosch doesn't blow my circuit-breaker when I turn it on.

    Tool storage is excellent -- there's even room to store extra blades on the unit. The only storage Bosch neglected to include was a blade-guard storage.

    I can't begin to describe how excellent this unit is.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Precise, workhorse of a table saw
    The Bosch 4000K Table Saw is incredibly engineered to provide for precise saw operation with great portable power. I am a very serious do-it-yourselfer (translated, contractors have rejected bids on some projects I ended up doing solo). I replaced an under powered and grossly inaccurate Delta table saw with the Bosch and am nothing but pleased. It has enough power to rip a 2x4x10 all the way without bogging down. Most of all, the rip fence is perfectly aligned. The built in dust collector port and blade, rip fence, and miter saw storage are a real plus too. The stand is very stable. When equipped with the outfeed and side tables, the Bosch 4000K can handle just about any cutting job you throw to it. And best of all, it is very light weight and built to be moved. Overall, an outstanding product.

    PS -- I am a DeWalt lover at heart, but their saw simply won't run with the Bosch. It is of lesser power and prone to accuracy issues. Check it out and you can see the same problems.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Zip-a-dee do saw
    Nice tool, especially considering the size, weight and price. Strong, quiet motor... Smooth, accurate adjustment... Well thought out in every aspect, and a pleasure to use. Typical Bosch.

    3-0 out of 5 stars 4.4 horsepower? I don't think so.
    If one horsepower is about 750 watts at 100% efficiency, then how can a 15 amp saw produce anything more than about two horsepower?

    4-0 out of 5 stars Great Saw with a few idiosyncrasies
    As others have stated, this saw is arguably the best small/benchtop tablesaw on the market. The motor is strong and quiet. The soft start feature is nice, especially since it keeps the saw from jerking on uneven surfaces (often noted on outdoor jobsites) and helps prepare your ears for the noise when working inside. The cabinet and stand seem sturdy and are well thought out (including hand grips and tool/blade/accessory storage). On the flip side, thought the saw has a textured aluminum table that scratches easily and needs cleaned of saw dust frequently. The dust port is marginally effective (I have a 5.5hp wet/dry hooked to it on the jobsite and still sweep often). Blade changing isn't difficult, but takes a little practice - 10" blades must be worked into place. While the saw runs an 8" stacked dado with ease, the arbor setup could be better (read: longer, truer, etc.) as I cannot seem to get a flat bottom dado (with Frued SD508). The side and rear extensions are very nice to have, although the side extension is not flush in height with the table surface (strange?). Lastly, machine setup is difficult (or at least for me). The table is fixed, so blade to miter slot alignment is done by moving the motor/blade mechanism which is more than touchy. The fence clamps by rear to front tension and is very hard, though not impossible, to lineup with the miter slot (repeatably). Other settings are as expected - basically problem free.

    This is a great tool and will not dissapoint if you are patient enough to get it setup well - as with any tablesaw purchase, consider decent setup tools (e.g. precision square, 45deg block, and TS-Aligner). ... Read more

    10. Panasonic EY6432GQKW 15.6-Volt, 1/2" Cordless Hyperformance Drill with 2 NiMH Batteries
    list price: $360.00
    our price: $189.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B00009KDGX
    Catlog: Home Improvement
    Manufacturer: Panasonic
    Sales Rank: 36
    Average Customer Review: 4.22 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan Review

    Impressively compact, lightweight, and comfortable to use, Panasonic's 15.6-volt drill/driver fits into tight spaces where other bulkier drills won't. The 3-1/2 amp NiMH batteries deliver remarkable run time per charge, which is a big plus, especially if you need a tool for continuous use. What about power? This Panasonic packs up to 390 inch-pounds of torque--as much (if not more) than anyone needs in a cordless tool. The motor's speed control allows full torque at any speed, so you can apply full torque while still maintaining control. The tool features dual speed ranges of 65 to 450 and 200 to 1,450 rpm. The 1/2-inch chuck takes bigger bits. The first thing you notice about this tool, however, is how compact it is (the chassis measures only 8-1/2 inches) and how comfortable it feels in your hand. The soft-pad grip provides extra cushion and the tool's balance is superb, two important features if you wield a cordless day in and day out. The tool lacks an onboard bit holder, but that's about all it lacks. The 3-1/2 amp batteries are ventilated, so they last longer, delivering up to 1,200 charges and recharges. This drill is a smart buy for plumbers, electricians, carpenters, and even woodworkers--in short, anyone who wants a small, compact drill that packs a lot of torque and is built to last. The package includes a 55-minute universal charger and hard-plastic carrying case. --Jon Groebner ... Read more


    • Compact and lightweight for all-day use
    • Two 3.5 amp Ni-MH battery packs for longer run time
    • Delivers 390 in./lbs. of torque
    • 1/2-inch keyless chuck offers big-bit capacity
    • 55-minute charge saves time

    Reviews (27)

    5-0 out of 5 stars The Best Kept Secret in Cordless Drills
    I've owned or used a lot of cordless drills, from Black and Decker (ugh), Porter Cable, DeWalt, Milwaulkee, Makita and others, but I'd never heard of the Panasonic until a friend who does a lot of decks introduced me to it. He was using the earlier 12 volt model, but everything I discovered in using that drill applies to this one as well.

    Panasonic isn't thought of as a power tool company, but their cordless drills are the best I've ever used, bar none. They've got the fastest recharge rate- 15 minutes- and that translates to more time drilling and less time recharging. It also translates to longer battery life; the less time spent charging, the less the heat buildup, and that's what kills these batteries. I know my friend has been using his on a daily basis for over five years with the original battery. The Panasonic drills also seem to get more useful drilling out of a single charge, something that recent tests by one magazine confirm.

    My current 1/2" Makita is still going strong, but if it should happen to give up the ghost, I'm replacing it with a Panasonic.

    4-0 out of 5 stars Best Drill - but battery life question
    I purchased the original 3.0 amp-hour 15.6 drill in winter 1999. The drill has always perfomed flawlessly and easliy had the best run time in comparison to 12 volt Makita's and 14.4 volt Dewalts I had used previously. I built two small boats out of white oak with this drill (all drilling and screwing) as my only drill. This included numerous 2 1/2" hole sawing through 3/4" particle board temporary framing. The drill is awesome.

    My "but" comes with the battery life. Both of my batteries were shot by early 2002, with a total life of just over 2-1/2 years. There is no way I put 1,200 charge cycles into these batteries, more like 2 charges per battery per week. The run time usually last for almost a full day of boat work. That equates to approximately 260 charges. I dont know why Panasonic is advertising 1,200 charges I know my previous 14.4 Dewalt was slightly better for battery life, but the old Makita was much better. Is it the Ni-Mh battery that does not hold up over time, or maybe the batteries should always be inside, not in the varing temperatures of the garage.

    With that said, I will be purchasing the new 3.5 amp-hour version. I just get irked that 2 replacement batteries cost as much as the whole new kit. Panasonic should make new batteries more affordable, because now I have two great drills and chargers, but only 2 batteries. Yup, bend over for the "lord of the landfill".

    5-0 out of 5 stars Highly Recommended
    One of the top tools I have ever purchased. Runs like a sewing machine. Plently of power, it has never stalled out, and I have been using it for over one year. The chuck is excellent. The drill is light weight and easy to hold over long periods of time.

    5-0 out of 5 stars A terrific tool
    Amzingly powerful, I've never been able to stall it. I have yet to run a battery dead, even after heavy use, I just recharge 'em anyway, and they don't lose charge when idle.

    I misplaced it in New Jersey, and was without it when I needed to drive some screws. All I had at hand was my good 'ol Milwaukee half inch, corded. I sure missed the light weight and power of the Panasonic and the instant electric brake. The huge motor of the "big Red one" seemed to coast forever after releasing the trigger.

    Got my EY6432 back a few days later, and sold the Red one I'd had for 10 years on eBay! (for $90)

    The Panasonic has so much power, I'll not need a cord drill ever again.

    5-0 out of 5 stars A great deal
    Powerful and precise, no slipping, and gets into every nook, cranny and corner. This PANASONIC CORDLESS is indestructible. I can't tell you how many times I've dropped or knocked this thing over. I've used it on my car, on just about every part of my house. And for the price that Amazon is asking, every professional or handiman should have one on their workbenches. ... Read more

    11. Delta 22-580 13" Two-Speed Finishing Planer
    list price: $788.00
    our price: $349.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B0000648AS
    Catlog: Home Improvement
    Manufacturer: Delta
    Sales Rank: 52
    Average Customer Review: 4.41 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan Review

    Delta calls its 22-580 a finishing planer, but it's really two planers in one. A dimensioning speed of 60 cpi allows you to shave rough wood to its desired thickness quickly and accurately, with virtually no snipe. Then, with a single pass at the quicker finishing speed of 90 cpi, your wood comes out ultrasmooth and ready to go. The razor-sharp, double-sided M2 steel knives are powered by a 15 amp, 120-volt, single-phase motor. Bells and whistles like a blade zero indicator (which lets you set the cutterhead to the exact thickness of your wood), patented cutterhead lock (which eliminates snipe), and easy blade-change system add to the value, as do the oversize infeed and outfeed tables, which make it easier to glide your wood through the machine. Overall, this is one solid piece of machinery. --Carl Thress ... Read more


    • Fastest and safest blade change system on the market
    • 2-Speed feed rate system for rough and finishing stock removal
    • Patented cutterhead lock virtually eliminates snipe
    • Full range depth stop for any thickness from 1/8" to 6-12"
    • Blade zero indicator to set the cutterhead the exact thickness of material

    Reviews (63)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Two thumbs up....way up!
    After being in the market for a planer for several months, I had read dozens of reviews. I couldn't justify spending $1200.00+ on a 15" planer, but was also a bit reluctant to buy a "portable" looking planer. I finally decided on the Delta 22-580K and I am very happy with this machine. Delta has gotten everything right on this planer. Dont let the benchtop look fool you, this planer has plenty of power. The 13" capacity is ample for most applications and the ZERO Blade Set and the Cutterhead lock are great features. The finish is smooth as glass and no sanding is required (even on the dimensioning speed its very good). The cutterhead lock really does eliminate snipe. I have found the depth gauge to be quite accurate. It took only about 10 minutes to have the unit up and running. All you have to do is mount the 2 cranks. It takes longer to watch the video that comes with the unit. I havent changed blades yet, but other reviewers say it is pretty easy. I would advise anyone looking at a 15" planer to give this unit serious consideration. I would recommend it without reservation.

    4-0 out of 5 stars Buying rough wood is great!
    This planer does a great job in every type of wood I've run through it. Plenty of power, easy to adjust, and I've probably already retrieved the cost of the planer by buying rough wood. The only reason I didn't give it five stars is that when received, the cutter head was about 3/16" out of square with the table, and it took forever to figure out how to correct it, as the owner's manual makes no mention of it. Also, I'm a little suspect of the durability of the knives, although other reviewers seem to have had good luck... I've already had to turn the originals over due to fine nicks. Don't buy this unless you've got a plan for dust collection (have to buy the attachment separately, which makes no sense). Two 12 foot 4/4 boards will fill a 30 gallon trash can when planing to 3/4". Other than the few issues, this is typical of the kind of quality I've always gotten with Delta.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Good, solid and reliable
    I bought this planer after passing on the new DeWalt because of reliability issues.

    This is a solid machine with a lot of features to make planing a simple chore for the home woodworker. I do recommend getting the dust collector chute and hooking it up to a dust collector. This thing creates a LOT of shavings.

    The wood comes out nice and smooth. I do like the zero depth stop feature. The thickness gauge is accurate once you've set it properly. I really like the instructional video that comes with the machine as it clears up any confusion with the manual's descriptions of different operations.

    I use this planer in conjunction with a Ridgid jointer, so for a relatively low outlay of $$ I can start with rough timber. This is the quickest return on investment you can get as prepared timber is so much more expensive to buy.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Faithful & True
    Being a user of Delta & Porter Cable products and builder of cabinets and fine furniture, once again, Delta's reputation of quality machinery stands true. I found the pre adjustments made at the factory were on target with no adjustments needed on my part. I broke the machine in starting with maple, walnut and oak milling down from 34" to 1/2" with no trouble and no sniping worth talking about. The finish was smooth as glass. However, I do recommend that you should purchase the vac attachment for the planer as you will build a mountain of chips that would put a beaver to shame. I have the planer hooked up to a shop vac which does the job with little effort and the area is clean after planing. If you are looking for quality work with simplicity in operating, you can't go wrong with the Delta 13" planer.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Very good first planer
    This is my first planer. I am a hobby woodworker. I have been using this planer for about 3 months now and it has become a central peice of equipment in my shop. I have run several hundred board feet of lumber through this thing and I have never sniped a board unless it was my fault (like pulling up on the board in the end of the out feed). It leaves a glassy finish on most every wood. There is some tearout in curly maple which is to be expected. It is powerful, quiet, and most importantly accurate. I have never used a pro model planer but im not sure the difference. This planer planes to the desired thickness and leaves a surface that needs no sanding. What more can you ask for. ... Read more

    12. Porter-Cable 7518 3-1/4 HP Speedmatic 5-Speed Router
    list price: $617.10
    our price: $309.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B0000222V3
    Catlog: Home Improvement
    Manufacturer: Porter Cable
    Sales Rank: 77
    Average Customer Review: 4.51 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan Review

    When it's time to step up to a bigger router, Porter-Cable's 7518 should be on your list of contenders. It has as powerful a motor as you can find on a router and a reputation for accuracy and dependability. It's designed to work with bits as large as 4 inches in diameter and has electronic soft start and five speeds, to ensure that you'll be able to use those giant panel cutters safely and smoothly. The large bit capacity also makes it a great poor man's shaper when mounted on a good router table. Like most of Porter-Cable's routers, this model features their autorelease collet system, which does a good job of eliminating the problem of frozen bits and the need for rapping on the collet to remove them. Of all the routers we've tried, Porter-Cable's are among those with the lowest vibration and cleanest cuts. One thing we wish Porter-Cable would improve on is the lack of a spindle lock, which means that two wrenches--and potential knuckle wracking--are involved in bit changes. But given that a router's real value is measured by the results it produces, we'd still recommend the 7518 as one of the best routers available and a great choice for any shop. --Brian Trinen ... Read more


    • Ideal for table mounting
    • Soft start for smooth performance
    • 5 speed 15-amp motor maintains constant speed under load
    • Aluminum motor housing prevents heat build-up
    • Auto release collets

    Reviews (35)

    5-0 out of 5 stars tool for removing bits from porter cable routers
    I have had the same problem removing bits from my 7518 and 690 routers, as every other frustrated woodworker has. But, not any more! I had the extra set of wrenches from my 690 and have invented and made a tool that locks onto the base and slides into the nut in one motion and makes the job a snap. My 7518 is table mounted always, so I made the tool with an adjustable leg that sits on the shelf under the router, and the tool just sits there always ready for work. Want one? Contact me at ... . The 7518 is just an "animal"! You name it, and it can plow through it, effortlessly. Keep it clean and you'll have few problems. I have a 1 hp Jet dust collector dedicated to it and have no cleanliness related problems with it. Even walnut with its talcum powder dust has never made any difference in how this beast gets the job done. Since I made the tool, using the 7518 has become even more efficient. (I've never figured out why PC never thought of this. They're certainly charging enough for this machine, and have probably had hundreds of complaints about this.)

    5-0 out of 5 stars For What It's Worth
    I was very surprised to see the 7518 getting anything but 5-star reviews. I have had mine for five years and had nothing but marvelous experiences with it. It has more power than you're ever going to need, has a soft start that's a very nice feature, variable speeds which come in handy at times, and it's pretty much bullet-proof. What's not to like?

    I learned the bulk of my woodworking at Palomar College, which is where I was introduced to Porter-Cable routers. We were taught to always unscrew the base when we changed bits, so it's natural for me to do it that way. Their main workhorse is the Porter-Cable 690, and anything that will stand up to the kind of abuse that 150 students per day can dish out... I first purchased the 690 because of that, and when I made the ultimate router table in the Jigs and Fixture class, I graduated to the 7518.

    Because of the weight (18 pounds), I have never left the motor in the router table, as some of my fellow students found that doing so tended to deflect the insert plate over time. I do leave the base attached at all times, but when I'm finished with the router table, I unscrew the motor, blow out all the sawdust from both motor and base, then store the motor in a cabinet. There are no scratches on the motor, and it has always been very easy to adjust the depth of the bit. I think those who are having problems with sawdust gumming things up over time could resolve this by simply taking off the motor and blowing out the sawdust when they're finished using it.

    Changing bits has never been a problem because of the procedure I was taught at Palomar. I merely lift the insert plate with attached router out of the router table, unscrew the base and change bits. Pretty simple, really.

    I have mostly used the 7518 in my router table, but there have been a few times when I've needed it for hand-held operations. The only drawback then is the weight, but all that power comes at a cost, I suppose. Actually, the much-maligned (and deservedly so) Sears router does pretty well for edge routing because of the light weight and those big handles.

    After LOTS of use I can honestly say the 7518 looks like it's brand new. I firmly believe that I will be doing woodworking for the next thirty or forty years, and I have every confidence that my original Porter-Cable routers will still be in use, having, at the very most, had the brushes replaced.

    It's a superb router. Buy it with confidence.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Power to spare
    This beast turns the Freud 3.5 inch router bits with ease. I have it perma-mounted in my Jessem router table. I would recommend this to folks that want to use large panel raising bits and don't want to make 3 passes. I've been able to run the Freud 3.5 inch bit with backcutter through solid cherry in one pass without any hesitation from this monster.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Awsome
    I bought this router to replace and older 1 1/2 hp Porter Cable router which I thought was great until I purchased this Porter-Cable 7518 3-1/4 HP Speedmatic 5-Speed Router, WOW what a difference in power it is night and day, I use to use a speed control to operate larger bits and the smaller router would bawg down but not this "Mac Daddy" it has speedmatic which increases power under load without making larger bits spin like crazy, I realize that it costs more but if you are a hobbyist like I am or even a proffesional this router is definately a good investment, my only complaint would be the two wrenches to tighten bits seems kind of old fashioned in this day and age

    4-0 out of 5 stars Make sure you read what's included
    I think it's criminal that Porter Cable has chosen not to include both the 1/4 inch and the 1/2 inch collet with this $300 plus router. This collet can't cost more than fifty cents; yet it's retailing for around $12. This is especially true since Porter Cable has joined the ranks of other companies, manufactoring their blades and bits in China. I have a number of Porter Cable tools, and they've always been first rate. I was really surprised when I received my new 7518, and it only had one collet. If they're going to rip you off on a collet, who knows what corners they're going to cut inside the case.

    Aside from the collet problem, this appears to be a first rate router. I bought it without comparing it to other routers in it's class because I have several Porter Cable tools, and I trusted their quality. I can't say I have the same level of trust anymore. In the future, I'll definately make some serious comparisons before I buy another Porter Cable product. ... Read more

    13. Porter-Cable FR350A 3-1/2" Round Head Framing Nailer Kit
    list price: $269.99
    our price: $219.00
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B0000B3AR9
    Catlog: Home Improvement
    Manufacturer: Porter-Cable
    Sales Rank: 398
    Average Customer Review: 4 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Porter-Cable never disappoints, especially with their air tools. Here's a great nailer for the contractor or do-it-yourselfer in the Southeast, Gulf Coast and Western regions with its 22-degree plastic collated round head framing nails from 2 to 3-1/2 inches long. We like the new rounded body style on the nailer, which Porter-Cable says has doubled the tool's life, and we can tell you it feels right in the hand. It's still packing plenty of power, even though it's more compact. As always, we're fond of its tool-free adjustable exhaust, tool-free adjustable depth of drive with detents, and an internal piston catch for consistent power. The triggers can be set to restrictive or contact mode, so you've got complete control over nail release.--Kris Jensen-Van Heste ... Read more


    • One year limited warranty
    • Great value for the price
    • Powerful enough to drive nails into engineered lumber
    • Compact body design for better balance and style
    • Kit includes nailer, air fitting with dust cover, oil, operating manual and carrying case

    Reviews (3)

    4-0 out of 5 stars SO SWEET !
    This is my first framing and I like it. I only compared this tool to the reviews I read online from various construction sites. There are no bad reviews on this gun, just that they would not use this everyday. With nails loaded I found some scrap and fired one off. The head was proud of the surface but
    with an adjustment I was sinking them in seconds. I like the sequential fire mode better, but i'm not use to the gun yet.
    The bump fire mode is real dangerous if you don't know what you are doing. The first nail sinks, then the recoil, next thing
    you are forcing the gun down to fire again all by reaction.
    Before you know it you just fired 4 nails and one an inch above the surface, it's like a machine gun!
    Buyer beware !!! All of the framing nailers are not toys !
    They are not like the brad, finish nailer and narrow crown
    stapler all of which are lightweight and easy to control.
    Price was a major factor when buying this, but I was looking
    at the Hitachi NR83A2 for about $100 more.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Great Framing Nailer
    Just finished house number 2 with this bad boy. You just can't beat Porter Cable. Stick with the 350A instead of buying the 350mag. It is only about a pound heavier, comes with a case and you save $40.

    Very Well Balanced Machine, little fatigue during the day. Great hands-free depth adjustment. Extremely easy to load, advance and clear. You can change from restrictive to sequential fire easily on the trigger.

    My Hitachi can now be retired, I will not go back, this is my framing nailer of choice. As another reviewer seems to have found out, this is not an appearance nailer, for something like siding you may want to try the Porter-Cable RN175A Coil. I have had no problems sinking 16D's in even engineered lumber. For everyday use the 350A is highly recommended.

    3-0 out of 5 stars Round head framing nailer
    This gun lacks for power when using 16s on KD spruce framing. I have a large compressor capable of delivering 110PSI, 25 gal. with 3/8" hose. There is a fair amount of kickback but even when well braced it will leave heads proud. I wanted the round head for appearance on exterior trim. The plastic collated nails leave little bits under each head which ruins an otherwise nice flush look. I would not recommend this gun for contractor use. ... Read more

    14. Black & Decker MM875 19" Lawn Hog Electric Mulching Mower with Rear Bag
    list price: $229.99
    our price: $209.00
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B00005AKZI
    Catlog: Home Improvement
    Manufacturer: Black & Decker
    Average Customer Review: 4.31 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan Review

    If you think electric mowers are designed for the meek, you'venever tried the Black & Decker MM875 Lawn Hog. A high-efficiency 12 ampmotor provides all the power you need to tackle even the toughest lawn.Best of all, you never have to hassle with oil, gas, or spark plugsagain! The mower comes fully assembled in the box. No tools, noworries--you'll be up and mowing in no time. And best of all, no pullstarts! Adjusting the wheel height is quick and easy thanks to a simpleone-touch system that raises and lowers all four wheels to any of eightpreset heights in one operation. Whether you love yard work or considerit a chore, Black & Decker'sMM875 Lawn Hog will have you lookingforward to your weekly appointment with the lawn. --Carl Thress ... Read more


    • 19-inch cutting deck built of super-tough polymer and guaranteed for life
    • Powerful 12 amp motor means not hassling with gas and oil
    • Features the option to mulch, rear-bag, or side discharge (chute sold separately)
    • Push handle adjusts up and down depending on the required height
    • One-touch deck adjustment offers the choice of 1-1/4 to to-3-1/2-inch clearance

    Reviews (48)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Great mower and no mess!
    I love this mower. There is no gas or oil to mess with and no cord to pull to start it. Just plug it in and go! The cord isn't that difficult to manipulate around. Just keep the cord laying in the part of the lawn that you've already mowed, and you're set. Height adjustment is also super easy with this mower. It's almost winter, and I couldn't help but laugh when I saw all my neighbors draining oil and gas from their mowers. The Lawn Hog is so much easier. The only people who might be unhappy with this mower are those who think the loudness of their mower (/motorcycle/car/tools/ know the type!) makes them more "manly." Little do they know!

    5-0 out of 5 stars A great little mower which doesn't pollute.
    I looked long and hard at all the mowers. With a commitment to clean air and such, I was willing to overlook a few of the problems or shortcomings of electrics vs. gas. I was concerned that my 1/4 acre would be too large for an electric, and just about everyone told me it WAS too large. But I went with this one anyway, and so far, I'm glad I did.
    The nice thing about the corded version is that it is a lot cheaper than the battery version, and a lot lighter. I would draw a parallel between a car with an automatic transmission vs. a car with a stick; the automatic is easier and more convenient, but it's more expensive and has more potential problems. Americans have always seemed to want to pay extra for convenience and ease, and in so doing have hurt the environment and themselves, with no exercise. I also heard that replacing batteries was very costly. Managing the cord is an issue, but for me, not a big one. The mulching feature works great; no more clumps of grass on the lawn. And it's very quiet, compared to the gas guzzlers.
    Do yourself, your neighbors and the environment a favor by getting this mower. Take a chance and be different. You don't have to do what everyone else is doing!
    Incidentally, my second mower is a Scott's Classic Reel (push) mower, which is great too!

    5-0 out of 5 stars Great Alternative
    Rather than using a gas powered lawn mower, I bought this while living in San Diego. It had a sleek design, didn't pollute, it was easy to use and best of all, I didn't have to fuss with messy oils and gasoline. Manuevering with an extension cord however, can be a bit awkward. The only recommendation I would make is this: Don't get too long of an extension cord. I purchase a 100 ft. cord, which in itself was a nightmare dealing with because of the weight and inconvenience. I ended up having spool it around a hose caddy on wheels, so that I could roll it around.

    5-0 out of 5 stars THIS IS MY 2ND B&D MOWER.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Nice Mower
    I have only had this mower for a week, but I already know that I'm going to be very happy with it. I don't have too big of a yard, so I thought I'd just go with an electric mower instead of hassling with a gasoline engine. I looked at the 18" model of this mower in my local home improvement store and liked what I saw. Since the 19" model was available here, and it was on sale, I decided to go with this model.

    I've used it twice already this week and it worked great, so much so that I'm now considering some of the other lawn tools of this brand. ... Read more

    15. Bosch 1617EVSPK 2-1/4-Horsepower Router Combination Pack
    list price: $410.00
    our price: $188.00
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B00005RHPD
    Catlog: Home Improvement
    Manufacturer: Bosch
    Sales Rank: 17
    Average Customer Review: 4.35 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan Review

    Bosch's 1617EVSPK is a strong entry in the 2-1/4-horsepowercombination router market. Solid, all-magnesium construction makes theBosch durable and lightweight, while special touches, such as woodenhandles on the fixed base and contoured, soft-grip handles on the plungebase, add to the comfort of users and give the tool a look ofdistinction lacking in some of its competitors. Of course, looks areonly skin deep, and this router has plenty to offer below the surface aswell. At its heart, a powerful 12 amp, 2-1/4-horsepower motor deliversconsistent results at variable speeds of 8,000 to 25,000 rpm. Theexclusive precision centering design ensures bits are perfectly centeredin the router base, a handy feature for maintaining accurate cut lines.A wider-than-average base opening provides superior visibility andallows the Bosch to accept larger bits, while a micro bit-depthadjustment system makes fine-tuning fast and easy. Unlike manycomparable routers, the Bosch 1617EVSPK is designed to move from base tobase without the use of tools. Instead, it clamps solidly into place forquick and easy transfers. What's more, the motor never rotates whileadjusting depths, allowing you to stow the power cord on either sidewhere it's out of the way. --Carl Thress ... Read more


    • Quick clamp system on both bases for tool-free conversion - Move motor from base to base with ease
    • 2.25 HP/ 12 AMP Motor 8000-25000 RPM Variable Speed - Most powerful on its class
    • Variable speed dial, match speed to workpiece and task
    • Soft-start reduces start-up torque
    • Constant-Response Circuitry - - Maintains constant speed under load - Protects against overload

    Reviews (54)

    5-0 out of 5 stars You'll love this combo kit Bosch 1617EVSPK 2HP
    If you were looking at getting a combo kit now is your chance to get a 2 HP unit instead of the 1.5 HP units. The softstart and self center bits work great both as a plunge router as well as a fixed base and the 2 HP soft start and mag body makes it easy to control as well as light weight.

    The 2 HP unit has plenty of power to be used in a router table a nd if you can only afford one router don't skimp for a few dollars more you get more power, variable speed and the bosch 2 HP variable speed router with the micro fine adjustments.

    I have had the 1617EVS fixed based for over 6 months and the extra cost to buy the plunge router attachment added up to more than this whole kit with the storage case costs.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Bosch 1617EVSPK is Superb
    I have several routers, and this Bosch PK serves a unique purpose. I leave the fixed base mounted under the router table, and put the motor into the plunge base for hand held work. It is like having two routers. With the simple twist of the motor, it drops right out of the fixed base mounted under the table, and drops into the plunge base. The big advantage is the micro adjustable knob. You may have experienced the problem of using lesser routers whose setting is lost completely when you release the clamping mechanism. It slides to another spot, then you test the setting again in frustration. With the Bosch, you get your gross setting in order, then tweak the fine adjustment knob to zero it in perfectly. Truly a precision way of working. The power is more than substantial for any task.
    I have a Bench Dog router table extension for my table saw. The clear plexiglas router plate, allows the maple handles of the fixed base to show through. It is definitely impressive.
    The variable speed is a necessity when using larger bits. The soft start feature is wonderful, especially when using it as a handheld, so it doesn't torque it out of your hands.
    All in all it is definitely a 5 star piece of equipment. I just wish they offered the Free Deluxe Edge Guide when I bought mine.

    4-0 out of 5 stars A year of research
    I considered the purchase of a router and router table or shaper for over a year. After much research and reading all of the reviews I could find I decided to buy both a router and a shaper separately rather than a router table.

    I purchased this router and am very impressed with the smooth speed change and overall operation of the tool. It is physically more compact and better balanced than the Porter Cable equivalent tool. You will find that the Makita is most comparable in terms of quality, price, and features. But I have more experience with Bosch products and choose this.

    It took me a minute to figure out that the depth guide is also the release lever to release the motor from the base (to switch from the fixed to plunger base). On my first use I setup the deluxe edge guide as a guard, rigged the router into a right-sized hole in my work bench, and used it as a router table. I'll eventually buy a separate shaper, but this setup was accurate enough to shape window dividers.

    If you are considering purchasing the Bosch router table -- I'd advise buying a stand-alone shaper like the Jet JWS-18HO or the Grizzly G1035. Grizzly also makes a G0510 shaper with stand that is cheaper than the Bosch stand alone -- and you won't have to install and remove the router -- leaving your router free for free-hand work. Note that both the Jet and the Grizzly G1035 have router bit spindles available -- but that the G0510 does not and will only accept shaper bits, not router bits.

    3-0 out of 5 stars Bad switch design
    This is a great router, BUT there is a design flaw with the switch. I have had mine for 13 months (one month out of warranty). I used it to make a cut, turned it off and then went to make another cut and it wouldn't turn on. There are many complaints in Amazon's reviews about this switch. Bosch needs to pay attention to these reviews and should redesign this switch! It ruined my woodworking weekend!

    2-0 out of 5 stars quality control
    I purchased this router after considerable research. Upon receiving the kit I was fairly pleased. I used it for a brief period of time (less than two hours) on my first project and found the weight, feel, noise and control to be very pleasing. Upon trying to use it on my second project, the router would not switch on. I was not happy. I called Bosch, and of course they apologized and referred me to a service center, surprised of course because they had no idea that there was a problem with the switch. Upon setting up repairs with the service center they claimed that it was not a surprise because the switch used is undersized and it is not the first one they have had to replace. Just beware, I like everything about the router so far, but I am afraid that too many corners have been cut on their design and quality control.
    I will replace the switch and will probably have to do so frequently. ... Read more

    16. Delta 14-651 Professional Bench Top Mortising Machine
    list price: $332.02
    our price: $225.00
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B00006K00N
    Catlog: Home Improvement
    Manufacturer: Delta
    Sales Rank: 50
    Average Customer Review: 3.56 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan Review

    Square holes? No problem. Delta's industrial mortiser offers precision with a1/2-horsepower motor behind it. A rack-and-pinion system raises and lowers the head,and the mortising head column swings 180 degrees for off-table work. Clearly a step upfrom Delta's MM300 Shopmaster mortising machine, this one's made with theprofessional user in mind and includes an adjustable dovetail way on the mortising head,a tool and chisel tray, a gas-filled head stabilizer and multiposition feed lever. There'salso a generous 16-3/4-by-13-1/2-inch cast-iron base and 2-15/16-inch tall two-piecefence totaling 13-5/8 inches in length. Bit and chisel changing is easy with the chuckkey/hex wrench. Of course, we always want to use new tools right out of the box, andDelta's made sure you can get started right away with 1/4-, 5/16-, 3/8-, and 1/2-inchchisel and bit sets. Beats a drill and hand chisel any day! --Kris Jensen-Van Heste ... Read more


    • Includes 1/4-, 5/16-, 3/8-, and 1/2-inch chisel and bits to get you started right away
    • 1/2-horsepower motor designed and engineered exclusively for mortising for greater accuracy and reliability
    • handles work up tp 3-3/4 inches under hold down for a variety of applications
    • Multi-position hand lever and rack and pinion lowering system for easy operation
    • Large Cast-iron base with center through hole

    Reviews (34)

    4-0 out of 5 stars Excellent machine
    Assembly is straightforward, though compressing the hydraulic cylinder to mount it is not mentioned in the instructions. It takes some force, but you can do it by hand.

    You do have to keep an eye on the depth of the drill relative to the chisel. If the drill bit isn't in REALLY tight, it can back out a bit when mortising dense hardwood. Then you'll get the chisel making premature contact, and that will probably shorten its life.

    The instructions that come with the device could be better. I think Delta assumes that pros are buying these things, and underestimate the "New Yankee" factor.

    Even given these relatively minor complaints, this tool rocks. It makes a difficult and time-consuming manual operation a simple and fast power operation. Well done. As long as the chisels hold up, I'll be happy.

    4-0 out of 5 stars buena herramienta
    adquiri delta mortiser machine y la recomiendo como una estupenda herramienta hace el trabajo mas facil y limpio y rapido una buena herramienta a bajo precio
    la recomiendo

    1-0 out of 5 stars Boo Hoo Hoo
    I just received my Delta Mortiser and like others have reported, it was damaged. The packaging looked as if it had already been "around the block" a few times. After opening it, I found a crack in the cast iron motor bracket. (my heart fell to the floor... ;-(
    Just finished packing it up for return. I was very suprised at the flimzy packaging from Delta. I own at least a half dozen or so Delta power tools and all of them where packaged as if they were ready to take a trip on the space shuttle. I've bragged to my wife several times about the way Delta tools are packaged. (She even keeps the boxes for storage) Even with the marginal shipping practices of UPS, this unit is truely packaged poorly. The fact that the unit is packaged with the head attached to the stand creates an accident waiting to happen. It seems that minimal shock can crack the dovetail. I guess Delta failed to do a drop test on this unit.
    The styrofoam seems as if was not fitted for this tool. There is so many little cubby holes that don't seem to fit the parts that it took some time to figure out how to repackage it for return.
    I guess I'll give it another try. Maybe next time I'll be able to talk about how much I love the tool.... dc

    5-0 out of 5 stars what service
    i read all the reviews ,including the horror stories about broken parts and bad packing , but i ordered the 14-561 anyway.
    i have always had good results with amazon. i placed my order on
    may 31. tracking said i would receive items(i had other items in
    this order) on june 7. well they all arived on june 8. only 8 days total. not bad! i really did not know what to expect because of all i had read. my delta 14-651 mortiser was in perfect condition.the box had one tear on a corner about 2in.long , no big deal.i set it up in about 20 min. and made my first mortise in some oak. THIS MACHINE WORKS GREAT! bits and chisles VERY sharp. machine has plenty of power. take your time and enjoy.

    4-0 out of 5 stars shipments cause concerns
    this is an excellent piece of equipment if it is delivered without damage. from the reviews I read it appears that all the
    damaged units were purchased from why? should I buy
    a second unit for my son from a local merchent? ... Read more

    17. Bosch 4000-09 10" Worksite Table Saw with Gravity-Rise Wheeled Stand
    list price: $1,040.00
    our price: $439.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B00067IX1A
    Catlog: Home Improvement
    Manufacturer: Bosch
    Sales Rank: 71
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan


    • Large machined aluminum tabletop (29 by 21-1/2 inches) easily handles bigger stock
    • Powerful 15 amp, 4.4-horsepower max tool output has the power to tackle any material
    • Precision rip fence with patented Square-Lock technology provides accuracy with every cut
    • Soft-start for quieter, smoother startups
    • Constant Response circuitry constantly monitors torque demand and instantly delivers additional power, plus protects against overload

    18. Porter-Cable 557XXX Professional Plate Joiner Kit
    list price: $410.00
    our price: $199.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B00004YKUO
    Catlog: Home Improvement
    Manufacturer: Porter-Cable
    Sales Rank: 19
    Average Customer Review: 4.6 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan Review

    Though this Porter-Cable tool is priced higher than comparable DeWalt and Makita models, the 557 is's top-selling plate joiner. Its success is perhaps due to its very powerful 7-1/2 amp motor--the largest in the industry--which turns the blade at 10,000 rpm and does an excellent job of making clean cuts in any kind of wood. As well as cutting slots for the standard no. 0, 10, and 20 biscuits, Porter-Cable's joiner features an exclusive, full-thickness, FF biscuit developed especially for cabinet face frames. Another unique feature of the Porter-Cable joiner is the 2-inch blade (included), which is small enough to make cuts in stock as narrow as 1-1/2 inches. We found the microheight adjustment works well, allowing for precise biscuit placement. The tool is well balanced and comfortable to use. --Michael Shilling ... Read more


    • The micro height-adjust knob allows precise biscuit placement
    • The powerful 7.5 amp motor delivers smooth, accurate cuts
    • Includes 2- and 4-inch diameter blades for standard and face frame biscuits
    • The unique fence adjusts from 0 to 135 degrees to ensure accurate mitered joints
    • The top handle is attached directly to the fence for maximum stability

    Reviews (55)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Excellent Tool to Butter the Biscuits!!
    I am now hooked on the biscuit joints! I use to like the ease and use of dowel rods for end joints, but was sometimes limited with the size and application of the dowel. But this PC biscuit joiner has changed my mind!

    The ease and accuracy is simply amazing. The fence system is simple to operate and allows for a host of heights and angles, all with precise cuttings. The powerful motor (7.5 amp) always cuts a smooth and accurate slot. There is very little, if any, vibration that could cause distortion. Changing slot sizes is as easy as turning a knob. Includes the #0, #10, #20 and FF cuts. The smaller 2" blade, which is included, is a simple task to change over to cut even smaller frames.

    This unit has a great dust collection system. The dust bag REALLY works! All chips are routed to the dust opening chute and neatly collected in the bag. The bag is easily removed and emptied.

    This unit might be a little more expensive than other plate joiners, but the results are in the end product. Accurate, precise cuts yielding a smooth, strong joint are almost a sure thing.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Hard to improve on this one
    Not everyone admits to liking biscuit joiners. Some people still like the discipline of slower, more labor intensive joining techniques. Some of these have their place. Decorative dovetails improve the look of some cabinets. Mortise and tenon joints are stronger and better for some applications, like a bench base. But for a fast, reasonably strong, no-nonsense joint, a biscuit joiner is tops.

    The PC 557 is a fine and specialized tool. It cuts cleanly, allows for very small biscuits using the 2" blade. The fence is strong and accutate. It has all the power that you need. Could the dust collection be better? Maybe, but it is at least average and maybe better than average for a tool like this. The PC cases would benefit from real latches, not the cheap plastic clips that they use. But these are very minor issues. I can not imagine anyone being disappointed by this tool.

    The main competitor for the 557 is the Dewalt. It is also a good joiner but Dewalt seems to have a lot of trouble with quality control. The tools work well, but I have too many friends who have had bad switches and other minor but annoying problems with Dewalt tools. PC, Delta, Ridgid, Makita all seem like better bets to me in general... and the PC 557 a better bet in particular.

    4-0 out of 5 stars Great Tool only minor changes recommended.
    After much research, I purchased this tool from a local retailer. Right out of the box, this tool was very straight forward to use and laid out well. Within the first three days of purchase I probably jointed 200 biscuits, this thing rocks!, I was impressed. The accuracey and control design are excellent. I'm glad I spent the extra cash and went for the 557, the Dewalt and other brands seemed cheaply built. My only complaint is with the dust collection, It is useless. After all the use, I have yet to empty it, it just does not work.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Hobbyist wood worker and carver.
    The porter cable 557 type 3 arrived yesterday, and I made a few test cuts today. After reading numerous reviews on the web on this and earlier models I had a couple of concerns. Noise: I was expecting something comparable to a 1 hp router, but was pleasantly suprised it is much quieter than that.
    Torque: I expected a mild jump when the motor spun up, but noticed no jump whatsoever. I did clamp the piece to the work bench and used both hands on the tool. The handle which holds down the front guide on the work piece is angled back towards the operator and gives a very comfortable and secure hold on the tool. My cuts were made in scrap pine so I can't address jump as the blade enters a hard woood like oak, but on pine it is effortless. I dry fitted some #20 biscuits. They slid in smoothly with a light friction. The work pieces mated up perfectly.
    Overall the components appear solid.

    5-0 out of 5 stars very easy to set up and use
    This is my first plate joiner and even with that it was simple to set up and use. I have only used it for one small project so far.

    I was impressed with the accuracy of the fence and smoothness of the cut. ... Read more

    19. Black & Decker CCC3000 18-Volt Cordless Lawncare Center with Charging & Storage Station
    list price: $360.90
    our price: $189.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B00023RSUA
    Catlog: Home Improvement
    Manufacturer: Black & Decker
    Average Customer Review: 5 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan


    • Includes NST2018, NHT518, NS118, 3-18 volt batteries, a 3-port charger, the storage station and all wall mounting hardware
    • Easily mountable storage station that makes all three products easily stored
    • All products use the same 18-volt batteries
    • Battery charger can charge all 3 included batteries at the same time
    • Part of the Black and Decker 18-volt products' system

    Reviews (5)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Black & Decker CCC3000 does what it says it'll do
    I have an acre lawn with lots of landscaping, and this is perfect for my needs. It does take more than one battery pack to trim my whole yard, but with 3 interchangable packs, it is no challenge for it. And with 18 volts, the power provided is more than adequate for the yard. The blower is powerful and makes my yard look much neater, and the hedge trimmer is great. Along with an edge hog electric edger I purchased this year, I have all the tools to make a manicured lawn. You can't beat the price of this set of tools either. All 3 items can be purchased seperatly, but you'd pay quite a bit more for them doing that.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Does Just What I Want
    Tried all three units. The guard on the trimmer serves as a trim guide. The trimmer cuts through the suckers that sprout at the base of harvested trees. The blower is just fine for clearing debris from the porch and deck. Can't get much easier. Don't worry much about dead batteries. With the three supplied, normal use is not a problem. If I REALLY want heavy duty (for the few times I need it) gas is the way to go. But who wants the stink and bother?? For the price I paid, my son was amazed the wacker had an auto line feed.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Great tools, great convenience
    The tools themselves worked great. I was pleasantly surprised at how powerful the blower was. The line trimmer did an acceptable trimming job, and actually did great at the edging work. The hedge trimmer make quick work of my low hanging tree branches.

    I loved the convenience of the two hanging units, one for the tools themselves, and one for the charging unit. Helps to keep an organized garage.

    Highly recommend this set for the typical homeowner.

    5-0 out of 5 stars very happy and pleased
    Have used this set for the first time the other day and am very happy to say all three tools work great. the ease of use of cordless is just fantastic! The trimmer worked great on ivy and though I feel a little like I sold out with the blower (can't stand the pollution; noise and exhaust) it is quiet and if used responsibly is great to have for those hard to reach/sweep areas. I would highly recommend.

    5-0 out of 5 stars great "bang for the buck" for the AVERAGE home-owner
    for the owner of a "modest" yard,..this is an INCREDIBLE bang for the buck. the weed trimmer and the hedge trimmer did their jobs excellently and the sweeper exceeded my expectations to the Nth degree. ALL THREE tools were up-to-the-task of trimming, hedging, edging and sweeping. i was MOST concerned about battery life. i manicured my entire yard with ALL THREE tools with nary a gasp from the battery (15-20 minutes use from each,..NOT counting pauses between "uses"). the package comes with a 3-station battery charger AND a "hanging station" for all three tools (PLUS, can pick up an extra 18 volt battery or two at your local megastore IF you need it [for large yards]). i could not be happier.....weeds and grass got whacked, my various hedges got trimmed AND my carport and driveway were cleared of debris in a matter of moments. AND....THE NOISE....DID I MENTION THE NOISE??? THAT'S BECAUSE THESE ARE VERY QUIET, NEIGHBORHOOD-FRIENDLY POWER TOOLS. i am quite satisfied and would HIGHLY recommend the CCC3000 kit to ANYONE with "fairly" modest lawn care needs. ... Read more

    20. DEWALT DC6KITA 18-Volt, 6 Tool Cordless Combo Kit
    list price: $1,170.00
    our price: $599.00
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B0002AJKMC
    Catlog: Home Improvement
    Manufacturer: DeWalt
    Sales Rank: 616
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Power, power and more power! The 18-volt 1/2-inch hammer drill/driver's high-torque motor churns out an impressive 500 inch-pounds of torque—imagine the jobs it could tackle. We were surprised by how good it feels in hand, thanks, we think, to its neatly balanced design that places the handle toward the center of the tool. A nice touch is the ratcheting chuck with carbide jaws for a superb hold on your bit. And the all-metal, three-speed transmission is so innovative that DeWalt patented it. All we know is that this is one powerhouse of a hammer drill/driver, no matter what mode it's in. The DC385 recip saw's keyless blade clamp wins points in our book for fast blade changes. And talk about fast—with its one-inch stroke length, it runs at 2,900 strokes per minute. Like the drill, it's well balanced and feels good in hand. It's compact, lightweight and offers great cutline visibility through the pivoting shoe's open top. Plus, we like that the blade will reverse for flush and plunge cutting. The circular saw slices into 2x4s like butter, and you can always see your cut because the blade's on the left. Bevel cuts are no sweat; the saw's easy to adjust and the scale's clear. If you're often working in tight spaces, you'll appreciate the design of the right-angle drill, which spans just 4-1/2 inches. Still, it's got two speed ranges (0-500 and 0-1,500 rpm) and reverse, and it packs 310 inch-pounds of torque. We like the multi-grip trigger, especially for cramped quarters. The grinder's hardworking with a nice three-position side handle. Kudos to DeWalt for the metal gear case and the longer life it'll give this grinder. Finally, the flashlight's neck is super flexible, shedding light in just about any direction for up to three hours. This is a great collection of tools, essential for the contractor and perfect for the skilled do-it-yourselfer.--Kris Jensen-Van Heste ... Read more


    • Ultra-light, 4-1/2-inch long right angle drill delivers 310 in.-lbs. of torque for ample power in very tight quarters
    • Kit also features a cut-off tool for cutting and grinding, a flexible neck flashlight and more
    • 1/2-inch drill/driver/hammer-drill with 500 in.-lbs. of maximum torque for heavy-duty applications
    • 6-1/2-inch circular saw cuts 2- x 4-inch stock at 45 degrees in a single pass for speedy framing, decking and more
    • Reciprocating saw with keyless blade clamp for quick blade changes

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